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Andy Cole Exclusive

Genting Casino has sat down with ex-Premier League striker, Andy Cole, to review the 22/23 football season and look on towards potential transfers his old clubs might be involved in.

Cole said that David de Gea, despite being criticised in recent months, has saved Manchester United’s season on multiple occasions with his performances in goal.

With a lot of rumours surrounding the re-shuffle of this season's treble winners, Manchester City, the ex-striker highlighted that Cancelo’s problematic behaviour will lead to his departure this summer.

Gent Andy's thoughts below.


On Man United And The Premier League

Ten Hag has revealed he plans to keep De Gea but maybe as a back-up, what do you make of that? Is he too good to be a backup? 

AC: "This is my point of view on the David de Gea situation. A goalkeeper is meant to keep the ball out of the net, but they can make mistakes, as midfielders do when they misplace a pass or strikers when they miss chances. Footballers are humans, not robots, and **** happens. When we say that goalkeepers have to be brilliant with their feet, that's all some people look at rather than their actual shot-stopping ability. If Erik ten Hag wants to keep him but only as the backup goalkeeper, then the new number one coming in has to be top draw.  

"If you look at Alisson at Liverpool, he's a fantastic goalkeeper, but he makes mistakes with his feet every now and then? Yes, he does. Look at Ederson at Manchester City, he's unbelievable with his feet, but does he make mistakes? Yes, he does. Are they both brilliant goalkeepers? Yes, they are. I look at the goalkeepers I played with, Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar, they were some of the greatest goalkeepers because they kept the ball out the back of the net with their hands. So everyone goes on about De Gea's mistakes, but some of the performances he had probably got Manchester United out of a sticky position." 


Would you rather have Harry Kane or Sergio Aguero in your team? 

AC: "Who would I pick between Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero in their prime? I'd have to go with Aguero. Aguero was a special player, he's up there with the top three best strikers in Premier League history. He started picking up injuries which didn't help but I thought he was so special at Manchester City, even at Atletico Madrid too. Kane and Aguero are two totally different players, I like Kane and he's a fantastic player. But I'd definitely pick Aguero in his prime over Kane in his prime." 


What do you make of Ten Hag’s first season? Does it all depend on the FA Cup? Man United have been on the end of some embarrassing results but they have won a trophy and secured top four. 

AC: "Whatever happens in the FA Cup final, Erik ten Hag has surpassed expectations, won the league cup and got into the FA Cup final. It's been a brilliant season so far. The big losses, such as the 7-0 to Liverpool, 6-3 to Manchester City and 4-0 to Brentford were disappointing. In the end, they'll have to try and rectify it. It will be a bitter pill to swallow for the next few years when we talk about those results, but all they can do is keep improving and get on with it. 


Would you like to see Antony have the chance to improve next season or do Man United need a replacement? 

AC: "This inverted winger role that Antony plays, as a striker you want your wingers to create chances for you. Antony has had two assists in the Premier League this season, and he's only scored four goals. I know it's his first season and Manchester United paid a lot of money for him, but if you're a winger then you have to be creating more chances. Look at Manchester United's former players like David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, look at their goals and assists, that's Manchester United's standards. Will Antony improve next season? I hope so, he's young but we'll have to see. 


Did you ever have a teammate like Joao Cancelo who fell out with the manager? Would he be a good signing for Arsenal? 

AC: "No one knows what's going on behind the scenes with Phil Foden, no one knows what Pep Guardiola has in store for him either. But I do like him, he's a fantastic talent, in time he will start playing more football. Whether it's at Manchester City or not, only time would tell. The decision for Foden to get more game time goes down to Guardiola, with injuries affecting him, £100m Jack Grealish being in fine form and Bernardo Silva being a super player. Foden just has to find himself a bit. 


Did you ever have a teammate like Joao Cancelo who fell out with the manager? Would he be a good signing for Arsenal? 

AC: "I haven't had a teammate like Joao Cancelo before who would fall out with a manager if the reports are true. Nobody actually knows what's gone on between Cancelo and Pep Guardiola. Cancelo is a really good player and would definitely improve any team he joins. If Cancelo was to join Arsenal, he can only do so much to help win games but I don't think it would make a difference in a title race, no footballer has superhuman powers like that. If Guardiola didn't think he would cause him so many problems in years to come, he wouldn't have gotten rid of him like that. Football is a sport of team players who work together to win trophies and succeed." 


Ilkay Gundogan and Bernardo Silva are heavily rumoured to leave Manchester City this summer, is that worrying for them? 

AC: "I don't think Ilkay Gundogan and Bernardo Silva potentially leaving would worry them too much. When they don't play, they have fantastic replacements. Manchester City will probably buy more players in the summer and improve from there. A lot of teams will be licking their lips at Gundogan on a free transfer, he's an older player but he still has a lot of quality to give." 


If Newcastle improve again next season, where can you see them next season? 

AC: "It all depends on who Newcastle United signs in the summer, then we can make a prediction if they will improve or not. It's difficult for me to say what positions should be improved, but no doubt they'll just want a better squad so they can have competition in all positions." 


Who would you like to play with the most in this Newcastle team? Would you have liked to be on the end of those Trippier crosses? 

AC: "No, there's no one from this Newcastle United team I would like to play with. The Newcastle United team I was a part of was a very good team, I was fortunate to be able to score goals in that team. It was a team built around myself, I wouldn't want to play in this current team over the one I was in." 


Is it crucial to keep Bruno Guimaraes? 

AC: "Newcastle United will always find themselves in a position fighting to keep Bruno Guimaraes at the club. It's a lot easier now they have Champions League football, but it's down to Guimaraes whether he wants to stay or leave for another club." 


Would Conor Gallagher be a good signing for Newcastle? 

AC: " When people say footballers like Conor Gallagher 'work hard' and 'runs', that's what any footballer does. I have to ask what quality does Gallagher bring to this Newcastle United side? Everyone runs around, everyone puts their foot in, they must see something in Gallagher if Newcastle United are linked to him." 

On England 

Jude Bellingham is reportedly missing out on playing against Malta and North Macedonia for England because he needs knee surgery. Is it a worrying sign that at only 19 years old he has these problems and constant knee straps? 

AC: "It's not a worry at all that Jude Bellingham needs knee surgery. If it's cartilage, it's not a worry, he's played more than enough games this season. It all depends on what kind of knee surgery it is, if it's an ACL injury and surgery is needed, then that's a different story.  

"Bellingham doesn't look like his body will decline that quickly even though he's playing a lot of games for someone his age.” 

On Blackburn Rovers 

Were you disappointed to see Blackburn Rovers miss out on the playoffs? 

AC: "In the end, it was too big of a push for Blackburn Rovers, even though all they needed was one point to overtake Sunderland for a playoff spot. They have a young squad and they'll have another opportunity next season to get promoted. We'll have to see what happens next season." 




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