Guillem Balague Exclusive Interview
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Guillem Balague Exclusive Interview

Another massive weekend of football featuring the Champions League and the League Cup Final this weekend. Genting Casino ambassador Guillem Balague gives his exclusive opinions around the European footballs premier club competition, potential transfers, the League Cup Final and plenty more.





Transfer Rumours


Bayern Munich have been linked with a 75-million-pound bid for Roberto Firmino, can you see him leaving Liverpool in the summer?

I can’t see Firmino leaving Liverpool for Bayern Munich this summer. Firmino is in the perfect place, it will be a disaster for Liverpool [if he leaves]. I know that the team works very well, but he’s such an important clog in the whole machine. A nine that is not a nine, a ten that is a nine as well, and links up so well with the front three.

But they are looking to find a number nine that is a mobile number nine, like Timo Werner is somebody that they are monitoring, theres been no approach yet to his representatives, no approach to RB Leipzig, and no offer or anything. But it is interesting that hes being monitored, because he is not Firmino, Salah nor Mane, so they are after a different type of proposition up front.

What I mean by that, is that they have not got a replacement for Firmino, if Firmino goes they will have to find somebody of the same qualities, and it wont be easy. So, Liverpool dont need to sell, and I do believe that he will stay there next season.


Gareth Bale has been suffering abuse from Madrid fans for his recent performances, and looked set for a move away in January, is the Premier League return on the cards in the summer, or is China the only option?

There was no option for Gareth Bale to leave Real Madrid in January, I dont know where people got that from, it was rumours based on absolutely nothing. What he did decide after being left out of the squad against Brugge, was that he was going to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season, even though he still has two more years left in his contract.

But, since he put that out there through a certain cover in AS, no offers have arrived, nobody seems to be interested in spending a lot of money on him. Obviously, he would be an interesting proposition for many clubs, but nobody is willing to pay that amount of money that it will require, not so much to take him away, because I think Real Madrid will negotiate that for a low fee.

In fact, the Chinese if they wanted him would have got him for free, as long as the wages would have been respected, and Real Madrid agreed that originally. But now there is no offer, so the plan is to stay on against the message that has been put out there in the last three, four weeks, that he will stay on, is also another way of saying; are you sure that nobody wants to make the effort for Bale. But at the moment nobody seems to.


Will Paul Pogba join Real Madrid in the summer?

I think Manchester United are changing the proposition about Paul Pogba’s future after they closed any door in the summer. After this summer, there will be one year left in his contract, so it would be in the interest of everybody [to look for other opportunities].

It’s been said so many ways, through his agent and through Pogba himself that hes got his heart somewhere else. So, if Manchester United can get 40, 50, 60 million for him, I think that they would sell him.

Another thing is that Real Madrid will want him to put that money for him when they seem to have agreed with Van de Beek of Ajax, not the same kind of player, but another extra player in central positions. And with Valverde developing so quickly and so regular and so greatly. So, a big investment for somebody like Pogba, especially when the plan is to make a huge investment, not this summer, not next summer, the summer after on Mbappé

Yes, Zidane wants Pogba, I am not sure the club is completely convinced, but I am sure they will monitor all that very closely and see what happens.


Arsenal sensation, Gabriel Martinelli, has been linked to Real Madrid, how highly do Madrid rate him as a player?

Gabriel Martinelli isn’t a target for Real Madrid, he is somebody that needs to show regularly that he belongs to the elite. I think he has done very, very well. I wouldnt say better than expected, there was a lot of hopes for him, and I think he is an important player for Arteta, and Arsenal will keep him.


Real Madrid have been rumoured to be keeping an eye on Raheem Sterlings contract issues at Manchester City, do you think City will part with him in the summer?

I was told by Real Madrid two years ago when the rumours first started, that Raheem Sterling was not a candidate for Real Madrid, but since then things have changed a lot. He has had a fantastic season last season, this season we’re seeing the Sterling that misses too many chances, but still, hes got something that others dont; pace, the understanding of the game, the ability, and he scores a lot of goals, although he can score double the amount of goals that he is scoring.

