How To Play Infinite Blackjack – Evolution Gaming
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How To Play Infinite Blackjack – Evolution Gaming

Infinite Blackjack is a low bet limit version of the ever-popular game of blackjack for a limitless number of players. Without ever having to wait for the availability of a seat, every player can enjoy a thrilling live gaming experience thanks to the advanced software and massive multiplayer scalability, which combines the live dealing of both virtual and physical cards. In Infinite Blackjack each player at the table is dealt the same 2-card initial hand, but then every player can independently choose how to play it. It offers four side bets and the Six Card Charlie rule for extra entertainment value. The game is streamed from a live games studio that is run by the award-winning Evolution Gaming. Its low bet limit allows players on a budget to enjoy the game.


How To Play Infinite Blackjack, General Information

While some live dealer games take place in large studios where other tables and games can be seen in the background, Infinite Blackjack tables do not. They take place in a quiet setting that features an exclusive backdrop. Here the dealers are reserved, quiet and calm but will answer any question you pose. 

There are two different views from the cameras - one where the playing table and the dealer take up the whole screen and one with a screen that is split between the live table and a digital table shown underneath. The chatbox is located towards the left of the screen and it can be expanded or collapsed as you prefer. It can be used to communicate with other players as well as the dealer.

How To Play Infinite Blackjack, Standard Rules

Evolution Gaming's Infinite Blackjack follows the standard rules of the game, with some additional features outlined below. The aim of the game is to hold the hand that scores the highest number of points in the round up to, but not exceeding, 21 Numbered cards are worth their face value, the Ace can count as 1 or 11 depending on the other card values in your hand, while picture cards count as 10. If the first 2 cards dealt score 21 you have a natural Blackjack and win. 

If your opening cards score less than 21, then depending on the total you can choose to stand (stick with what you have) or hit (take another card). If you take another card and your total exceeds 21, you are bust and lose.

How To Play Infinite Blackjack, Bonus Features

As mentioned, Infinite Blackjack has a few additional rules. The "Six Card Charlie" rule is the one rule that makes Infinite Blackjack stand out. If you as a player can manage to accrue a total of six cards without exceeding 21, you win even if the dealer ends up on 21, a Six Card Charlie is always the winner. 

While players can wager using the usual Stand, Hit, Double Down and Insurance bets, Infinite Blackjack goes a step further and offers an additional, and optional, four exciting side bets. These are the Hot 3 side bet, the 21+3 side bet, the Any Pair bet and the Bust It bet, all providing players with some extra chances to score a win.

Conclusion and Verdict

Infinite Blackjack has an easy-to-use interface. It offers players several camera angles that automatically adjust if they detect weak connections so players can always follow the action on the table. 

Infinite Blackjack has taken the traditional game that we know and love and expanded its entertainment value by offering a total of eight side bets, giving players more chances to win. Players also have another winning opportunity thanks to the Six Card Charlie rule. 

The infinite number of seats means that you do not have to wait for a spot to open up. The game moves along quickly and smoothly and, thanks to the low betting limits, it can be enjoyed by all players regardless of their budget. Give it a go today!




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