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Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

The dragon and the tiger are ancient symbols of yin and yang. It is said that when these two forces combine, they create balance in the universe. You will discover the power of these two animals as you play Live Dragon Tiger, a thrilling new game brought to you by Evolution.

Dragon Tiger extends Genting Casino card game portfolio, with a game that players will enjoy. Not only are the game's visuals stunning, but the game's pace is breath-taking and will have you on the edge of your seat. You'll feel as if you're at a card table the second you start playing Live Dragon Tiger because the visuals are so realistic. While the game's visual details are intricate, the game is extremely simple to play!

In front of you is a live dealer dealing your cards into either the dragon or the tiger piles on the table. Just two cards are dealt, face-up. King is the highest value card while Ace is the lowest value. The main bet is on which hand will get the higher card or whether it will come out as a tie. Don't think of ties as a bad thing, in fact, they create immense levels of excitement and potential to win big!

See what big wins the dragon and tiger have in store for you in Live Dragon Tiger online. With its beautiful visual display, easy-to-play method, fast pace, and potential for big cash, you won't want to stop playing this amazing game. Get the most bang for your buck when you play Live Dragon Tiger online!

Dragon Tiger

The objective in Dragon Tiger, during a hand is to predict which card will get the higher card or whether it will come out as a tie. The ties bets are a key feature within this game. If you predict a tie bet, it can generate significant extra levels of excitement and suspense, with a larger payout!

Bet Payout Overview

  • Main Bet - Dragon Wins Pays 1:1
  • Main Bet - Tiger Wins Pays 1:1
  • Tie Bet - This winning payout occurs if Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in rank, irrespective of suit. Wins Pays 11:1
  • Suited Tie Bet - This winning payout occurs if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in both rank and suit. Wins Pays 50:1

Statistic Board

On screen is a Baccarat-like Statistics and Roads board that is part of the simple user interface in your effort to tame the Dragon and Tiger.

This game has a theoretical return to player of 96.27%. This is based on long term payback.

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