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Live Three Card Poker

Live Three Card Poker

We are pleased to offer Live Three Card Poker - a high quality, captivating, interactive multiplayer experience for players of all skill levels. With so many opportunities to win and large scalability, it's no wonder that the game is proving popular with online casino fans across the UK and beyond.

The reason why so many gamblers love to play Three Card Poker online is quite clear - it simply condenses all of the excitement of the game into a quick-paced fun game based on small hands of just three cards. It offers an easy way to play poker for newcomers and provides enthusiasts with new and exciting ways to get one over on the dealer, making it a must-play for any virtual casino reveller.

The game is played with a single deck of cards and provides players with practically endless wagering possibilities and offers some seriously staggering payouts.

The object of live Three Card Poker online is quite simple - beat the dealer with a three-card hand, by initially placing an ante wager and following it up with a same-size play bet. The dealer requires at least a Queen to qualify - if they neglect to qualify, the competing players will receive their play stake and their ante will pay evens - it's really that simple.

For players who want the buzz of real-time action and the chance to pocket some cash, it's hard to recommend anything other than to play live Three Card Poker online. Those who are new to the game will even have a chance to learn the ropes in practice mode before putting their money where their mouth is.

From a design point of view, Three Card Poker is a sight to behold - it's literally better than visiting the casino, as it provides of the aesthetic of the traditional brick and mortar experience with none of the hassle of getting dressed up or spending money on expensive food and drinks. Online players can simply get involved in some serious poker action while sitting on the sofa and enjoying a takeaway and a beer. If that doesn't sound tempting, we're not sure what does…

Live Three Card Poker

Three card poker is played against the dealer and you are required to get a better poker hand than the dealer with the 3 cards dealt to you. Start by selecting your chip value and placing an ante bet. The bet must be within the game limits displayed on the table. You can also place a Pair Plus or 6 card bonus bet. You are dealt 3 cards face up and the dealer is dealt 3 cards face down. You have the option of playing, by placing the same bet as your ante on the play box, or folding at which point your ante bet will be taken.

The dealer must have Queen high to qualify - if she does not have the minimum of a Queen, your bet is returned and your ante bet is paid out at 1:1. If she does qualify, you are required to have a better hand than she has in order to be paid out. The strength of your hand dictates the payout you will receive - for example you will be paid an ante bonus of 4:1 if you have 3 of a kind. The pair plus bet pays out if you have a pair or higher. If you have a straight flush you will be paid out at 40:1. The 6 card bonus is an additional bet which uses all 6 cards on the table. You will be paid out for three of a kind or greater.

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