He interestingly enough, had an interview in AS, in which, you only do that if you want to flirt with Real Madrid. And when that happens as well, it is because Real Madrid want to hear that too.

So, now hes in a different proposition, and he could now be a candidate for Real Madrid, but I do feel that every player at City is monitoring what happens with City and the ban. City insist that they want to overturn it and they wont be banned at all. And that will determine a lot of things that happen in the future for City.



Aubameyang has been linked with a move to Barcelona, do Arsenal have a chance of holding on to their star asset and will he fit into the team at Barcelona?

Arteta said this week that Aubameyang’s the most important player they have, he is one that needs other players of that level to make Arsenal better. I know that the previous regime didnt think that he was consistent enough, and perhaps in the big games he doesnt appear as much as he should.

That may be the case, but now youve got a manager that really trusts him and would like him to stay. The link to Barcelona was that really Barcelona wanted three players, one of three players in January, with Aubameyang being one of them. Arsenal did not want to sell. Would Barcelona go back for him, I dont think so, I think they are happy with Braithwaite. And of course, Luis Saurez is coming back. So, I think that role is sorted out for them for next season.


Would Ousmane Dembélé a good signing for Liverpool and does he have the quality to replace one of Liverpools front three?

Dembélé needs to go back to his level, injuries have been very serious, very, very often he is on his third season at Barcelona I think. And the stats are not fantastic. There were question marks about his ability to adapt to Barcelona and to be professional, and those question marks remain even though he has improved a lot on nutrition and everything else. He isnt a player for Liverpool but Barcelona will be open for offers in the summer.


Edinson Cavani looks set to join the Premier League in January but the deal didnt happen, do you think he will join in the summer, and which club would he sign for?

Cavani was not set to go to the Premier League in January, Cavani was set to go to Atletico Madrid if Atletico Madrid had had the money to do so, and then at the end it was an exchange of accusations because Atletico Madrid said that the agents wanted a huge commission, so thats why it didnt happen. The representatives on the other hand were saying that actually Atletico Madrid never put enough money for him. And PSG are saying they would never want to sell anyway. So, there was no possibility for him going to the Premier League, he didnt want to do that.

And now it seems the possibility to go to Atletico Madrid is gone, it is a very expensive signing, because his wages are very high, but at least he will be on a free, and then yes, I know that Chelsea are keeping an eye on him. Spurs are keeping an eye on him. At some time, Manchester United thought of him as well. So, there will be an auction for the player for sure. But remember, Cavani is 33 and he has been affected by injuries last season, so, they have balance that with the cost.


Timo Werner has been linked to Liverpool; will he be making a move to Merseyside?

I am hearing from RB Leipzig that Werner is happy there, he renewed his contract a year ago, and it was a long contract. But, quite clearly, he has got to a level in which he could want to leave, although Leipzig could win the league and he may want to continue at the club.

But there are other clubs that are interested in him. I can tell you that Liverpool have not approached the representatives, they havent approached him or Leipzig. Hes been monitored, clearly, but thats about it for Liverpool, so we will have to keep an eye on it.


Is there any chance the Neymar could land back at Barcelona?

There are all the chances in the world that Neymar could land back at Barcelona. Neymar would be a target for Barcelona, but the whole thing is so complex because it could be elections happening earlier. I know that the president doesn’t want elections and wants to keep it going for another year and a half until the end of his mandate, in which case, the plan is to try to convince Neymar to come in.

The cost wont be prohibitive, even though it would be very, very high. Because there is a clause in the FIFA regulations by which having been 28, having been more than three years in one club, and not renewed his contract, he can actually go for an agreed fee between the authorities and Barcelona and PSG.

That could be 120 million or something like that, 150 million. And Barcelona think that they can afford that. If thats the case then Neymar would be more than happy to come back, and the players of Barcelona would be more than happy to welcome him back.


Carabao Cup Final & Manchester City


What do you think will be the outcome of the Carabao Cup Final, can Aston Villa surprise the pundits and beat Manchester City?

I don’t think Aston Villa will surprise Man City in the Carabao Cup Final. There is a big gap between the consistent performances of Manchester City that always find ways in finals as well, to beat their opponents, and Aston Villa, whos fans obviously will have a great day out but the priority is not to get relegated.

