Football Insights - Teddy Sheringham
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Football Insights - Teddy Sheringham

With the Premier League campaign drawing to an end former Man United, West Ham and Spurs striker Teddy Sheringham talks exclusively to Genting Casino about Manchester United's disappointing season, Spurs under Antonio Conte and more! Read Teddy's full interview below.



Teddy Sheringham On Man United


Frenkie de Jong, would he be a good transfer for Manchester United?

Anyone that’s played for Barcelona could do a job for most clubs in the world. I don’t think he’s had the best times at Barcelona but he’s still a quality Dutch player. He was very good at Ajax before he left and he’s still a young man. He would be on my radar if I was the Manchester United manager.


Is it time for Man United to think about finding some competition for Maguire? Why has Maguire fallen short at United?

I think a little bit of help in the full-back area would be excellent for Manchester United and Harry Maguire. It’s not even to help, I think it’s someone to work on the back four so their plan as a unit improves. Harry Maguire has shown that he’s a very good player for England. You’re not a good player for one team and not another. All the players are defending on their own at the moment because of the way Manchester United are playing. They need a manager that’s going to come in and work on the back four, work as a unit and then Harry Maguire will be back to his best. Whoever he is playing with and alongside, they need to work as a unit.

All the boys that played in the Euros last year have all had a dip in form in the first couple of months of the season. Harry’s taken a lot of stick and I think the spotlight has been on him quite a lot this season but it’s not been helped by the left-back being 30 yards up the pitch and the right-back being another 20 yards on the other side of the pitch. I think you need to play as a back four, not as a two.


Is it time for Man United to go all out to sign Kane? Where does Kane have better chance of winning trophies - Spurs or United?

If you were a United fan you’d wish that Kane joins. If Harry Kane made himself available, I think every club in the world would want him on their list. Manchester United are falling down the pecking order for big players, but having said that, they are still a massive club, they’re still a massive draw. If they do come calling, it’ll be hard to turn them down. Even if they’re not in any European competitions next season, it would still be a very tough thing to say no to Manchester United.

I think it’s all about the managers that are going to be in charge and if you’re being led in the right manner. I think ten Hag has a really tough job of steering the boat in the right direction being at Manchester United, I would say Tottenham have the better chance of winning trophies at the minute. I think Kane is more likely to win something at Tottenham with Conte in charge rather than at Manchester United at the moment.


Do you think Paul Pogba will be a big miss for the club if he leaves?

I don’t really think Pogba will be a big miss, I think he’s been an expensive signing for Manchester United. I think, at the moment, if he stepped back into the Manchester United dressing room, there would be question marks about him, which have continued for the five years he’s been at the club. If you’re a top player, you don’t have question marks hanging over you for five years. The sooner Pogba leaves and carries his career on somewhere else it’ll be better for him and better for Manchester United.


If you’re Erik ten Hag, what’s the first thing you do at Old Trafford?

The first thing I would do is make sure to get my backroom staff in order. Everybody needs to be in it together. You can’t have people not knowing what he wants and then trying to pass it on to the players. That’s the most important thing for me; backroom staff.


If there was one player who United should sign, who would it be?

If you look at who Manchester United should sign, I’d say Declan Rice. He’s an English midfield general, and Manchester United need that type of player. But Harry Kane and Declan Rice are two of the best players in the country and the world, the two of them would be absolutely unbelievable signings.

West Ham fans won’t like this but Declan Rice is an unbelievable player at the moment. I get stick for saying these things. West Ham should try and get him on the books for the next five years.


Which club do you think Declan Rice will be playing for next season?

I’m not sure where Rice is going to be playing next season. I think they’re all going to be knocking on the door. I know David Moyes has said that he’s not leaving and he’s got a long contract and I understand that but I think the money that’ll be offered for him will be top dollar because he’s a top player. Maybe David Moyes might say ‘have one more year of being an outstanding midfielder for West Ham then you can go wherever the following season’.


The Manchester United dressing room hasn’t sounded like a happy camp this season, how would you have found being a part of this team?

