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It is said that 'the house always wins'. Consequently, gambling enthusiasts tend to be distressed, knowing that the odds are always against them. Power Blackjack does the exact opposite. With the unmatched Power Double and Power Split feature, the advantage, without a doubt, shifts to the players. For Blackjack lovers who expect nothing but an enjoyable game, this will not only be immersive but an immediate favourite.
Play Power Blackjack

Making winning a habit with Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack looks everything like the traditional 52 card deck and the 3 to 2 payout game that Blackjack is known for. The dealer still distributes the cards, but has to hit on 'soft 17s'. If you play Power Blackjack power blackjack online, you will soon discover that the game commences with players placing an Ante bet that needs to surpass or equal the table's minimum stake. The dealer, as always, holds a hole card that players try to predict while playing. Should the dealer have an ace or 10 as the up-card, checking if they have a blackjack as the hole card is mandatory. Should a hand be dealt as you play Power Blackjack online, and it's not favourable, you are permitted to not only split but also double down after that split. This gets even more interesting because you can split further up to four times. Running out of ideas? There are strategy tables to help players make the best of their hands. Further, you can regularly double down any two card card total instead of the normal 9, 10 and 11, except the blackjack. The push rule also still applies, where no one wins except in special circumstances. Power Blackjack: The Splitting and Doubling that make it stand out The main play options separating the Power Blackjack from other Blackjack variants is the Power Double and Split. The worst hand a player can be dealt is the hard 15 or 16. Power Blackjack eliminates these hands, allowing one to split like they would do a paired starting hand. Splitting therefore reduces the chances of the player busting. Once again, the player is favoured compared to other Blackjack variants. The Power Double is also another unique strategy to use in Power Blackjack. It is a move used when a player holds a hard 9, 10, or 11 double-card starting hand. Ideally, a player will have to put up an additional stake, equalling their Ante bet, with the dealer drawing an additional single card to complete the hand. The player traditionally had to contend with this card. The Power Double, however, allows players to discard the additional card if they don't like it and draw another card from the shoe in a bid to improve their totals. It is inherently difficult to succeed in Blackjack with a low total after doubling down, but the Power Double allows players to reject an unfavourable card and attempt to find the ideal card that will favour them towards 21.

Power Blackjack: The Blackjack variant that keeps you in the game

• The Ante bet Rule

• The House Edge, the Dealer and the Hole card

• The Hard 15 or 16 options

• The Power Split

• The Power Double

• 3 to 2 Payout

Casinos have always had an advantage over players in Blackjack, as the players always have to go first. Players also have to predict the hole card while calculating their chances of beating the dealer to 21. Power Blackjack increases the chances of getting a favourable card, and inherently those of hitting 21, while reducing the chances of busting. Playing Power Blackjack at Genting is bound to be worthwhile!

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