How To Play Monopoly Live
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How To Play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live refers to one of the latest games provided by Evolution Gaming in affiliation with Hasbro. The new game was first uncovered in February at ICE 2019. Monopoly Live merges all the thrill of board game Monopoly. The game mixes it with live gambling. You use a spin wheel by gambling on which part stays at the top following a spin. You can stake in numerous forms and there are distinctive segments of that wheel that unwrap bonus rounds plus other entertaining aspects. Monopoly Live gets run by a host who rolls the wheel and communicates with players via a live chat.



Monopoly Live Technical Features

Monopoly live has one huge vertical wheel. The wheel containing 54 equal sections separated by pins tends to rotate, while a fixed pointer spots the mark where the wheel stops. Besides, 48 of these sections are numbered, i.e., 1, 2, 5, and 10, while the other 6 sections are 2x ‘Chance’ sections, 3x '2 Rolls' segments, plus 1x‘4 Rolls’ section. 

The objective of this game is for you to bet on which number the wheel will stop. If you bet on the right number, you win a matching payout. You can have a maximum bet of €2,500 or a minimum of  €1 per game round.

Monopoly Live Bonus Features

In case the wheel halts on 4 rolls or 2 rolls, the 3D bonus starts and carries you to a standard Monopoly board game. If no bet had been placed on 4 rolls space or 2 rolls, you still get a chance to view the Bonus Game, but you cannot win anything. In case the wheel stops on 4 rolls space or 2 rolls space, the dice rolls’ number changes. 

For instance, if the wheel stops on 2 rolls gap, the token moves twice. Attaining a double on the dice offers you a free-roll – unless you are in jail and require the double to get out.

Monopoly Live Theme and Design

Monopoly Live is themed and based around the trendy board game - Monopoly. Regarding its design, the game gets streamed from the studios of Evolution Gaming from a semi-circular fashioned room to guarantee players get the board’s full-view. The wheel is placed at the centre of the room, together with the sections 4 rolls plus 2 rolls, plus chance sections. 

Behind the wheel is a virtual reality background of the board with some buildings. It is a brilliantly created game that mesmerizes and guarantees an immersive gaming experience. Concerning sounds, you can anticipate hearing game show music and the dealer’s voice may get heard crystal clear during the game.

Conclusion and Verdict

We've had a closer look at Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming in collaboration with Hasbro. The game tends to merge all the fun of board game monopoly and it blends it with live betting. The spin wheel of the game enables you to bet on the part of the wheel that will stop at the top once you spin. 

The different segments allow you to bet in various forms and the bonus segments offer higher winning chances. Monopoly Live offers you great potential with jackpots that could pay tens of thousands since it has a broad range of bet sizes and we think you will enjoy playing it.





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