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Casino Tips and Strategies: How to Play MONOPOLY Live

Hasbro is well-known for teaming up with top online casino developers to create epic games inspired by their iconic board game, Monopoly. In Monopoly Live they have partnered up with powerhouse developer Evolution Live to release a Monopoly-themed title like never before as all the fun is played live and in real time.

Join us today as we take a closer look at Monopoly Live and teach you how to play Monopoly Live with some strategies and tips thrown in for good measure.


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Introduction to Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is probably the most popular officially-licensed Monopoly live game release (alongside Monopoly Big Baller). Created by top-tier live game specialists Evolution Live, Monopoly Live was released in 2019; making it one of the older live casino games out there - considering the relative ‘newness’ of the genre. Still, five years later, Monopoly Live remains a fan favourite live casino gameshow, with its stand-out elements being its jumbo prize wheel, Monopoly-themed bonus features, and intelligent integration of AR technology which allows Mr. Monopoly to serve as a sidekick to the real world live dealer host.

MONOPOLY Live Introduction


The Basic Rules of MONOPOLY Live

Like all the best games, Monopoly Live is a simple game to play and is accessible to players of all experience levels and technological skills. To begin, load the game, select your preferred chip size, and then, when the betting window opens, place your bets on any one of the six betting locations which are represented as segments on the prize wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls. The presenter spins the wheel once the allotted betting time has elapsed. The winning wager is whatever section the prize wheel lands on and the payout for numbered segments correlates with their numerical value, for example; 1 pays 1:1 and 5 pays 5:1.

If the wheel lands on the chance spot, players may receive an instant cash payment or their whole wager multiplied. If the wheel lands on two or four rolls, it will initiate the bonus game with the corresponding amount of rolls. We’ll explore this feature as well as the different elements of Monopoly Live gameplay in the following section.

How to Play MONOPOLY Live

Each round of Monopoly Live features distinct phases, which your expert live host (along with AR Mr. Monopoly) will guide you through. Alongside the AR Monopoly board used during bonus features, the star of the show is definitely the prize wheel; and the segment in which it lands will dictate what happens next.

Money Wheel Segments

As mentioned, the money wheel is the dominating presence of the Monopoly Live studio. The aim of the game in Monopoly Live is to correctly predict what the prize wheel will stop on. The wheel has a total of 55 segments. There are 23 segments marked ‘1’ which award a 1:1 payout and there are 15 segments marked ‘2’ which offer a 2:1 payout. You’ll also find 7 segments marked ‘5’ which award a 5:1 payout, and 4 segments marked ‘10’, which award payouts of 10:1. 

The CHANCE Segments

The Monopoly Wheel has two segments which are labelled ‘Chance’. If you’ve played the Monopoly board game you know that these spaces require you to reveal a chance card, and just about anything can happen. When either of the Chance segments is landed on in Monopoly Live, players will receive a random cash prize or multiplier value.

The Bonus Games

The Bonus game is triggered when the wheel stops on the ‘2 Rolls’ section, which has three segments, or the ‘4 Rolls’’ section which has just one segment.  As you’ve probably guessed, the number of rolls of the segment refers to the number of rolls you’ll receive during the bonus round. Of course, only players who have an active bet on the 2 or 4 rolls section when it lands will have access to the bonus game. 

An AR Mr Monopoly will be positioned on a virtual £D Monopoly board and the host rolls the dice to determine how many spaces Mr Monopoly moves across the board, collecting multipliers and bonuses along the way. You receive extra rolls if one of the rolls yields a double number. Naturally, there are spaces you don't want to land on, such as a tax option and a go-to-jail area that ends the round, much as in the real Monopoly game as well as those you do, such as the iconic ‘GO’ space.

MONOPOLY Live's game show host


More Games Like MONOPOLY Live

Monopoly Live is sure to keep you well entertained, but if you can’t get enough of money-wheel-based live casino games, then check out any of the following titles:

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Mega Wheel is Pragmatics first foray into the world of live casino game shows. Keeping the fun simple and centred around a brightly coloured prize wheel, this fun game can yield payouts of up to 500x your total wagering amount.

Mega Wheel live game preview


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Adventures Beyond Wonderland live game preview


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Crazy Time is somewhat legendary in the world of live game shows. Created by Evolution Live, Crazy Time pays homage to the iconic primetime TV game shows of the 70s and 80s. The production quality is high, and plenty of exciting bonus rounds keep you well entertained.

crazy time live game preview


Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher by Evolution Live is the OG live game show. Defining the genre, Dream Catcher is a simple and fun prize wheel game with various segments and the chance to boost wins with multipliers.

dream catcher live game preview


Play MONOPOLY Live on Genting Casino

If you love live casino game shows, or have fond memories of playing Monopoly back in the day, then the Monopoly Live casino game from Evolution Live is a must-play title. You can play Monopoly Live as well as a whole host of other top-tier online casino games right here at Genting Casino. Sign up and play today.






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