How To Play Crazy Time
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How To Play Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a creation of Evolution Gaming and it is a new live casino game with four different bonus rounds. The first bonus is called Pachinko, the second bonus is called Cash Hunt, the third bonus is called Coin Flip and the fourth bonus is called Crazy Time. A multiplier is added to one of the bonus games on every spin. On average, you can cause a bonus every six spins. This has made things even more jaw-dropping for you. This new live casino game was launched in July 2020 and we're sure you can't wait to try it out. Read on for more review!


Crazy Time Technical Features 

Crazy Time has a massive wheel that scores up to 200x in one round. The wheel is so colourful and each colour stands for a possible win you can land. The design was also done in such a way that there are four different bonus rounds at every go. It also has a multiplier, which normally appears at the end of every round. 

The multiplier represents any of the eight things you can place a bet on. The game has twenty paylines and five wheels. The way the wheel is designed is a lot of fun for you to play with it!

Crazy Time Bonus Features

It has four bonus features: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. You can expect to cause a bonus round every six spins. It has bonus symbols that represent each of the four bonus rounds. It does not have any other bonus symbols. In Pachinko, you can collect unlimited doubles, which increases your winnings significantly. 

The prize you win depends on the slot the ball lands in. Under Cash Hunt, you can win a grid of 108 different multiplier prizes. Coin Flip is about flipping coins and can have a payout of up to 5,000x! Crazy Time also has a big wheel feature.

Crazy Time Theme and Design

Crazy Time has an amazing theme and design, with every bonus round having different and distinct themes and designs from the others. The design ensures that you have a great user interface experience every time you play this game. 

Each bonus round consists of many different icons in amazing colours to make sure that your interaction with Crazy Time is worth the time. Some of the colours in the theme and design include yellow, blue, and green, just to mention but a few. The graphics and designs in this game are like no other in the gambling industry currently.

Conclusion and Verdict

Crazy Time has many amazing characteristics, which include its technical features, bonus features, theme, and design. This game is like no other in the market currently. It has an amazing bonus payout and it is easy and enjoyable for you to play. Its designs and graphics are revolutionary. 

It captures the imaginative nature of the human mind in a way that has never been seen before. You are therefore encouraged to come out and try out this new game in the gambling industry. You are guaranteed to have fun and you might even make some money at the same time! Don't be left behind!




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