But Manchester City, with Sterling coming back, with Laporte coming back, you know, with Fernandinho and Laporte being the solid centre back pair that they were at the beginning of the season, with De Bruyne, theyve got so much in their armour that I dont see any way for Aston Villa to stop them.

Teams like Aston Villa tend to defend very deep and that eventually plays in the hands of Manchester City. They tire you out by moving the ball around, by trying different things, and eventually they find a gap so its City’s all over.


How important is it for Manchester City to win this competition, and how important will this trophy be for Pep after the turbulent season that Manchester City have experienced?

Last season City won all the domestic titles, and to keep winning is something that they want to do, they have invested to do. A win in the Carabao Cup wont compensate for a season that has been difficult for them, but it will give them a moment of happiness in what has been a season of mental relaxation, after they had difficulties to get to the level that they were last season.

It happens, the hardest thing it is to win after winning so much, but to get a title would be a moment of respite before the possibility of continuing in the Champions League.


The important games are coming thick and fast for Manchester City, should Pep prioritise the first leg of the Champions League against Real Madrid or the Carabao Cup Final?

Pep doesn’t need to prioritise the first leg of the Champions League over the Carabao Cup Final; hes got the squad to do both. The prioritising is a lot of the time talk in the media, but this has all been planned ahead in terms of rotations that keeps the players sharp for both competitions. They should not prioritise one over the other, in fact last season they proved that they generally dont do that.


What does the European ban mean for the future of Pep Guardiola?

We have to see if the European ban happens as City are convinced that they will overturn it. Pep Guardiola was the first one to say the he is staying, no matter what, even if City are in league two next season, and that was a good sign from somebody that had that plan anyway, I believe.

Even if there is a renewal of a contract, I thought if that happened will hide the fact that actually after a year and a half he probably is moving on. But the whole scenario has changed a little bit, the plan was to get four or five new players that will go straight to the line-up.  So, a quick and big recycling of the Starting 11 is now going to be more difficult. They had two players almost agreed, now theyre saying lets see what happens in May, and they wont be able to commit to anybody because of the possible ban.

But we have to see, there is still an appeal to be made, and on the back of that well see what happens.


With the European ban, are City now in danger of falling too far behind Liverpool?

It is currently Liverpool’s moment; they will continue winning, they have the ability to do so, they are very brave because theyre already thinking of players that can replace those that have just won the league for them in the line-up.

And thats what they have to do, they have to be ruthless to continue winning, and nobody can drop an inch the level, otherwise theyll be replaced. With that attitude and the perfect system that theyve got, in terms of recruitment, youre talking about a team that will continue winning.

But a lot of what happened this season has also been down to an extraordinary season from Liverpool no doubt, but the dropping of mental levels from City. Im sure they can recover that and make another glorious battle with Liverpool for the title next season.



Champions League & Europa League




How surprised were you by the Atletico Madrid win against Liverpool in the first leg?

I was very surprised by the Liverpool loss in the first leg because there wasn’t any reference from Atletico Madrid in the past that this was going to be a game that they would win. In fact, the references were completely the opposite. That tells you how little we know or, how unimportant it is to actually preview things!

But anyway, they actually had the best game of the season based on Simeone ideas, philosophy and players really working hard to please the manager and deliver a very complete performance. And they did it as well with intelligence, the ball didnt get cleanly to Firmino, so the forwards couldnt be fed.

There wasnt a lot coming from Trent Alexander Arnold on the right-hand side. There was more coming from Robertson, but you know, no shot on target for Liverpool so it would suggest it was the perfect defensive performance. Held by the fact there was an early goal as well. The fans were brilliant, and that helped too. I just think that Anfield would be an obstacle too big for Atletico Madrid on the return leg.


Klopp and his Liverpool players sounded confident of progressing even after the last in the first leg, do you think Liverpool will still progress or will Simeone be able to set his team to not concede at Anfield?