I’ve been in unhappy dressing rooms, I’ve also been in good, united dressing rooms and it makes a huge difference if you’re constantly fighting for the wrong reasons. It’s good to have heated discussions if you sort things out but when there’s constant rivers of things behind the scenes, that’s not great. That’s all the factions of up above, interim managers being put in charge, getting a different interim manager in charge; the whole place is a mess to me at the moment, it’s not just the players, it’s just flowing down from the top and it’ll hopefully be sorted out by ten Hag.

Teddy Sheringham On Tottenham


Gareth Bale's agent confirms he is leaving Real Madrid, do you see him making a return to Tottenham?

I don’t see Bale returning to Tottenham. He’s come back twice, I don’t know where Gareth Bale’s head is about playing football at the moment, he obviously likes playing for Wales, there’s problems at Real Madrid. I’d just love to see him playing football again on a regular basis.


Would Bale play regularly at Spurs?

He would’t play regularly at Spurs. When you look at their forward line and the players that are on the sub bench as well. I think they’ve definitely got two world-class players and then three or four maybe even five players that could fit into a lot of Premier League teams so I don’t think Gareth, at this stage in his career, would command the regular starting place.


Will Harry Kane be staying at Spurs?

Yeah, I think Kane will stay at Spurs. He looks happy again, just going on body language and what his demeanor is like in and around the place. He obviously had a four or five month period where things were rocky but I see him back on form again now, enjoying his football, he looks like he’s happy to stay where he is.


How close to the level of Mo Salah is Son?

Son isn’t far away from Mo Salah at all, I don’t think there’s an awful amount between the two. I think Son has been up there with the best players in the season for any club. I think he’ll probably win the Tottenham Player of the Year and if you finish above Harry Kane then you’ve got to be some player. I really like him. There’s not a lot to chose between, he’s a similar player to Salah. They work hard, they’ve got good pace about them, strength even though they don’t look it, young, and can score a goal as well. I think Son is an outstanding player.


Spurs are said to be interested in Richarlison and Paulo Dybala, could you see either of those fitting in well at the club, or are there better targets?

Any players that are going to enhance the Tottenham squad are good signings for me. They’ve obviously got good players at the football club, they need to go out and recruitment needs to be targeted towards young players that will be good in maybe six months time or go out and spend top dollar on players that are ready to go out that are better than the ones at the club at the moment but that’ll cost the club a lot of money. Hopefully they’ll get into the Champions League for next season so they’ll know what they need to spend on players.


How far can Antonio Conte take Tottenham?

I think Conte can take them an awful long way, I think he was the perfect manager at the time. I don’t think he would have been the perfect manager for Manchester United, but I think he’s the perfect manager for Tottenham. I think the discipline that he installs, the work rate, the hundred percent commitment, I just love everything about him and I just think he’s perfect for what Tottenham needed at the time and I think he can go on and take them to bigger and better things. It’ll all depend on whether or not they get in the Champions League, if he’s given money to go and spent on two to three even four top players to make Tottenham get in the next level, then who knows how far he can take them.


What can Spurs achieve next season?

If all goes according to plan, I think Spurs should be challenging for the bracket above just top four, but perhaps not the league title as I think Liverpool and City are much further ahead. Sometimes that transitional period for football teams takes a little bit longer and as long as you’re getting better each season is what is important, then that’s perfect in my eyes because Manchester City and Liverpool are a long way away from them at the moment.

Teddy Sheringham On West Ham


What areas do you think need strengthening for West Ham next season?

West Ham need strengthening and they could benefit from another striker of a good quality to take the pressure off of Antonio, he’s been fantastic this year but I don’t know if he’ll have another great season like this one. They do need more quality players and they need to bolster their squad all around the pitch. They’ve been doing better than they should have been doing over the last couple of seasons and that’s testament to David Moyes.


Should they go all out for Lingard?

I think he’s a good fit for West Ham and he’s done well for them before when he played on loan. He’s missed a lot of football this season, but he was fantastic during his loan period.







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