How To Play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger
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How To Play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger

At the start of 2018, Evolution Gaming launched another impressive game on the list of live baccarat games. First Person Dragon Tiger is an easier variant of baccarat and is widely played in Asian countries. The game involves the use of a random number generator. The interface used is similar as in the live version, however, you will be in full control of the game. You will be the one to chose whether or not to deal. A deal button appears at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay is quite easy. Two cards are placed face-up, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. The card with the highest value wins. Kings gave a higher card value while aces have a lower card value.


How To Play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger Technical Features

If you're a lover of tables games, then First Person Dragon Tiger is ideal for you. The game can be played on portable devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices. During the game, you are in control of everything that happens. 

You pick the time you want to draw and also when you want to deal. After successfully placing your bet, two cards will be drawn out from a shoe with eight decks. One is placed on the dragon and the other to the tiger—the higher card of the two wins. 

Moreover, Evolution Gaming gives you the ability to go live and you will be taken to a dealer studio. There, you will play with live dealers in a life-like environment.

How To Play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger Bonus Features

One of the features of this game is there is no bookmarker margin because the game has a tie option. This gives the casino an edge on all sets of the game irrespective of the outcome. But, this tie feature is also advantageous to the player. It can be your optional side bet with a pay of 11:1. 

Moreover, the wager is split into two for the casino and the other returned to the player. In case the cards are of the same suit in the tie, you will be paid a 50:1. If you are courageous enough to wager on the result, you stand a chance to win big. The outcome also gives back 50% of the initial wager. Finally, each casino has different bet limits ranging from €1 to €10,000.

How To Play Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger Theme and Design

Evolution First Person Dragon Tiger proves the developer's effort to provide hassle-free and the best possible gambling experience to live casino players. The controls board is placed on the lower central part of the screen and presents a virtual layout of the actual table. 

The key difference between First Person Dragon Tiger and the live variants is where the animals are on the table. Live variants have cut-outs shapes of the animals while the First Person uses graphics located on the table. 

It offers a clear view of all the information needed during the game, which includes balance, current bet, and chips available. Graphics for the game are hyper-realistic with wooden elements. The columns are upholstered to give it that unique and realistic design.

Conclusion and Verdict

Evolution Gaming never disappoints in their gaming developments. First Person Dragon Tiger is an exciting game for those who like to play casino games alone. The gameplay is simple, and you just have to deal with the Dragon, Tiger, or a tie. 

Not only is the game easy to play for novices, but you control everything that happens in the game. First, you have to place a bet on one of the three and when you are satisfied with your wager, you can press the deal button at the bottom of the screen. 

Interfaces in the game resemble a real game in a land-based casino. If you want to enjoy your betting experience, as well as earn money, this game should be your first choice.




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