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Pragmatic's New Live Game Show at Genting, Snakes & Ladders

Hello and welcome back to Genting Casino where we have an exciting new live game show to talk about; Pragmatic’s Snakes & Ladders. Keep on reading to find out more, especially how you can play this new release two weeks early!


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There’s a reason why the humble game of Snakes & Ladders has been around for over 100 years; it’s simply damn good fun! With Pragmatic Play’s new release Snakes & Ladders live this simple game concept has been upgraded so casino fans can get in on the fun too! This live game is packed with all the thrills and spills of the original game, though, of course, this one is designed solely for the adults. Better still, because we’re a member of the SkillonNet network, we get to host this game 2 weeks early from the 11th of May instead of the global release on the 25th. Let’s see what this game has in store!

It’s All About Rolling Dice, Dodging Snakes, and Climbing Ladders!

As we’ve mentioned, Snakes & Ladders Live is a rework of the classic family game for casino-loving adults to enjoy. This isn’t creator Pragmatic Play’s first foray into this genre, as they’ve already created a slot of a similar name, and influences from this game can clearly be seen in their new release. In Snakes & Ladders live, you’ll experience a fast-paced jungle-themed game show, complete with a live host, two bonus rounds, and plenty of dice rolls.

If you think we were exaggerating when we talked about the pace of this live game; we really weren’t, as each round takes roughly 30 seconds to complete, so there’s no waiting around and it’s all go. In each round four dice are rolled and there can be four outcomes (outside of a non-winning roll) First and secondly, two of the state or two of the diamond symbols could appear - in which case players will receive a prize payout. More excitingly if two sides reading ‘SL’ appear, then the Snakes & Ladders bonus becomes active. This can be played at three tiers, bronze, silver, or gold, and this will be decided with another dice roll. The most exciting outcome is if three ‘ST’ sides are revealed, as this triggers the Snake Totem Bonus round.

Play Pragmatic Live's Snakes & Ladders at Genting Casino to Experience This Humble Board Game Like Never Before!

If you’re as excited about the new release Snakes & Ladders Live as we are, then be sure to sign up today at Genting Casino as you’ll get to play this game two weeks early.






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