Mens Fashion Report

Men’s Fashion Report

2023 was a big year for male fashion, from the dude skirt and the rise of workwear to leather trousers and sci-fi-inspired metallics. But which trends, brands and influencers made the biggest splash last year in the male fashion world?

To find out, the team at Genting Casino has analysed the last 12 months of Google search data, as well as Instagram hashtags, followers and average likes per post on the platform to discover the biggest fashion moments.

The World’s Biggest Male Fashion Trends of 2023

Top 5 Biggest Male Fashion Trends 2023

1. Cardigans

Instagram posts: 9,862,105

Annual searches: 897,000

Trend score: 9.80/10

Cardigans are the most popular fashion trend in menswear this year, with a trend score of 9.80 out of 10. Thanks to the revival of 90s grunge fashion last year, versatile knitwear has taken the top spot on Instagram with over 9.8 million posts. It also ranks just outside the top three for annual searches with 897,000. 

2. Leather jackets

Instagram posts: 4,177,121

Annual searches: 1,067,500

Trend score: 9.73/10

Leather jackets take second place in 2023. Thanks to their timeless nature, leather jackets add an edge to any outfit, whether you’re dressing up or down. The trend places third for both factors, with 4.1 million Instagram posts and 1 million Google searches over the last 12 months. 

3. Crossbody bags

Instagram posts: 1,660,739

Annual searches: 1,441,000

Trend score: 9.52/10

As practical as they are stylish, crossbody bags are 2023’s third most popular menswear trend. Skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, the accessory has become a menswear staple, thanks to the rise of streetwear brands dropping limited releases and increasing hype. So it's no wonder crossbody bags are the most searched trend, totalling over 1.4 million over the past year. They also have 1.6 million Instagram posts, ranking tenth for the factor. 

4. Trench coats

Instagram posts: 1,513,620

Annual searches: 1,198,600

Trend score: 9.38/10

Yet another timeless trend on our list, the trench coat takes fourth place. Initially designed for the British Army, these durable, waterproof coats have seen more than 1.1 million searches in 2023. They also take tenth place for Instagram posts, racking up 1.5 million hashtags. 

5. Denim jackets

Instagram posts: 2,911,918

Annual searches: 628,100

Trend score: 9.25/10

This streetwear staple scores 9.25 out of 10, ranking fifth in our index. This all-rounder is perfect for layering over a jumper during the colder months or over a t-shirt in summer. It ranks fourth for Instagram posts, with 2.9 million and ninth for its 628,100 Google searches this year.

Biggest Male Fashion Trends 2023 Table

The Trendiest British Brands of 2023

Top 5 Trendiest British Brands 2023

1. Superdry

Instagram posts: 1,131,790

Annual searches: 5,500,000

Trend score: 9.60/10

Superdry can be crowned the UK’s most popular British clothing brand. Established in the early 2000s, the brand became famous after David Beckham wore one of its leather jackets in 2007. With over 1.1 million Instagram posts and 5.5 million searches, the brand scores 9.60 out of 10 overall. 

2. Ted Baker

Instagram posts: 898,245

Annual searches: 4,189,000

Trend score: 9.33/10

Taking second place is the designer label Ted Baker. Initially specialising in shirts, the brand quickly expanded from its Glasgow roots. It now offers everything from suits to watches and fragrances. Thanks to its 898,245 Instagram posts and 4.1 million Google searches, it scores 9.33 out of 10. 

3. Reebok 

Instagram posts: 9,389,328

Annual searches: 1,267,000

Trend score: 9.19/10

The footwear brand Reebok is up next. Racking up 9.3 million posts on Instagram and 1.2 million Google searches, it takes third place. The brand found a new audience in 2023, thanks to its retro appeal as menswear began looking back on 90s and 2000s fashion trends.  

