XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat
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Game Feature: XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is Evolution Gaming’s latest installment in both their ‘Lightning’ and ‘XXXtreme’ live casino game series. Already being successful in roulette format, will XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat match the exciting potential already set? Join us in our comprehensive review of the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat live game. Please note, however, this isn’t a how-to-play guide, but don’t worry you can check out our XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat Live Game Page for all the important gameplay information. So without further ado, let’s get started exploring the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat Live Casino game.


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XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Game Details

Game Name:  XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat

RTP: 98.68%

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Live Host: Yes

Bet Range: £1.00 - £1,000

Supported Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, PC

Game Type: Live Game

Supported OS: Android, Apple, Windows


XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Highlights

  • Quick rounds with a 15-second betting window.

  • the renowned excellent production quality of Evolution Gaming.

  • HTML5 design for complete device optimisation.

  • For convenient and immersive gaming, there is 24/7 HD streaming.

  • A tie will pay out up to 2,850,000:1.

  • Up to 10,000x the stake is paid on the banker and tie bets.

A Closer Look at XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Gameplay

Standard Baccarat rules are used when playing the game. Eight 52-card decks are shuffled and set up in a dealing show. A cutting card is positioned around one deck from the shoe's end. The shoe ends when the cutting card is drawn, and a new shoe is started when the game round is through.

The object of the game is to predict which of the two positions, Player or Banker, will have a hand that is closest to or equal to nine. The playing positions and the Tie position are both open for wagering. The multiplier cards are now the fun element of the game. For each game, four to eight cards are picked to serve as multipliers. Your reward is increased by the multiplier if the hand you bet on wins and contains a multiplier card. Multiple multiplier cards in a hand can result in significant winnings. 

When it comes to the wider spectrum of the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat gameplay experience you can expect the high quality that is ever present in everything which Evolution Gaming creates. A flashy purpose-built studio has been created, but instead of the black and gold colour scheme seen in other Lightning games, and instead uses a red and gold theme instead. An expert host presides over events, and all the action is streamed in HD quality 24/7.



Let’s Explore the XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Bonus Features

The only bonus feature in the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette game is the Lightning feature. After the betting session is over, the Lightning Round will begin. A virtual 52-card deck is utilised to generate 4–8 Lightning Cards and random multipliers for each Lightning Card for each Lightning Round. You can multiply a number by 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times.

According to normal Baccarat regulations, the Player and Banker get two or three cards following the Lightning Round, depending on the strength of their hands.

If you are successful, the number of matching Lightning Cards you own double your prizes. The total prize might increase up to a thousand times if three Lightning Cards lined up. It's far more thrilling with the potential for a 2,850,000x multiplier on a winning Tie bet with six matching Lightning Cards!



XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Payouts: What to Expect

With five possible wagers, (Banker, Player, Tie, Banker Pair, Player Pair) the payouts for XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat are relatively straightforward, but thanks to multipliers can reach pretty crazy heights. The Player and Banker bets are repaid to each player if the hand ends in a tie. Tie bettors receive a 2.85:1 reward. A winning Player hand pays out 1:1, whereas a winning Banker hand pays out 0.97:1. 3% of banker wins are subject to commission.

The maximum payout for the Player or Banker wager is 10000x, whereas the maximum payout for a Tie is 2,850,000:1 (2,85 x 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x). The multipliers also benefit the side bets of Banker and Player Pair, with a maximum payout of 800:1 achievable, all this is possible thanks to the use of Lightning Card multipliers.

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat First Person 

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat First Person will also be released on Genting Casino on the same day as XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat to give players a whole new ‘XXXtreme’ experience. This version of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat does away with the third-person live dealer presentation format and gives players a first-person view of the action for a highly immersive experience. 

Play XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat on Genting Casino 

If you’d like to play XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat for yourself, or other top live baccarat games then sign up and play today at Genting Casino.






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