How To Play Authentic Gaming Grand Roulette
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How To Play Authentic Gaming Grand Roulette

Authentic Gaming is a provider that has a scant couple of years in the marketplace but are now getting major recognition for their unique and powerful approach to online gaming. One thing that all Authentic Gaming games have in common is that they try to make the experience as close to a real life brick and mortar gambling experience as possible, albeit in different ways for each variation that they release. Grand Roulette features well-appointed live dealers in gorgeous studio settings, which is one of their many takes on the casino experience. For many, this will be the most realistic, and the closest you can get to a real live casino experience from the comfort of your own home.


How To Play Authentic Gaming Grand Roulette Technical Features

You have to choose the classic view or multi-camera view when you join the game. At that point, you will be welcomed to the game by the live dealer. Either way you choose, this game is different than the other Authentic Games roulette games in that it's a much more slow-paced and relaxing setting. 

This is designed this way as an alternative to some of the more frenetic gameplay on Authentic's other offerings. The next thing that will happen is that the betting window will open, and you can enter in your bet, which includes the standard European roulette options for betting. Betting amounts can go from 0.20 all the way up to 5000, when you include outside bets.

How To Play Authentic Gaming Grand Roulette Bonus Features

After dragging your chips up on the screen to make your bet, you'll eventually have a big red notice telling you no more bets, and the action will then begin. The visuals at this point will vary greatly depending on your initial choice of view. 

We personally like the multi-camera view the best, for a more immersive experience, as it mimics what you would do and where you would look if you were there. When the ball stops, you will get confirmation on a mirror-like screen behind the wheel showing the colour and number the ball has finally landed on. 

And of course, at that point, the whole process begins again. We found that you will want to play again, and the game's slower pace tends to draw you in.

How To Play Authentic Gaming Grand Roulette Theme and Design

It's not really relevant to do a whole thesis on European roulette techniques for playing here, but if you are curious and want to know more about the subjects, we suggest you search the terms Martingale, D'Alembert, Fibonacci and James Bond. 

These strategies, together with their reverses, make up the backbone of all good roulette strategy. Either way, be sure to check out both views when playing this game, but we really recommend the multi-view. 

This makes the game experience feel like you are in some rich person's private casino, or perhaps an exclusive speakeasy, gambling during Prohibition with all the high rollers from a century ago! For an extra kick, watch this game on the best screen possible, or even put some goggles on.

Conclusion and Verdict

Authentic Gaming really has a little of something for every type of roulette player. For more action-packed and faster-paced games, be sure to check out their other offerings, especially the zippy Blaze Roulette. 

The experience you are going to get with Grand Roulette is much more intimate and quiet. It's also the most immersive and complete experience we have seen from them yet, due to their creative and judicious use of the right camera angles to really draw you in fully to the gaming experience. 

We almost felt guilty we weren't in full formal wear, considering how beautiful everything is in the studio! In short, we hope that you the reader enjoy this experience as completely as we have reviewing it!




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