Teddy Sheringham Exclusive: Kane Mindset May Have Changed
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Teddy Sheringham Exclusive: Kane Mindset May Have Changed

Former Tottenham striker Teddy Sheringham believes that Harry Kane felt as though he was never going to win anything at Spurs – but that mindset may be changing. Kane is yet to claim any silverware at club level; losing out in the 2019 Champions League final, as well as the 2015 and 2021 League Cup finals. The Tottenham captain was reportedly the subject of a big-money bid from Manchester City in the summer and wanted to move to the Etihad Stadium, but the offer was rejected by Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy. However, Sheringham thinks that the arrival of head coach Antonio Conte – and the club’s January business – may have gone some way to convincing the England star to remain in North London.


Club Ambition Will Impact Kane Decision

Speaking exclusively to Genting, he said: “Top footballers want to play with top footballers, they don’t want to play with mediocre footballers. If you’re a top player you want to play at the best level. 

“You could compare it to when I was at Tottenham. I wanted the best players to come and play with me at Tottenham. It was quite obvious that wasn’t going to happen, so I had to leave to go and play with top footballers. 

“Harry’s probably been in the same boat. He thought that he was never going to win anything at Tottenham. 

“I know he came close in the Champions League, but I think he felt, as he looked around the dressing room, ‘I’m not going to win anything, I’m not going to be performing at top level consistently at this club, so I’m going to leave. I want to go and play with the top players,’ and I think he felt that wasn’t going to happen at Spurs.

“If that can change, if he can see players coming into the club, players like these two Juventus boys [Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur], if they perform and become top players in the Premier League, that will change Harry Kane’s mind, without a doubt. 

“He will say, ‘I love it here in London, this is my home. Life is rosy, I’m enjoying my football, my family life’s great, I don't have to be travelling up and down the country, I don’t want to be travelling unnecessarily. My life’s back on the right route, my professional career is back on the right route, so I’m quite happy here.’

“I see that change in his mindset from five or six months ago where he wanted to leave. 

“That’s what I’m seeing from the outside, I don’t know that but that’s the vibe I was getting. I think that is changing [and he’s thinking], ‘Maybe I don't have to move, maybe things are looking a little bit rosier where I am.’

“The fact that Conte has got results in his last five or six years as a manager, and he knows [Kulusevski and Bentancur] from Italy, I would be very optimistic that they are going to come in and be good players, without a doubt. 

“They’re not players that roll off your tongue, but if Conte likes them, and he gets results with them, that’ll do for me. They’ll go out there and perform. I’m looking forward to seeing them play.”

Conte praise

Sheringham also hailed Conte’s impact since arriving at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, particularly his handling of the delicate situation with Kane.

“[Conte’s] obviously developed a change of mindset in the Tottenham players; they seem to have a different type of focus with the way they’re approaching games,” he explained.

“I like the fact that he’s stayed pretty quiet about things, he’s not been shouting his mouth off in the press. I know he’s very passionate on the sidelines; he looks hyper, but I don’t think he’s like that off the pitch. 

“I don’t know him, I’ve never met him. I think he looks like he’s going to be quite calm off the pitch, and you need that calm, mature leadership. 

“He’s got a confidence about him that says, ‘I know what I’m doing, if you listen to me we’ll be alright and we’ve got a chance if you’re all in the same boat together.’ 

“He was given a tough job in coming in and sorting Harry Kane out, and I think we’re seeing a boost in Harry’s performances as a result, especially of late. 

“He needed to get Harry onside. He could have quite easily come in and upset the number one striker in the country and lost him forever. It was a big job for him. 

“Harry’s obviously had his head turned in the summer. As a player, when a move breaks down, you can become disinterested in what you’re doing, and maybe that did happen. 

“I don't know, from the outside, I’m only surmising. [Conte’s] had a big job going in there and he’s steadied the ship. The way I see it, he’s turned it round and it’s going in the right direction.”




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