How To Play Instant Roulette
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How To Play Instant Roulette

The Evolution Gaming company launched Instant Roulette in 2020. This game was an advancement of earlier roulette games that required you to install special software on your device. Pontus Lindwall created this company in 1996, which has since become a pioneer in the gaming world. Instant Roulette is an easy-to-play game that you play by tossing a ball and waiting until it comes to a stop. After reading this slot review, you will appreciate how impressive this game is. Besides giving you tips on how to play, this article will explain the bonuses, calculation of wins, and the features of this game.


Instant Roulette Technical Features

With instant roulette, the game wins and progress are recorded instantly and therefore, there is no waiting time. The game has twelve wheels that move around during play and only one wheel has the winning chance. 

You can place your bet on different wheels; this will increase your probability of winning and will also increase the amount you stake. It has a central roulette wheel and a race track, and you can decide whether to place your bet on either or both. On review of this slot, the minimum bet is five United States dollars and the maximum is up to five hundred US dollars.

Instant Roulette Bonus Features 

This game does not provide you with any bonuses; however, there are features that you can use to win maximum bets. Free spins are also not available, unfortunately, but the racetrack is there for you. 

The racetrack will provide you with more ways to place your bet and increase your probability of winning. There is a bet feature that you can use to save your favourite games - up to ten of them - and you can redeem them any time you need to. You have the power to decide whether you will utilize these saved favourite games or delete them.

Instant Roulette Theme and Design

There's a smooth and enjoyable soundtrack in the background to get you in the mood to play. The good thing is that as a player, you can customize these soundtracks to fit your style. The game has a three-dimension high definition video to really engage you. 

There is a white ball for you to spin and wait as it comes to rest. The game comes with different languages, and you can select the language you best understand. There is also a free demo version, which you can play to learn the game before you decide to invest real money.

Conclusion and Verdict

Instant Roulette is one of the simplest, yet most entertaining, games you will find in any casino. Provided by NetEnt, they have made sure that you enjoy this game by providing you with multiple options, including customization of background music and selection of your preferred language. 

The demo mode is there for you to ensure you learn the game rules before you decide to play. NetEnt has also made this game available for you anywhere, anytime, by developing a mobile version. The payout is high and instant, and the minimum stake is as low as five US dollars. If you like casino games, then give this one a try!


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