Atletico Madrid will try not to concede, and they will try to make a dent in Liverpools defence. I do think that Liverpool would put an extra gear at Anfield but I know that Atletico Madrid could do what they did, defend deep at some points and when that happens Liverpool struggle a little bit. [In the first leg], they werent patient enough to build attacks, they put a lot of crosses in without thinking much about it.

So, Atletico Madrid were relatively comfortable, but they still conceded two or three chances, not great but Salah had one, Henderson had another one. They had the same amount of chances really, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, that in Anfield could be crucial. The noise of Anfield is twice the one of Atletico, and that will help Liverpool.


Manchester City


Manchester City face Real Madrid, who do you think will come out on top over the two legs?

I cannot decide who will come out on top when Man City play Real Madrid. The game is such an equal one, it will depend on so many things on; on the details, on referee decisions, on how do people overcome their mistakes or goals conceded. I do agree with Pep Guardiola that City is not made yet to win the Champions League, and thats not only down to players performances, its down to also how they deal with difficult moments, and youve seen them collapse sometimes as they did in Liverpool at Anfield. They have to be more solid and to actually be able to win it, but against Real Madrid they just have to score. If they score in both legs, I think Man City can go through. Real Madrid have been struggling with scoring, and lately in defending. I know they will raise the level, but its going to be so equal. I dont see the game being over after the first leg.


Will Pep need to set up his team differently in order to progress passed Madrid, and who will be Citys most important player for them to get the win?

Kevin De Bruyne will be City’s most important player against Real Madrid. He understands the game better than anybody, he relates quite well to whatever happens in the game, he is a leader in his own way, a quiet leader but one that will want the ball and wont hide, so that will be important.

And in terms of setting up differently, Pep has won basically 90 percent or 80 percent of what he has depending on his own team, and a little bit is adjusting things. But he will populate the midfield, he will demand high tempo, to be aggressive without the ball, a lot of things that they do already, so there wont be much changes.





What do you make of Chelseas chances against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Round 16?

Bayern are a very mature team, and I know that they struggle in the league to win it clearly but with it being more competitive at the top, that does help them.

Bayern Munich is a team made to win the Champions League, I think they’re favourites with PSG. With Real Madrid you always have to count on them, if they go through the Manchester City tie, and Juventus as well. Those for me are the four teams [capable of winning the Champions League].

Chelsea will learn a lot from the tie. Its been an up and down season for them, started really strongly, they dropped a level. But they are young, and they will learn from it. I think in two legs Bayern are superior.


How does Frank Lampard need to set up his team to get a result against Bayern?

I think the game against Bayern is the kind of game where it doesnt matter if Chelsea get knocked out. So, it is about just doing what you’ve done, and what you’ve demanded your players to do every, every game this season. Be brave with the ball, trying to recover it quickly, build up from the back if necessary.

All those things that Frank has asked his team to do, Chelsea need to do the same, because if you lose nothing really happens, it is expected. If you win, its a great enforcement of your ideals and your priorities in the game.


Chelsea have struggled to get the ball into the net at times this season, how important is it for them to win at Stamford Bridge?

If Chelsea can register a nil, nil that could be a good result, and then go to the Allianz Arena and then see what happens. Its not about winning the first leg, its to make sure that youre still in the tie and not to conceded would be very important, its a team that makes mistakes, I do think that Bayern will score. So, more than winning, a nil, nil would be good for them.




After the result in the first leg, do Tottenham have what it takes to claw back the tie?

I dont think that Tottenham have what it takes to claw back the tie. Im surprised about the negativity of a lot of the things that Jose Mourinho is saying, well Im not surprised, I think he makes sure that he finds reasons to explain defeats, lets put it that way.

And to be saying that, you know, what can we do if we dont have strikers its like, you know, poor us, you know, all this crying I just dont get it. But the problem is youve got an extra agenda, the agenda of actually saying, if we lose it wont be exactly about me, or because of me. I think it affects the confidence of the players. Perhaps, Mourinho is playing another game, the game of trying to arrange forwards aside for next season.

But right now, Im a bit surprised about those words. But it is true that Leipzig should have beaten Spurs by a much bigger result. First half they were so superior to Spurs and I dont think they would be coming back from that.


Do you think RB Leipzig have an outside chance of winning the competition this year?

