UFC Insights - Fernand Lopez
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UFC Insights - Fernand Lopez

With speculation building around the future of Conor McGregor and his potential return to the UFC, Genting Casino spoke exclusively to one of the sports top coaches Fernand Lopez to get his opinion on the Irishman's potential comeback opponents.


Fernand Lopez: Charles Oliveria 'perfect' fight for Conor McGregor, but both he and Justin Gaethje would beat Irishman

“I think a good fight for McGregor is Charles Oliveira, because at least Oliveria is a technical boxer, not a brawler. So if Conor McGregor can go back to vintage Conor McGregor - which is hit and not get it and manage the distance - he will give Charles Oliveria a competitive fight on the feet because of timing and precision, Conor might win that fight.

He has a slight chance to win, not a good chance, a small chance. I am a huge fan of Conor, I would pray for Conor to win that fight, but I'd definitely pick Oliveira.

But with Justin Gaethje that would be a brawl, a tough fight.  And I don’t think Conor will have the motivation for the tough fight. Justin Gaethje would be a tough fight and don’t think he still has the motivation for it.

The actual Conor, not the vintage Conor, the Conor right now, what I am seeing on paper, if he goes to battle with Gaetje in the end he will give up, because Justin does not give up, in the end you will have to kill him, so I don’t know how he’d win that fight.”

Fernand Lopez: If we take out the weight factor, Jake Paul would lose to Conor McGregor

“I think it’s good for the business because we need that exposure and Jake Paul brings the casual fans into the business and you can dislike the casual fans but they are the ones paying and we need them.

I’m not against it. As long as they respect the sport and know what’s going on with the sport, I don’t see that as bad because of the exposure they bring. No matter how much you hate the youtubers, they are making the ecosystem of MMA a thriving business. I don’t see it as a problem.“

“If we take out the weight factor, Jake Paul would lose to Conor McGregor. I think Conor loves boxing, he trains boxing, his sparring is more boxing than MMA. And he’s fought the best of the best in Mayweather and he did not look that bad. I think he’s proved already he’s not that bad.” 





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