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Genting Casino Game Feature: Instant Super Sic Bo Live

Evolution Gaming is well-known for its high-quality live casino games that experiment with the typical format and rules of established casino staples. This mission objective is clear in their latest release; Instant Super Sic Bo Live. A live casino variant of the popular Asian dice game Sic Bo, Instant Super Sic Bo is a quick-play follow-up to the original Super Sic Bo game.

So, join us as we review everything that the new Instant Super Sic Bo game has to offer. This isn’t going to be a how-to-play guide, but you’ll find this information on the Super Sic Bo game page found under the Live Casino Games section on our site.


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Instant Super Sic Bo Live Game Details

Game Name:  Instant Super Sic Bo

RTP: 97.22%

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Live Host: Yes

Max Win: 1,000x

Supported Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, PC

Special Bets: No

Supported OS: Android, Apple, Windows


Instant Super Sic Bo Live Highlights

- Includes an innovative multiplier feature with multipliers of up to 1000x

- Super fast streamlined gameplay with players able to make their wager at any time

- Fully optimised gameplay compatible with play on all devices including smartphones and tablets

- Evolution Live’s patented high production quality with an immersive purpose-built studio and 24/7 HD live streaming.

The Instant Super Sic Bo Gameplay Experience 

This isn’t the first time that Evolution has dabbled with ‘instant’ live gameplay, as they’ve already released instant roulette. For those not in the know, Instant Super Sic Bo has been created to bring players the Super Sic Bo experience played at a much faster pace. Let’s explore how this works further as it underpins the entire gameplay experience of Instant Super Sic Bo.

The majority of live casino games follow a specific pattern. Bets can only be made by players during a pre-round window. You'll have to wait for the next round when betting closes and the game's actual round begins. For some players, this is a positive, as they get to interact with the host, and excitement builds during the waiting process. However, for those looking to just dive right into gameplay, it can be a frustration. Instant Play diffuses this frustration. You can place a wager in Instant Super Sic Bo whenever and however you please. You'll see the results in a few seconds, max, and then the next round will instantly begin. 

Simple mechanisms allow Evolution to accomplish this: Sic Bo dice are continuously rolled over and over again. There is no downtime or betting interval between rounds. Your wager will be active in the following round when it is placed. There will, at most, be a few seconds of waiting time given how rapidly Sic Bo dice may be rolled and bets settled. 

Regarding the overall experience of playing Instant Super Sic Bo, if you’ve played an Evolution live game before you’ll know what to expect. All the action takes place in a smart, purpose-built studio adorned in red and gold appearing like it might be an Asian gambling parlour, which of course harkens back to Sic Bo’s historical Asian origins. The professional live host is also dressed in red to suit the scene.



Exploring the Instant Super Sic Bo Features

The Instant Super Sic Bo game's quick play feature is undoubtedly its best feature, as we've already established. But, since it's a Super Sic Bo variant, it also comes with all the extra features from the original edition. 

Instant Super Sic Bo live also features random multipliers added to select bets, similar to Evolution's version of Sic Bo. In each round, one or more bets are selected at random and given multipliers. If you bet that wager in advance and it wins, the usual reward is replaced by the multiplier. 

Still, not every wager can have every multiplier. For example, the lower value even-money bets are not affected at all by multipliers. In ordinary play, a total of 4 or 17 pays up to 50:1, while in Super Sic Bo, players may earn 499:1 for a 4 or 17 gamble. The triple wager has the potential to yield the largest reward, with a maximum payout of 999:1.

It is important to note that there is a downside to this, even if it is all well and good and does increase the excitement of play, as base payouts without multipliers are lower than usual. 

Another noteworthy feature is a standard feature of Evolution Live versions. Players can customise the user interface (UI) to display many languages, including French and Spanish, even if the host will only speak English.



What Are the Instant Super Sic Bo Payouts?

The payouts of Instant Super Sic Bo are a bit different to traditional Sic Bo thanks to the random multipliers that can be applied to certain wagers. The paytable for Sic Bo was already pretty complicated and with this addition, it can become a bit confusing. To try to clarify things, we’ve explored the varying payouts in the table below:


Base Game Payout

Top Multiplier Payout













Any Triple



Total 4 or 17



Total 5 or 16



Total 7 or 14



Total 8 or 13



Total 9 or12



Total 10 or 11







1:1, 2:1 if Double result, 3:1 if Triple



The optimal Instant Super Sic Bo RTP is 97.22%. However, this "optimal" number is only applicable to odd/even and small/big bets. In Sic Bo, every type of wager has a different RTP rate. Refer to one of the numerous accessible strategy manuals for a thorough explanation of the statistics pertaining to each type of stake.

This particular table's RTP ranges from 95.02% to 97.22%, which is more stable than most other live Sic Bo tables, which is always a good thing to see.



Enjoy Our Other Live Dealer Sic Bo Games 

While live dice games are still a developing game category, there are already some top stand-out examples from the genre. Of course, you could play the game that inspired Instant Super Sic Bo, the more relaxed and jovial Super Sic Bo from Evolution Live, or you could try a Sic Bo variant with multipliers from another developer, namely Playtech with their Mega Sic Bo game. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a game which follows the same fast past as Instant Super Sic Bo, Playtech also has you covered with Speed Roulette. 

Play Instant Super Sic Bo on Genting Casino 

If you’d like to play Instant Super Sic Bo yourself then you’ll be pleased to know that this new game is already available to play right here at Genting Casino. Sign up and play today.






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