Three Card Poker vs. Texas Hold'Em
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Three Card Poker vs. Texas Hold'Em - Which is Better?

Texas Hold’em vs. Three Card Poker, two very popular card games; but which is better? Join us as we pit these two games against each other, so you can decide which poker variant is best for you.


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Three Card Poker vs. Texas Hold'Em: An Overview

Three-Card Poker, created by Derek Webb in 1994, combines two games into one and is played with a normal 52-card deck. The Ante/Play variation is the first and pits players against the dealer for the best hand. The second variation is called Pair Plus, and it allows participants to wager on whether or not they will be dealt a pair or better. However, in the majority of casinos, players also need to place an Ante bet in order to wager on the Pair Plus part. Contrary to traditional poker, which pits players against each other, three-card poker does not involve playing against other players. In the casino game of three-card poker, the player competes against the house.

One of the most well-known variations of the card game of poker is Texas hold 'em, commonly referred to as hold 'em, hold 'em, and Texas hold. Each player receives two cards, called "hole cards," face down, after which three rounds of five community cards are dealt face up. The stages are made up of three cards (the "flop"), one more card (the "turn" or "fourth street"), and one more card (the "final card") ("the river" or "fifth street"). The five community cards, their two hole cards, and the remaining three cards are used to form the finest possible five-card poker hand for each player.

Rules and Gameplay


Three Card Poker rules are as follows:

  • Starting out, the player bets that they will have a hand of at least a pair or better by placing an ante wager and/or a pair plus wager.
  • The dealer and all other players are then handed three cards, face down.
  • You aren't playing the other players at the table; just the dealer.
  • The player will next evaluate his hand and decide whether or not to place a play wager (equivalent to the ante wager) to compare his hand to the dealer's hand.
  • The player should "play" all hands greater than Queen, Six, and Four and fold all hands worse, according to optimal strategy.
  • The hand is ended and the player's ante wager and pair plus wager are collected by the dealer if they fold.
  • The cards will be revealed to see if the player has a better hand than the dealer if the player places a play wager.
  • The player gets their play bet back if the dealer has a hand with a Jack-high or worse.
  • Both the play bet and the ante are paid out at 1 to 1 if the player beats the dealer with a hand that is Queen-high or better.
  • The ante and play bets are both collected if the dealer's hand is stronger.
  • The outcome of the pair plus wager is decided independently of the dealer's hand.


Texas Hold’em Poker Rules are as follows:

  • In a cash game, participants bring their own cash and use it to buy chips.
  • There will be separate minimum and maximum buy-ins, minimum and maximum betting limits, and predetermined "blind" bets for each table.
  • Up to nine players may sit down simultaneously.
  • The players who are currently in the blinds make their required stakes to start the pot before each hand.
  • The dealer then deals each player two "hole" cards, which are dealt face down.
  • Each player then evaluates their hand and chooses whether to increase their stake, call the current wager, or fold.
  • Following the conclusion of the first betting round, the dealer deals out three communal cards known as the "flop," another round of betting starts, then comes the "turn" card, and so on until the "river" card completes the board.
  • To create the strongest five-card poker hand possible, players mix their hole cards with the community cards.
  • By showing down the better hand or by bluffing other players, you can win the pot.
  • You can play limit or no-limit poker in Hold’em.

Game Odds

The Three Card Poker game odds are listed in the table below:

Hand TypePossible CombinationsOdds
Straight flush480.21%
Three of a kind520.23%
Ace High or Lower16,44074.39%


The house edge for the Ante + Play bets in Three Card Poker is 3.37% when using the regular paytable that was previously mentioned. Fortunately, your cumulative house edge on both bets decreases to 2.01% when you keep to the fundamental strategy of just placing the Play bet with a score of Q-6-4 or better. Although you won't always get hands that reach the Q-6-4 standard, you'll be in a far better position when you do.

When placing the optional Pair Plus wager and choosing the long shot, the house edge will be substantially higher at 7.28%.

Texas Hold’em odds are a little more complex, and are as follows:

Hand TypeOdds
Pocket Aces1:220 (0.451%)
Pocket Aces or Kings1:110 (.906%)
Q-Q, K-K, or A-A1:73 (1.37%)
Ace-King1:82 (1.22%)
Pocket Pair1:16 (5.89%)
Suited Connector1:46 (2.12%)
Suited Hand1:3.3 (23.51%)


Because players aren't up against the house at the Holdem tables, the house edge metric doesn't apply. Instead, players of traditional poker compete against one another in an effort to win each other's chips. Therefore, the statistical disadvantage that the typical Holdem player must overcome is solely determined by their own skill level in comparison to other players at the table (as well as a degree of chance seen in all casino games).

You can sometimes use the "rake," or the small portion of the pot that the dealer keeps after each hand, to estimate the house's investment in the game. More money eventually stays on the felt and may even end up in your pocket when you play with a reduced rake.


The payouts for Three Card Poker are pretty straightforward and are as follows:

On Ante Bet:

Hand TypePrize Payout
Straight flush5 to 1
Three of a kind4 to 1
Straight1 to 1
Anything Else0


On Pair Plus:

Hand TypePrize Payout
Straight flush40 to 1
Three of a kind30 to 1
Straight6 to 1
Flush3 to 1
Pair1 to 1
Anything Else0


Texas Hold’em payouts can vary depending on the set rules of the casino you play at. For example, some casinos will have ‘Trick’ payouts in addition to standard payouts. However, the standard hand payouts in Texas Hold’em should go something like this: 

500 to 1 is the payout for a royal flush.

  • A straight flush yields a 50 to 1 payout.
  • The payout for a 4-of-a-kind is 10 to 1.
  • A Full house yields a 3 to 1 return.
  • A flush yields a 3 to 2 return.
  • A straight yields an even return.
  • Any other hands are viewed as pushes.

The Ambience

There will always be a game of Three Card Poker going because it is a mainstay in both online and offline casinos. Additionally, if you wait for busy times, you can sit down with a full house and take part in some action with other avid gamblers.

Three Card Poker tournaments are typically a fun and casual event. Regulars are open to teaching newcomers the ropes. And you won't often witness upset people "steaming" about their bad luck, like in Hold 'em games, when they just lost a lot of money. In general, it's all lighthearted entertainment, and Three Card Poker is the ideal introduction to casino gaming for newcomers.

The atmosphere at Texas Hold’em tables can change in the traditional poker room, although they are typically more somber. At a jovial low-stakes cash game, you might get lucky and make a few quick friends. Holdem tables offer a varied bag of sorts in terms of who you'll encounter but expect to see grumpy, stone-faced "grinders" who look down on novice "fish" as you enter the fray for the first time.


When it comes to the burning question of ‘which is better’ it really depends on the type of player you are and the type of experience you’re looking for. If you’re a seasoned player looking to test your mettle against other players then Texas Hold’em poker should be right up your street. If you’re new to casinos or a more casual player looking to try out card games for the first time, then Three Card Poker is definitely the better option. Either way, whatever you choose, here at Genting Casino you’ll find a wide selection of Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker games that you can play whenever you like.

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