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Crockfords Live Roulette

Crockfords Live Roulette

Crockfords Live VIP Roulette online offers all the exciting game play and features of standard roulette, but has been upgraded to meet the expectations of our most serious players. Enjoy high quality gaming from our VIP room - a recreation in every detail of the oldest gaming club in the world, Crockfords, owned and operated by Genting.

Streamed to your desktop, tablet or mobile in breath-taking HD online gambling does not get any better than this. Elegant décor, our best dealers, higher bet limits and an experience that is exclusive to Genting Black players.

Casino experts love to play Live VIP Roulette - choose your table and place your bets now!

Crockfords Live Roulette

Select your chip value and wait for the betting round to commence. At this point the green light will be on. When betting is closing, the light will move to amber, and when final bets are called, the light will go red. You can place your VIP roulette bets by clicking on the roulette table layout- as this is a VIP game, the betting limits are higher than standard European roulette. Choose to place inside bets on the numbers or outside bets on red/black, odd/even or high/low.

The winning number display shows the last 11 winning numbers and you can click on the statistics button to see the hot and cold numbers and wheel distribution for the last 500 games. Click on the racetrack icon to place neighbours bets and section bets. If you have a winning bet, your balance will be updated instantly, before the next game round commences.

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