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Roulette Live Manchester

Roulette Live Manchester

If you love the thrill of roulette, Genting's new offering is a revolution that's designed just for you. Roulette Live from Manchester is a roulette game that brings the feeling of live casino betting direct to your phone wherever you are. With a special live roulette table set up in Genting's Manchester casino, you can play Roulette Live from Manchester in your home, at a bar or even in a taxi! You can make anywhere into a casino with this game: as long as you have a phone, the roulette table is always waiting for you!

One of the big advantages of playing Roulette Live from Manchester online is that you can take part not only at home or when you're on the move, but also in the casino itself! The more extroverted visitors to the Genting Casino in Manchester can bet as they would at any other roulette table, and your celebrations, commiserations and banter will become part of the atmosphere picked and streamed live to all the other gamblers using their phones around the world. You don't need to worry about your privacy being invaded - Genting's cameras are set up to capture every detail of the roulette table, but none of the faces of anyone crowding around to bet.

You can also play Roulette Live from Manchester online within the casino itself - if you're a shyer gambler, you can hang back from the table, using the app to place your bets without getting involved in the crowd, and without revealing your betting amount to anyone else! It's the best of both worlds, the unique, unmistakable atmosphere of the casino, mixed with the privacy of betting at home.

Perhaps the best thing about this new game from Genting is that it picks up that atmosphere, and brings it to you whenever you need it: you don't have to visit the casino to get the remarkable experience betting on live roulette. All your favourite parts of the experience can be brought to you wherever you are, including the incredible feeling as the crowd hushes and the and ball begins to slow and settle at a number, making fortunes for some, and providing a thrilling night for everyone else.

Roulette Live Manchester

Select your chip value by clicking on the relevant chip. You will then be able place your selected bets on the table layout during the game round. As betting is drawing to an end, the 'Bets Closing' message will appear at which point you should finish placing your bets. The table minimum bet and maximum bet can be seen in the top left of the game window - you are unable to place bets outside these limits. If you have a winning bet, your balance will update, straight away, before the next game round commences.

There are several features to help make bet placement very easy - the racetrack to the right hand side will assist you to place neighbours bets, section bets and special bets easily. You can also save some of your favourite bets so you can place them again in a later game round in just one click. Game statistics and winning number history are shown so that you can see the hot and cold numbers and bet with just one click. The game statistics will show you results for the last 500 rounds and shortcuts allow you to bet quickly simply by clicking on the display.

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