I think RB Leipzig are a very good team and they could be a surprise package. Theyre very solid, they always create chances, theyve got goal scorers, its the kind of thing that could surprise you and take into the semi-finals. Once there, it depends who they face, depends on the draw, but Leipzig could be the surprise package of the tournament.


Mourinho blamed injuries for the defeat to RB Leipzig, should Tottenham still have had enough quality to beat them on home soil and progress?

If Tottenham play as a team that overcomes difficulties as they had been for many years, youd say that they have enough quality to overcome Leipzig in the second leg but actually it seems to have become a simpler version of the game, and when you play a team that is so good, it doesn’t help you beating them. Yes, theres been injuries, yes, its been used as an excuse and Im against it, but Leipzig is a very solid team and they’ve shown that theyve got much more than Spurs right now.


What do you make of Dele Allis reaction to being substituted?

Dele Alli wasnt played at the weekend, so more than my reaction. it seems like his reaction to being substituted against Leipzig wasnt liked by the manager himself. I always thought that that the Spurs side was built for a brand of football that theyre not playing now. Which means that it would be very frustrating for players used to a different type of training, a different type of football to actually be asked to do something else, generally without the ball. For a team that was built around the ball. So, that contrast was always going to appear in terms of frustration, perhaps Dele Alli is going through a little bit of that.




How impressed were you with Arsenals performance against Olympiacos and did you see anything that will have Arsenal worried about the return of leg at the Emirates?

Arsenal are getting better. They play in the way that Mikel Arteta wants. They are still suspect defensively, everybody knows that, but they started to do better; playing at at a higher tempo, creating chances with everybody committed without the ball. So, I think that they’ve got enough to beat Olympiacos and go to the next round.


What do you think of the impact that Bukayo Sakahas made at Arsenal this season?

Saka has been a great addition to Arsenal. Its been an up and down season for him, but hes got a lot of quality. He supplements the attack very well, but he works hard as well without the ball, and thats what Arsenal is going to have to build a future on. Players are not perfect, but theyve got a leader that can coach them into their best version.


Have Arsenal now found their way under Arteta, can you see them winning the competition this year?

Arsenal are playing well, I just wonder if its come a little bit too late for them. The Europa League is going to be a tough competition this year with a lot of big teams still involved, the likes of Ajax, Sevilla. Youve got Wolves as well. Its going to be a difficult one, and I think Arsenal are not ready. Having just been in the final last year, perhaps they are putting the foundations to something else that will happen in the next couple of seasons.




Wolves beat Espanyol 4-0 at Molyneux this week, do you think their ticket to the next round of the Europa League is now secured?

Wolves have already sealed their position in the next round of the Europa League. Espanyol are thinking of the league. Out of the 11 players, only two of the players or three that they played at the weekend, so the idea is to just get rid of this competition and start playing another one. It was very disappointing from an Espanyol’s point of view, because I made a long trip, like everybody else to get to that game, and was frustrated by the lack of commitment of the players.

But Wolves are playing really well, they were actually very effective, when they got to the last third theyve got good players in Raúl Jiménez and Diogo Jota as well, who scored a hattrick, and then two more at the weekend!


How far do you think Wolves can progress in the competition?

Wolves aren’t the best team in the competition, and theyve got the priority of getting to the Champions League if they can via fifth place in the Premier League, but Europa League is one that Nuno has identified the competition to see how far the players can go.

Theyve got experience, you know, in João Moutinho and so on, theyve got the quality as a team. Theyre not playing their best football right now, so it will depend who they meet next, but they are a team that could go far.


Will Raúl Jiménez be tempted back to Madrid, Benfica or another team in the league, or will he see the Wolves stream out?

I think Raúl Jiménez is going to stay at Wolves. He’s started really strongly, he hasnt been scoring so much lately, hes surrounded by quality players. And finally, hes found himself the confidence to get to the level that we expected. He didnt get that at Atletico Madrid certainly.


How far can Adama Traoré go, and how much of an impact has Nuno had on his career and progression?

