Football Insights - Jose Enrique
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Football Insights - Jose Enrique

With the dust now starting to settle on Liverpool's 1-0 loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League Final, former defender Jose Enrique gives his post-match thoughts on the game, Liverpool's season overall and what they recruitment could look like come the start of the new campaign, including the announcement that Sadio Mane is looking to leave the club.


Max Aarons, a central midfielder and Jarrod Bowen or Bukayo Saka should be at the top of Jurgen Klopp’s wishlist this summer

“We definitely need a back-up for Trent Alexander-Arnold. Trent will start so we need a younger player to put Trent on his toes.

“Max Aarons from Norwich would be a good player to have. He’s not the quality of Trent but he’s a bit like Tsimikas with a similar style.

“We need a starting number eight. Thiago Alcantara is brilliant but he has injuries every season.

“Keita has the same injury problems, Henderson is getting older so we need a number eight for sure.

“I don’t know too much about the Monaco midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni but you look at Luis Diaz and the recruitment usually gets it right.

“We also need a right winger and I think Jarrod Bowen or Bukayo Saka could be a great shout as they’re both not playing in the Champions League so it’s a big possibility.”


Sadio Mane is making a massive mistake by leaving Liverpool

“I think Liverpool should do everything to keep Mane. He could go to Bayern, yes, but in the end he’ll be happier at Liverpool.

“I believe it’ll be a massive mistake if he leaves and the same goes with Salah too. I don’t think he’s going to be more loved anywhere else than where is at Liverpool.

“He has a lot more to give to Liverpool and people always say they should sell him because he’s 29, but we need experienced players at the club.”


Roberto Firmino must accept he is no longer a starter at Liverpool

“They asked him before the Champions League final and he said he was happy. Obviously he’s not starting but he’s a player that I believe can make an impact off the bench - even if he didn’t in the Champions League final.

“He’s a player who’s given so much to the club, but I think one of Mane, Salah and Firmino will leave.

“Firmino won’t be a starter if he stays and he’ll need to expect to be a substitute.”


Eddie Howe mustn't make mistake by trying to sign Paul Pogba or Neymar, it’s bound to be another Robinho situation

“It would be a massive mistake for them to go for Neymar or Pogba. I don’t think Eddie Howe will go for these kinds of players.

“Pogba doesn’t suit Newcastle and Eddie Howe will look for a more aggressive, high-intensity player.

“It will be similar to when Man City signed Robinho, it didn’t work out and I know the fans would love these players, but they’ll go for the money and not the project.”


Dean Henderson would be a brilliant choice for Newcastle

“I would definitely sign Dean Henderson. I’ve said I like him a lot in the past. He’s a great goalkeeper.

“Dubravka is doing well but Henderson would be a good fit in the long run and Newcastle’s back-ups aren’t good enough at the moment.

“Henderson will be looking for a move too as with the form De Gea is in now, he’s not going to play.”


If Eddie Howe wants Jack Harrison, then the club should sign him as Howe has earned their trust

“If Eddie believes he’s the right player for Newcastle, I believe it. Klopp won the manager of the season but Eddie is right up there with him and if Harrison is a player that he wants, then they should sign him.”


Luis Suarez could bring something special to Aston Villa with Steven Gerrard and Philippe Coutinho by his side

“Suarez is the best player I ever played with and what I saw him do on the pitch, I’ve never seen anyone else do.

“What people don’t realise is that his age is not the same. He’s still a finisher and Steve might want him as he’ll be a free agent.

“He wants to stay in Europe even though he has offers from Mexico and America.

“I know he has a special relationship with Stevie and I think he could bring something special to Aston Villa as he’s a proper finisher, but people must understand he’s not the player who left Liverpool. 

“Steve will want him too as he’ll have Coutinho there and they’ll both give you goals. He can probably still get you 15 to 20 goals a season.


Arsenal made a mistake getting rid of Emery

“Arsenal made a mistake when they let him go. Emery is a top manager and in England they took the piss too much about how he spoke.

“They were wrong to sack him, but I really believe in Mikel Arteta because what he’s doing with young players is great - even if they did miss out on Champions League.”


Trent Alexander-Arnold has to shoulder the blame for Vinicius Junior’s goal

“The goals have to be a mistake from someone normally, unless it’s a goal from 40 yards, so in my opinion, Trent didn’t look where Vinicius was for the goal.
“Benzema was being marked by Konate and obviously he wasn’t marking anyone and he realized that Vinicius was there too late.

“Is it a mistake from Trent? Yes, it is. But you cannot blame this guy for anything this season.”


Liverpool missed far too many and that proved costly as Real Madrid were clinical

“It’s very simple, they missed too many chances. You’ve got to give credit to Courtois as he was fantastic but we’ve been very lucky because in the three finals Liverpool have played, they haven’t scored a goal. 

“It’s crazy that they’ve won two but Mo Salah since AFCON hasn’t been the same player. Mane has been doing well and so has Luis Diaz but Liverpool were bad yesterday to not score their chances.

“Real Madrid had two chances and scored two of them - obviously one was offside - so credit to them for being clinical.”


Mo Salah hasn’t been the same player since AFCON and contract situation is affecting his form

“It was Salah’s best game in terms of chances since he came back from AFCON and if he finished one of his chances, everyone would be talking about the Ballon d’Or.

“The reality is that Mo Salah hasn’t been the same player since AFCON. Before that he was the best player on the planet and everything he touched was magical.

“Even in one on one situations, you can tell something isn’t right.

“The contract situation isn’t helping either and he says he doesn’t care about it, but he does.”


Liverpool losing is disappointing, but it’s been an incredible season

“It’s disappointing and the fans, players and manager will feel disappointed. The reality though is what they’ve done with this season is incredible.

“Losing the two biggest trophies in a week will hurt, but the fans should be very proud of what they’ve done this year as it’s been an unbelievable season.”


Thibaut Courtois is right up there with Alisson as one of the best goalkeepers in the world

Courtois is right up there with Alisson. He’s there with Oblak too - even though he didn’t have his best season.

“I watch more of Alisson but yesterday the reality is that Vinicius and Courtois won the final and Ancelotti said in the press conference after the game that Courtois would win them the game and he did.”


Richarlison had a terrible season with Everton, so I’m not sure why he’s winding up fans

“Richarlison should look at himself. His team was nearly relegated and Everton spent even more than Liverpool in transfer fees.
“I believe he should look at his team and I see him and Gary Neville riling up fans.

“I know Gary Neville does it with Jamie Carragher and I know he’s a legend for Man United, but Richarlison getting involved when he didn’t have the best season in the world, he should be worrying more about himself.

“He’s not clever for getting involved.”






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