How To Play Authentic Blaze Roulette
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How To Play Authentic Blaze Roulette

Nothing compares to a gaming experience involving live roulette play delivered in a real-time manner. As opposed to the “brick and mortar” casinos where you have to travel in the flesh to choose your table and follow up with croupiers time and again to accept your bets, live online casinos create this environment for you at the comfort of your couch. Blaze Roulette is a live roulette variant from Authentic Gaming with a unique vibe meant to make you feel like you are part and parcel of a televised roulette broadcast and better yet, you get to win while at it! What was launched as an automated web casino game in 2018 has incredibly been transformed into a live casino offering featuring well-trained presenters orchestrating gameplay in an HD environment.


How To Play Authentic Blaze Roulette - Technical Features

Generally, if you are a roulette enthusiast, you'll have no trouble playing Blaze Roulette. Wagers can be made on single digits, multiple digits, odd or even and so forth, and the chip size depends on your bankroll. 

Essentially, you have at least 40 different possibilities you can work with. Following the conclusion of every spin, all chips will be cleared entirely from the table irrespective of whether you've won or lost. 

For subsequent rounds, you can opt to repeat your wager from your previous spin rather than making a new wager. It’s imperative you understand that Blaze Roulette got its name thanks to the fact that you have less than 60 seconds between spins to make your wager, hence don’t squander any time.

How To Play Authentic Blaze Roulette - Special Features

Authentic Gaming has implemented a special “Automatic Spinning” feature which helps in the smooth flow of the game. The Blaze Roulette automatic wheel makes it possible to fit as many as 80 games within an hour, depending on how fast you are with regards to placing your bets. 

The gameplay is a glamorous affair owing to professional live croupiers who will tend to any queries you may have. What’s more, VIP players can take part in premium stakes and depending on the casino you are plying your trade at, regular players can bump into promotions such as free spins on particular slots. 

All in all, there are lots to keep roulette fans coming back for more to participate in worthwhile gaming sessions.

How To Play Authentic Blaze Roulette - Design

Blaze Roulette is streamed from a dedicated studio, which is quite spacious and equipped with a state-of-the-art glass table accompanied by an LED board. The game floor is fascinatingly attractive, unlike anything you’ll come across from other live casino rooms. 

The aesthetic appeal of the studio is well complimented by multiple cameras that focus mainly on the croupier, table and wheel which makes you feel like you are playing in a land-based casino. The game also has a settings button which enables you to alter the video quality as per your system specifications. 

Although, a desktop interface brings you an unparalleled gaming experience, the quality of gaming on your tablet or smartphone is equally captivating with excellent streaming of the action.

Conclusion and Verdict

If you are a live roulette aficionado, no doubt there are numerous options at your disposal. Well, Blaze Roulette from Authentic Gaming is one you ought to try out owing to several reasons, not least an aesthetically pleasing environment comprised of an LED table. 

Furthermore, it is an accommodating game that appeals to high rollers as well as punters with a limited amount to spend. Given the live streaming occurs under High Definition cameras, you could be forgiven for thinking you are playing in a land-based casino next to your fellow players. 

Blaze Roulette was Authentic Gaming's flagship live casino roulette in 2018 and has definitely put other live roulette versions from other providers in the shade. Play it now!




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