Monopoly Live Game Tips
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5 Tips for Your Next Monopoly Live Game

The wildly popular MONOPOLY board game now has a special live online version called MONOPOLY Live. The primary game's goal is straightforward: Players guess which segment the enormous, vertically placed wheel will stop at after being spun by a live game presenter, while a virtual MR. MONOPOLY waits nearby, ready to take over.

The wheel includes "CHANCE" segments for quick cash wins and multipliers, "2 ROLLS" and "4 ROLLS" segments, as well as the option to wager on the wheel stopping on a specific number. These last sections launch a fascinating 3D Bonus game with augmented reality that is centred on the exploits of MR. MONOPOLY.

All this sounds exciting, and it’s not hard to see why so many players love what this game has to offer which is why in today’s article we’ll be exploring some Monopoly Live tips and tricks to help you play the game!


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Bet Wisely

This is where reading the rules of the game you want to play really comes in handy because with Monopoly Live, in particular, the way you bet can decide whether or not you have access to the bonus round. Players must have wagered on "2 ROLLS" or "4 ROLLS" in order to access the Bonus game. The Bonus game begins if the wheel stops at either "2 ROLLS" or "4 ROLLS." So, when making your wager on Monopoly Live, be smart, and think about the type of wager you’re aiming for and whether or not you want the potential to get involved in the bonus feature, should it activate.

Keep Tabs on the Live Chat

There’s not much point in playing Monopoly Live if you’re not interested in the live-action that comes with it. One of the key features of Monopoly Live is its exciting live chat that lets you hang out with other players. Best of all, the live chat feature allows you to not only chat with other players but also view other players' wins via the player chat feature. Players may even divulge their unique advice and tips for playing the game! (Though, of course, remember, this is a game of chance and there are no ‘sure-fire’ ways to win the game).

Check the Game History

The game history is a very useful tool that many players often overlook. The Monopoly Live game history can be found in the lower right corner. With this feature, you can see which outcomes have a history of occurrence. Placing wagers on the alternatives with winning streaks or regular appearances for steady wins is usually a smart move, but of course, you should always wager with fun at the forefront of your approach instead of any kind of strategy.

Never Succumb to Tilting

For those not in the know, tilting is a recent term created by online gamers. Tilt, or ‘becoming tilted’ in general, is an emotional response to in-game happenings that degrades gameplay. In esports, tilt is primarily connected to player fury and frustration and is brought up in conjunction with inquiries into toxic or abnormal behaviour. We understand that it can become frustrating to come really close to an exciting win, or face multiple losses, becoming tilted is a surefire way to not only lose money but not enjoy your gaming experience. A break between rounds is usually beneficial and increases your likelihood of seeing the bonus round. Tilt is the one thing that will definitely prevent you from winning. Keep your emotions under control.

Play Responsibly: Never Chase Your Losses

Avoiding tilting is just one important example of responsible gambling, but another essential part is never chasing your losses. While it may feel like that ‘next big win’ is just around the corner, there’s nothing to guarantee this and you’ll probably end up losing far more than you intended to, which can lead to a dangerous spiral. Here at Genting Casino we really care about our player's welfare, which is why we want to make sure our players always make smart choices. To find out more about responsible gambling practices, read our guide

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