Joker's Jewels Review
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Joker's Jewels Review

Pragmatic Play gives its take on a beloved slot in the Joker's Jewels online slot. Prominent in land-based casinos everywhere, the Joker's Jewel game has captured the interest of slot gamers the world over. Now you can play it online and enjoy a classic bout of slots from a true classic. The game is played on the most standard layout of 5 reels and 3 rows that provides 5 available lines. It offers the most straightforward slot experience that can be a good proving ground for newer gamers. Veteran slot players will also find this as a welcome addition to their gaming list. Learn more about the inner workings of the game in this review. We take a look at the game's details, the bonus features, and other info that you need to know before you play Joker's Jewels slot online.


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Joker's Jewels Technical Features

Play the Joker’s Jewels slot on a layout that is a throwback to some of the most original slots. It has 5 reels and 3 rows that present 5 available paylines. The grid is not as large as modern slots but for many players, seeing a time-tested layout like this can be a refreshing sight. 

The game has a 96.5% RTP that is well within the standard of many slots today. Bet amounts can range from the lowest of 0.05 to a max of 25. These values can be very inviting for casual slot players looking for a relaxed gaming session. Create winning lines by matching the symbols on the reels. Better-value symbols such as the Joker, Banjo, and the Juggling Pins awards the biggest prizes. 

While the different colored gems, and the Joker shoes are the lower-paying symbols. A unique difference between playing this slot online and playing it in a physical machine is the ease of access. You can pick this game up easily and start playing via your device. Feel free to toggle the bet amount and autoplay settings on the interface before you start your game. 

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Joker's Jewels Bonus Features

A classic slot game such as the Joker’s Jewels game hinges on the multiple high-value symbols in the game to rack up your wins. The Joker symbol can pay out 5 to 250 depending on the number of symbols you get on a winning line. But the real clincher is the Crown Bonus symbol. 

This symbol pays anywhere as long as it lands on the reels. Even if it is not part of a winning line. Three of these symbols payout 2.50. Getting four of them awards you 12.50. And landing five symbols on the reels has a value of 62.50. 

Now combine this with a possible winning line of five Joker symbols that give you 250, if you get 5 Bonus symbols along with this, that is an instant win of over 300 in one spin!

Joker's Jewels Theme And Design

The theme and design of the Joker’s Jewels slot is a nod to its original look on a physical machine. A blue-violet layout is prominent on the screen and the symbols are done in a tasteful fashion with a traditional look. 

It looks and plays like a land-based machine without the fast animations and digital graphics of many contemporary slots today. Many players will find this as a welcome sight.

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Conclusion And Verdict

We are seeing the transition of many land-based slots into the digital format. Without the need to remake or revise them, Pragmatic Play stays true to the roots of these slots and presents them to slot players as good as the original. Big wins can come in when you play the Joker’s Jewels game as long as the right symbols come your way. 

Start the game with the lowest bet and crank the autoplay to the most number of spins and sit-back to enjoy the show. If you’re looking for a taste of classic slots and need a bit of nostalgia, the Joker’s Jewels online slot is the perfect choice for you.






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