How To Play Baccarat Live
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How To Play Baccarat Live

Baccarat is among the most popular table games that many casinos feature in their games lobby. The history of the game dates back to the 1400s in Italy. Contrary to the perception of some people, this card-based game is not difficult to play. However, there are some technicalities involved that you will need to familiarise yourself with before you can play the game. In this guide, we will explain in detail how baccarat is played. We will also discuss the hands, as well as some strategies you can apply to boost your chances of winning when playing this game.


Understanding the Play in Baccarat

One thing you need to understand in baccarat is that it is a game played between the banker hand and the player hand. The banker mentioned here does not refer to the dealer of the casino game neither does the player hand mean you. These are just the names of the hands. You can choose to place a bet on either of them during the game. 

You can also bet that the two hands will tie. The minimum and maximum bets that can be wagered depend on the baccarat variation. For example, you'll find games where the minimum bet is £1 per hand and others where the minimum is £20.

Baccarat Hands and Rules

The objective of the game is for you to predict which hand will have cards that have a total value closer to 9 without exceeding it. Numbered cards are worth their face value, with the Ace worth 1 point. Face cards are worth zero. You place your bet on your preferred hand, and the dealer will deal two cards to each hand. 

If the total card value is a two-digit value, the first digit is dropped. This means that a hand valued 14 will become 4. You can also bet on whether the player or banker hand will hold a pair or have the same value, the tie.

Baccarat House Edge and Payout

In baccarat, the banker hand has a slightly higher chance, about 50.68%, of winning if tie bets are excluded. This means that there is a house edge of 1.36% on the player hand. For this reason, if you bet on the banker and win, you are required to pay a 5% commission to the house. 

This makes the house edge on a banker bet equal to 1.17%. Bets on either the player or banker hand pay out at 1:1, while a tie bet pays out at 8:1 or 9:1 depending on the table. Betting on the outcome being a pair in either hand pays out at 11:1.

Conclusion and Verdict

In this article, we've briefly explained how to play baccarat. While the origins of the game date back to the 14th century, it is still played in most land-based and many online casinos today. The good thing about this game is that it offers a good pay out for players. 

Baccarat is a game based on pure guesswork. To add to the entertainment value, many variants offer flexible betting limits. You can use strategies such as positive progression, negative progression, a flat betting system and even card counting to try to increase your winning chances. Why not head to a baccarat table to start enjoying this game.




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