Playtech’s Live Trivia Show
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Playtech’s Live Trivia Show at Genting Casino

Who doesn't enjoy a little trivia now and then? It's not surprising that we live in a world where trivia games are popular because the questions are so fascinating and get your brain working. This criterion is undoubtedly adhered to by Playtech, which is why we at Lord Ping are honoured to host their new Trivia event. Why not check to see if you're a hidden genius with a prize pool of $40,000 and free entry?


*Terms and conditions apply.*

 Everything You Need to Know About Playtech’s Latest Trivia Game

There are a few variations between this new offer and previous Trivia games run by Playtech. Each topic has three options, and as the game progresses, the questions become more challenging. For us, this is a completely original type of trivia game, and we hope the challenge will appeal to you. Throughout the course of the game, players will accrue points, and the worth of each question will vary.

Two games are accessible each day at 18:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT as part of this campaign. With each game lasting roughly 15 minutes and being accessible to residents of all Playtech-allowed nations (with the exception of SE, DK, ES, and DE), it is ideal for a fast burst of light entertainment at the end of the day.

Twenty games will be played throughout the campaign, with a share of $2,000 in cash up for grabs in each game. Live hosts will host the game show, which consists of a sequence of progressively harder three-answer multiple-choice questions. Players earn points for prompt, precise responses made in less than 15 seconds. Don't worry if you get stuck on one of the difficult questions because nobody is ever eliminated from the competition. A $2,000 prize pool will be split among the players who accumulate at least 600 points throughout the course of the game.


Terms and Conditions:

Runs 20.04.23 – 29.04.23. 20 games of multiple-choice questions - players have potential to win a share of €2,000 cash per game. Prize pool is in EUR and may be subject to conversion fluctuations.


Join Playtech Live's Live Trivia Show at Genting Casino and Swat Up on Your General Knowledge

Playtech Live's Live Trivia show is without a doubt the promotion for you if you enjoy a decent pub quiz or trivia game show. Before the 20th of April, launch day, register at Genting Casino and spend some time brushing up on your general knowledge. Enjoy playing casino games and participate in this trivia!






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