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Roaring Wilds

Roaring Wilds

Roaring Wilds Slots takes you up into the mountains for a wilderness adventure. This is a simple, back to basics slot game, with a strong theme, attractive presentation and no complicated extra games to get between you and the fun.

When you play Roaring Wilds Slots you're in for a wild ride, with a five reel, forty payline game, adorned with animals like grizzly bears, bald eagles and leaping fish. The Grizzly Bear symbol is the most valuable and also the Wild symbol for this game. Lining up five Grizzlies in a row nets you a win of 1000 times your stake for the line, as well as matching with other symbols on the reels.

When you're playing Roaring Wilds Slots online, you're really trying to match up three of the special Pawprint Scatter symbols: get three or more, and you activate the bonus feature, which in this game takes the form of fifteen free spins. Unlike in many other games, this bonus feature can re-trigger within the free spins, meaning if you're lucky you could end up with thirty, forty-five or even more, at no cost to yourself. Your mounting jackpot from your free spins is pure profit! Big wins are rewarded with a spray of coins and musical stings to underline how many hundred pounds you've managed to add to your jackpot in that round.

Roaring Wilds slots benefits from of the great 'quality of life' enhancements that newer slot machines have begun to incorporate, with a turbo mode to really speed up your spins and get you your jackpots quicker. It has an adjustable autospin mode, so you can set how long you want the game to play for, before you check in on your progress. It stops automatically when you win free spins and slows down for big jackpot wins so you always have the chance to see when you've made a big win!

It's also got full cross-platform support so you can play Roaring Wild Slots online across your PC or laptop and also use your phone or tablet to make sure you can always access this wilderness retreat to spin the reels and build up a huge jackpot.

How to Play

  1. Line bets are chosen by clicking (+) and (-) below Line Bet to increase or decrease the amount.
  2. Clicking Spin spins the reels with the currently selected bet. During the reel spin the Spin button changes into Stop. Clicking Stop ends the spin animation and immediately displays the spin result.
  3. Clicking the Turbo Mode button switches on or off the Turbo Mode thus turning on or off some of the win animations and sounds, and making the reels spin faster or slower. Wins are calculated according to the paytable. Line win = line bet X corresponding multiplier according to the paytable. Scatter win = total bet X corresponding multiplier according to the paytable. The paytable can be accessed via the Info page.
  4. On a given payline, only the highest payline winning combination pays while simultaneous winnings on different paylines are accumulated. In the case of a winning spin, the Win field displays the accumulating winnings. The Win ticker can be stopped by clicking anywhere on the screen to display the total win amount immediately. Payline wins and the total win are also displayed on the strip located at the bottom of the reels or the game window.
  1. A win activates the Gamble button which, when clicked, starts the Gamble feature where you can bet the winnings from your last spin to try and increase them.
  2. In the Gamble feature your current winnings are shown in the Bank field. You can choose to bet these winnings by clicking the Double button. The Double To field shows the amount that will be placed in the Bank if you win.
  3. You can also choose to bet only half of your current winnings (by clicking Double Half) and keep the other half in the Bank. The Double Half To field shows the amount that will be in the Bank if you win (which includes the amount that remained in the Bank). The Bet field shows the bet placed in the Gamble round.
  4. If you do not want to bet, you can click Collect to add the winnings from the last spin to your balance and return to the main game. If you choose to bet, the dealer's card is revealed on the left-hand side of the screen and you will be prompted to pick a card from the remaining face-down cards. If you pick a card with a higher rank than the dealer's card, you win. If your card is lower in rank than the dealer's card, you lose your bet and the Gamble feature ends. If your card is equal in rank, the bet is returned.
  5. With every win, you can bet again until the winnings in the Bank are equal to or greater than the Gamble feature limit. The limit is shown on the Info page that describes the Gamble feature.
  6. Click Collect to add your winnings from the Bank to your balance and return to the main game. Please note: The Gamble button is disabled during the Free Games and while Auto Play mode is active.


  • The Wild symbol in the game is the 'Bear' symbol. It can stand for any other symbol, except Scatter, to make the best possible winning combination. There is also a separate payout for three or more Wild symbols on an active payline, as seen in the paytable. Five Wild symbols on an active payline pay the max win according to the paytable.
  • The Scatter symbol in the game is the 'Paw Print' symbol. The Scatter symbols do not have to occur on any particular payline. If there are three or more Scatter symbols in the spin results, the payout earned is multiplied by the total bet and added to payline winnings. Three or more Scatter symbols appearing simultaneously anywhere on the reels during the main game trigger 15 Free Games and pay separately.
  • All symbols except Scatter can appear as both stacked and single symbols. Stacks can consist of up to 4 symbols. Stacked symbols participating in winning combinations pay in accordance with the Paytable, just like single symbols.

Free Games

  • Whenever three to five 'Paw Print' symbols appear anywhere on the reels during main game, 15 Free Games are triggered. To start the Free Games, click on Click to Start. Three to five 'Bear' symbols anywhere on reels during the Free Games pay according to the paytable. Three or more 'Paw Print' symbols add more Free Games as described above. More Free Games can be won this way infinitely.
  • During the Free Games, the reels are spun automatically using the same number of lines and bets per line as on the spin that won the Free Games round. After each spin, the win is displayed in the Win field. The Free Games Win field shows the accumulated winnings from the current Free Games.
  • After all Free Games have been completed, a result board summarizes the winnings. Game Win shows the winnings that were received from the main game spin that won the Free Games. Feature Win shows the winnings that were received during the Free Games. Total Win shows the accumulated winnings (Game Win and Feature Win added up).
  • When returning to the main game, clicking anywhere on the screen stops the win ticker and displays the full prize. Free Game wins are added to the payline and Scatter symbol wins.
  • If the Free Games have been triggered during the Auto Play mode, the Free Games round begins after the player clicks on Click to Start. When all Free Games have been played and you click Continue on the screen summarizing the Free Games win, the Auto Play mode resumes, or ends if you activated it by selecting Until Feature. When returning to the main game, clicking anywhere on the screen stops the win ticker and displays the full prize.


Auto Play

You can spin the reels using the Auto Play function. Prior to confirming the start of any Auto Play session you must first select the following options; Stake Value, Number Of Lines, Number Of Successive Spins, and input a Loss Limit.

Auto Play Options (where applicable)

  • Stake Value - Choose a stake per line.
  • Number Of Lines - Select the number of lines.
  • Number Of Successive Spins - Select the number of spins to be played automatically.
  • Loss Limit - This option stops the Auto Play session when your starting balance has been reduced by the initial amount selected.
  • Single Win Limit - This option stops the Auto Play session when a single win amount that is greater than the amount selected is generated during any spin as part of the current session.
  • Jackpot Win - This option is available only for progressive games and stops the Auto Play session when a Jackpot Win is triggered during any spin as part of the current session.
  • The Auto Play session ends when any of the above configured options are met, or you choose to end the session by clicking Stop. This can be done at any time during Auto Play regardless of how many spins were selected, or are remaining.

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