3. Clarks 

Instagram posts: 690,454

Annual searches: 6,614,000

Trend score: 9.19/10

The second footwear brand on the list, Clarks, scores 9.19 out of 10. Despite its humble beginnings, the shoemaker is an icon for rap fans, which could explain its popularity. Known for its desert boots and wallabies, the brand clocked up over 6.6 million searches over the last 12 months. It also has more than 690,000 Instagram posts dedicated to it.      

5. Barbour

Instagram posts: 765,548

Annual searches: 2,162,500

Trend score: 8.92/10

In fourth place is the luxury fashion brand Barbour. Famous for its line of wax jackets, the brand is still run by the same family that founded the company in 1894. With over 765,000 Instagram posts and 2.1 million Google searches, it scores 8.92 out of 10.

Trendiest British Brands 2023 Table

The World’s Trendiest Brands in the UK for 2023

Top 5 Trendiest Brands UK 2023

1. New Balance

Instagram posts: 11,042,901

Annual searches: 8,253,000

Trend score: 9.90/10

Taking the top spot as 2023’s trendiest brand is New Balance, with an overall score of 9.90 out of 10. Thanks to celebrity endorsements and niche collaborations like the 990v6 “Baklava”, the brand has become a streetwear staple in 2023. 

The brand has more than 11 million Instagram posts dedicated to it. New Balance also places second for Google searches at 8.25 million over the last 12 months.

1. Converse

Instagram posts: 18,738,481

Annual searches: 4,777,000

Trend score: 9.90/10

Also taking the top spot in joint first place is Converse, which has the highest number of Instagram posts, totalling more than 18 million. The brand’s flagship Chuck Taylor All Stars are a timeless classic that goes with any outfit, so it's no surprise that Converse has seen more than 4.7 million Google searches in 2023. 

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Instagram posts: 7,583,366

Annual searches: 3,800,000

Trend score: 9.58/10

Taking third place is Tommy Hilfiger. This American fashion brand manufactures everything from clothing and footwear to fragrances and home furnishings. It has 7.5 million Instagram posts and 3.8 million searches over the last year, just outside the top five for both factors.

4. Calvin Klein

Instagram posts: 7,360,944

Annual searches: 2,402,000

Trend score: 9.38/10

Sharing fourth place is the American fashion house and global brand Calvin Klein. The brand is a menswear staple thanks to its hugely popular underwear line, praised for its comfort and quality. The brand has 7.3 million Instagram posts and 2.4 million annual searches dedicated to it.

4. Levi’s

Instagram posts: 7,368,701

Annual searches: 2,190,000

Trend score: 9.38/10

Also in fourth place and scoring 9.38 out of 10 is Levi’s. The brand is renowned worldwide for its 501 jeans, a design classic that never goes out of style. So it’s no wonder that It ranks highly for both factors, with 7.3 million Instagram posts and 2.1 million Google searches over the past year. 

Trendiest Brands UK 2023 Table

The UK’s Biggest Male Fashion Influencers in 2023

Top 5 Biggest Male Fashion Influencers UK 2023

1. David Gandy

Instagram followers: 1,000,000

Average likes per post: 96,400

Trend score: 10/10

David Gandy can be crowned the UK’s biggest fashion influencer this year with a perfect score of 10 out of 10. He started a fashion career as a model in the early 2000s and launched the brand Wellwear in 2021. The model and influencer ranks highly for both factors, taking the top spot for average likes per post with more than 96,000 and placing fourth overall for an Instagram following of 1 million.

2. Phil Cohen

Instagram followers: 915,000

Average likes per post: 16,600

Trend score: 9.74/10

Up next is an art director with a passion for menswear, Phil Cohen. The popular Instagram influencer has built a massive following on the platform, racking up 915,000 followers and placing fifth for the factor. He also places second for average likes per post at 16,600.

3. Rowan Row

Instagram followers: 1,700,000

Average likes per post: 15,400

Trend score: 9.49/10

Rowan Row started on YouTube back in 2011, posting fitness vlogs and workout routines before pivoting to fashion content on Instagram. He places second for Instagram followers at 1.7 million and has 15,400 average likes per post, taking third for the factor. 