Its been interesting just how well Traoré has done. He’s had so many knocks and I think he is tired mentally. Hes reached a level that he hadnt reached before, and he has done it quite consistently. But now when he gets to giving a little bit more, you see him, he was left out at the weekend and maybe even wont be needed against Espanyol, but if he recovers physically and mentally, there is more from him to come.

And hes been given confidence, he has improved himself as is obvious physically. And hes been choosing better, I think he is at the level where he belongs right now. Even though obviously he has ambitious enough to want more. He should stay at Wolves.


Could you see Wolves becoming regular European competitors?

Wolves have got the right relationships to become regular European competitors. I met Jorge Mendes at the Molineux Stadium, he was there with the owner, which means that that relationship will help Wolves to get players of quality on loan, or signed from the best agent in the world. This will help in their quest for consistent European football.


How difficult will it be for Wolves to keep hold of their top players this summer?

I think theres a project there and the idea is to sell some of those players, so Wolves will expect to see offers but Mendes is there for the business side of things. Wolves see business in selling players as well, and not just keeping them, and developing players, and bringing players that are on the verge of international quality, and then help the team progress via them. But then sell them on, that is the business.


La Liga


How important do you think the upcoming El Clasico results will be in deciding the outcome of Lazio?

It will be five points separating the sides if Barcelona win. Barcelona have been doing very well at the Santiago Bernabéu, they havent lost since 2013.

Clearly, the dynamics seems to have been changed, but only in the last 10 days, because before that we were saying Barcelona are a disaster. Messi wasn’t scoring, but then of course everything changes in a couple of games. For Real Madrid its been the opposite, they were defending so well and then all of a sudden, they cannot defend for their lives, eight goals conceded in the last four.

Anything can happen in a Clasico, its a cliché but its true. I do feel that Barcelona are slight favourites to get something out of it, a draw or a victory, which will allow them to continue being on top of the table.

But, both sides have lost games that you would not expect from them, and that means that they will drop points before the end of the season. This is not over.


Do either Real Madrid and Barcelona have enough quality this season to win the Champions League and how do they currently compare with the other top teams in the tournament?

Real Madrid will always compete for the Champions League. It is their competition and even if you dont expect it, they actually go and surprise you. I do feel that Barcelona are one of the top four or five teams in the Champions League, perhaps not the best. A lot still depends on Messi, with the absence of Luis Suarez and Dembele, and Braithwaite cannot play in the Champions League, so they haven’t performed as well as they would have if they had everybody fit.

I count on Real Madrid to go far and Barcelona, I think theyve got limits to what they can do, and there are sides like Bayern, Juventus, PSG, maybe even RB Leipzig who are better suited.


Serie A


Juventus face Inter Milan this weekend, is it too early to call the match a title decider?

It is too early to call the Juventus vs Inter Milan a title decider. There is another team involved with Inter, and its good to see Lazio doing so well. They have the second-best defence, second-best attack. 20 matches unbeaten, no defeat at home against a Juventus side that we thought they were going to run with the title again with Cristianos scoring in 11 consecutive weeks in recent times.

But Juventus found themselves having difficulties even with SPAL, they only beat them by one goal, and they are at the bottom of the table. They don’t dominate the games as much as they used to, and I think thats the team reaching the level not so much Juventus dropping theirs. Lets see, it could be a surprising result but the three teams seem to all be able to drop points, which makes for a very interesting competition.


Atalanta stormed passed Valencia in the first leg, did this result come as a surprise to you?

The Atlanta result against Valencia surprised me a little but then I started looking into it and I realised that the way that Atalanta plays really makes Valencias life very difficult. Because the tempo is high, the passing is always vertical, they are direct, they make things happen in the game all over the park. And Valencia they have lost a lot of the things that they had under Marcelino, there are players that are not at their best level, theyve been affected by injuries.

You can tell that unless everything gets under control during the game, and give themselves a chance until the end, Valencia can collapse, and theyve been collapsing in recent times.

They did collapse against Getafe and they did against Atalanta, and I think this season will be a little bit too long for Valencia, where we will be seeing more of those results. So, looking in hindsight, yeah, Atalanta did all they had to do to go to the next round even though they still have the return leg to be played.







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