Monopoly Slingo Review
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Monopoly Slingo Review

Monopoly Slingo is the latest incarnation of Slingo and Scientific Games Digital, in partnership with the ever popular board game, Monopoly. Monopoly Slingo has a highly customizable 5X5 grid slot and bingo mashup. Just like the Monopoly board game, Monopoly Slingo also has the classic Go To Jail and Free Parking surrounding the 5X5 grid. Instead of numbers, the grid is made up of Monopoly cards.Instead of the slot elements players roll their dice to move their counter around the board. This game lets you choose a volatility level and play different game tokens. The higher the volatility, the more extra rolls and prizes the players get.


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Monopoly Slingo Technical Features

At the start of the game, players must choose a profile. This will determine the number of rolls players are going to get, which also has an impact on their odds and payouts. 

There are 25 properties on the 5X5 grid, so when a player rolls a dice and lands on a property, all instances of that property’s colour will be removed from the grid. 

Also, all properties in the game act as multipliers which range from 2X to 10X a players’ stake. If a player collects all properties in a set, then another multiplier will be added to all prizes on the win ladder.

Monopoly Slingo has been optimised to be played on iOs or Android phones or tablets. 

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Monopoly Slingo Bonus Features

Monopoly Slingo Joker Symbol

Once a player lands on a Joker’s symbol, players get to pick a card to help them complete the Slingo.

Monopoly Slingo Free Spins

Players start the game with 7 or 8 rolls, or free spins if a player chooses. Just like in the board game, each time players roll a dice, they move around the board. And instead of the regular bingo numbers, as is usual in most slingo games, players will be eliminating properties of the same colour. 

Monopoly Slingo Chance And Community Chest

These are randomised to prizes and penalties scattered across the board. Even includes the Get Out of Jail card in some instances. 

Monopoly Slingo Pass Go

This adds cash to the Free Parking square position. When a player lands on the tile, they get the cash accumulated there.

Monopoly Slingo Go To Jail

Just like in the board game, players go to jail and stay there, until that player rolls a double or wins a Get Out of Jail card, otherwise a player will only be released after three rolls.

Monopoly Slingo Extra Rolls 

If players get a double, they get an extra roll. Monopoly Slingo Theme And Design

The developers did not try to make the graphics in this Monopoly Slingo too overwhelming. The visuals are simple so players can focus more on the game in front of them. 

Despite this, the small details of the game are noticeable. Example would be, money falling down after a round really looks interesting. Also if Mr. Monopoly himself gets caught, the animation is very smooth and clear. The simplicity of the game’s graphics and sounds looks like a deliberate design.

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Conclusion And Verdict

Players who are familiar with Slingo or with Monopoly will find this game addictive. 

The game is very engaging, considering all 3 combinations are in one game-slots, bingo, and Monopoly. And players would certainly like the fact that they can choose their own volatility level.






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