Fan Tan Live Casino Review
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Fan Tan Live Casino Review

Evolution is often seen as the benchmark for all live casino software in the industry. One of the reasons for this is their continued innovation and release of new and exciting live dealer games. The latest title to be released by the company is Fan Tan. You can be forgiven if you’ve not heard of the game before. Its roots are in East Asia and it involves dividing a collection of beads and attempting to predict how many are left. The game really is as simple as it sounds. Let’s take a more detailed look at what Fan Tan has in store.


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Fan Tan Technical Features

As with any new table game, looking at Fan Tan for the first time can feel a little confusing. The game takes place on a giant, blank, red table and there is a collection of beads on it. The dealer will then collect some of these beads in a cup and put them in the middle of the table. They will start dividing the beads using a special stick. The beads that are removed are placed in the corner of the table in groups of four. 

What you want to focus on, however, is the remaining beads. Players can bet on a number of different outcomes but the main one is how many will be left. Once the dealer gets to four or below, they will stop dividing the beads. For example, if there are six beads left, they will remove four and the remaining will be two.  

Players can bet on one, two, three, or four beads remaining, as well as on other outcomes like odd/even, big/small, and others.  It really is that simple. The game then pays out at 2:85:1 if you have just bet on the main outcome, known as the fan bet. Odd/Even and Big/Small pay out 0.95:1. The RTP of the game depends on which bet you place and can range from 96.25% - 98.75%, which, I’m sure we can all agree, are great. 

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Fan Tan Bonus Features

Fan Tan doesn’t offer special features as such, instead, we are going to take a look at the different types of bets a player can place in the game. 

Nim Bet 

A Nim Bet is the standard fan bet with some added insurance. Instead of just picking 1, 2, 3, or 4, players get to choose another option which will then push the bet. For example, a player can choose 1 or two. If they land 1, then they will be paid out at 1.95:1. If they land a 2, then their bet will be pushed and their money returned. 

Kwok Bet

A kwok bet is virtually the same as the nim bet, except players are paid if they land either of the two numbers they have chosen. This offers a reduced pay out of 0.95:1. 

Ssh Bet

Ssh stands for Sheh-sam-hong, and this is a type of bet that covers three of the four numbers. It is the safest bet you can place in the game but this is reflected in its lower pay out of 0.032:1. 

Fan Tan Theme and Design

The set-up for Fan Tan Live is exactly as you’d expect from any Evolution product- stylish and versatile. The UI is very interactive and players can alter the way that their betting table looks throughout the game. The dealers themselves, as always, are incredibly friendly and professional and the room design is slick. Everything is bathed in red and gold, creating an authentic atmosphere and helping immerse the player in the game. 

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Conclusion and Verdict

Fan Tan is a really fun offering from Evolution. The game isn’t breaking any boundaries or doing anything special but its simple premise and elements of luck gives it a classic casino game feel. As well as this, Evolution knows how to make games accessible and it is very easy to play and get to grips with. On the whole, we’d definitely recommend giving it a go.






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