Jacks or Better Review
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Jacks or Better Review

Jacks or Better is an online video poker game from the expert developers at Playtech. Play stars on the "table" where the different combinations are shown as well as the cards. Same as all poker games, the objective is to form the highest possible winning hand from the cards dealt to you.Discover the other features and ways to win before you call or fold your cards by going through this review of Jacks or Better video poker.


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Jacks or Better Technical Features

Playtech made sure that Jacks or Better will be an entertaining yet easily understandable poker game. A few clicks or trial deals would be enough to familiarise players with the mechanics. There are 2 steps in the game. First, you click on Deal. Players start with 5 face-up cards on the table once the deal button is pressed. The cards are automatically evaluated for wins based on the paytable at the top part of the screen and wins can be instantly identified. Take note that this is still in the 1st step. The next step is to choose which cards you want to keep by clicking on each one. You will notice that the chosen cards will be marked as held. This is very important as once you click on draw, upheld cards will be replaced and again re-evaluated based on the table above after which wins are awarded. You can choose to hold any number of cards for a chance to draw the best possible combination which is the Royal Flush. At the max bet of 25, the biggest possible win with a royal flush is 20,000. With an RTP of 98.45% at the maximum bet of 25, high rollers are sure to be entertained. Casual players do not need to worry as the game also allows for a minimum bet of 0.10. 

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Jacks or Better Bonus Features

There are no bonus features for Jacks or Better video poker as the game is very straightforward - players are given 5 cards from a deck of 52 and the goal is to keep and discard cards in search for the best hand possible. The Royal Flush is a 5-card win with matching suits starting with 10 and ending with A. This is also the highest paying win in the game, giving a payout of 4000 credits at max bet. The other winning combinations are a Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Two Pair and the lowest combination is a Jacks or Better which is a pair of jacks or higher and pays 5 credits at the maximum bet. Remember that getting a winning combination at the deal step does not give a payout yet. You will have to hold on to the cards and click on deal after which pay is computed.

Jacks or Better Theme and Design

Jacks or Better video poker’s interface is very plain and simple. Everything you’ll need is right in front of you as soon as the game loads. The payouts and combinations can be seen on top, cards in the middle, and buttons to adjust the bet as well as the draw/deal button at the panel at the bottom. A menu button is also available to toggle sounds, game recall or if you want to read more information about the game. A large game logo is also fixed beside the paytable. You can say that the simplicity of it is the appeal of the game itself, keeping your focus on winning.

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Conclusion and Verdict

With a max win of 4000 from a bet of 5, Jacks or Better is one of the online casino games you would want to try your luck on. It also incorporates good decision making as it takes a little strategy to identify which cards to keep or redraw. The overall theme and design is uncomplicated with the paytable and cards clearly visible to players. Come and play Jacks or Better here in Genting Casino.






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