4. Ali Gordon

Instagram followers: 826,000

Average likes per post: 15,000

Trend score: 9.23/10

Ali Gordon takes fourth place with a trend score of 9.23 out of 10. He left followers in stitches last year for mispronouncing “Lululemon”, and the former electrician now modelling for Longines places just outside the top five for Instagram posts with 826,000. Gordon also averages 15,000 likes per post. 

5. Carl Cunard

Instagram followers: 1,200,000

Average likes per post: 10,800

Trend score: 8.97/10

Rounding off the top five is Carl Cunard, scoring 8.97 out of 10. Spotted last year on a trip to the seaside with friend and TOWIE star Ferne McCann, the Instagram influencer, YouTuber and model has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and averages 10,800 likes per post, placing in the top five for both factors.

Biggest Male Fashion Influencers UK 2023 Table

The World’s Biggest Male Fashion Influencers in 2023

Top 5 Biggest Male Fashion Influencers 2023

1. Magno Scavo

Instagram followers: 3,400,000

Average likes per post: 33,700

Trend score: 9.56/10

Magno Scavo can be crowned the world’s biggest male fashion influencer of 2023. He has built a huge audience on Instagram thanks to a wide range of content, from travel to family. The former bricklayer from Venezuela has 3.4 million Instagram followers and averages 33,700 likes per post, scoring 9.56 out of 10.

2. Jose Zuniga

Instagram followers: 1,500,000

Average likes per post: 54,500

Trend score: 9.41/10

Jose Zuniga takes second place thanks to his army of 1.5 million Instagram followers and an average of 54,500 likes per post. He started his influencer career posting fashion tips on YouTube and has built a huge audience of 6.4 million subscribers thanks to his dedication, at one point posting 13 YouTube videos a week.

3. Alex Costa

Instagram followers: 1,900,000

Average likes per post: 33,100

Trend score: 9.27/10

Alex Costa is in third place, with a trend score of 9.27 out of 10. The Brazilian influencer originally posted video game content on YouTube before blowing up on the platform with a video on male grooming tips. He has 1.9 million Instagram followers and averages 33,100 likes per post on the platform.    

4. Mariano Di Vaio

Instagram followers: 6,900,000

Average likes per post: 13,600

Trend score: 8.83/10

With a huge audience of 6.9 million Instagram followers and an estimated 13,600 likes per post, Mariano Di Vaio ranks fourth. He began a fashion career as a model at 18 before starting a hugely popular blog that kicked off an influencer career in 2012. Along with a successful influencer career, Divaio has also worked as a brand ambassador for Clavin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana.

5. Stefano Tratto

Instagram followers: 1,000,000

Average likes per post: 36,200

Trend score: 8.39/10

Rounding off the top five is Stefano Tratto, who has a trend score of 8.39 out of 10. Kicking off a social media career in 2013, the Italian influencer is known for his trademark moustache. Tratto has a million followers on Instagram and averages 36,200 likes per post on the platform.

Biggest Male Fashion Influencers 2023 Table


Beginning with a list of fashion trends in 2023 taken from list articles, we gave each trend a normalised score out of ten according to the number of Instagram posts using the hashtag #[trend] and the total number of global Google searches for each trend according to Google Ads from November 2022 to October 2023. We then took an average across these scores to reach our final overall score out of ten. We used the same methodology for fashion brands.

We sourced a list of male fashion influencers from list articles. We gave each influencer a normalised score out of ten according to their number of Instagram followers and average likes per post on Instagram, according to inBeat.

Once we sourced each influencer, we assessed their public Instagram, TikTok and X (formally Twitter) profiles and interviews to determine their gender according to the pronouns used in their own content or content written with their consent.

All data correct as of 13/12/2023.




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