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Bars and Bells

Bars and Bells Slots

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of classic Vegas slots or modern video versions, Bars and Bells Slots from Amaya Gaming offers something for everyone. The symbols and sounds undoubtedly add to the nostalgic appeal but the free spins bonus and the Streak Breaker feature ensure that it has plenty to appeal to fans of modern online slots.

Play Bars and Bells Slots Online and you're in for a retro feast of fruity symbols and the obligatory bars and bells, opening with a decidedly 1970s-feel theme tune. The images are designed to look classic, although there's no shortage of computer detail as well.

The big bumper symbol in this five-reel, 20 payline slot is the lucky 7, closely followed by the three black bars, the smaller two-bar symbol and then the single bar. Feeling fruity? The watermelon will win you the most in standard play, followed by the plums, lemons and cherries.

Despite these classic themes, don't be fooled into thinking that you'll miss out on hidden features if you choose to give Bars and Bells Slots Online a go. First of all, there's the Streak Breaker, which is a betting option to boost your winning potential.

It will cost credits to activate but it means that even non-winning spins can pay dividends in the end. Golden coins are added to a meter and you're in for a consolation prize if you manage to collect five.

The golden bell, meanwhile, is the standard wild in Bars and Bells Slots and can substitute any of the symbols to create wins, except for the scatter, which is key to the free spins feature.

Get the scatter, which is the Bars and Bells symbol, anywhere on reels two, three and four and the free spins will be triggered. Even this is not as classic as you might expect, however. First, you'll play a mini game to determine how many free spins you'll win and how much any wins will be multiplied by - the lowest is five spins and a two-times multiplier, while the highest is 20 spins and a three-times multiplier.

There's also another bonus, this time called Shake 'N' Pays, in which a symbol will randomly fall from top to bottom. The result? Some bonus credits in your account. Yet another example of the great way in which Bars and Bells Slots delivers the unexpected in a surprising package that guarantees one of the most enjoyable online slot experiences around.

Bars and Bells Slots

  • Flash only
  • Select "ON" with Streak Breaker Play Feature button.
  • Mobile only
  • Select the game settings button in the bottom right corner and tap the Feature ON button to activate/deactivate Streak Breaker feature.
  • The user must tap to enable/disable the Streak Breaker function.
  • +5 credits for every 20 credits bet in base game.
  • For every consecutive 0 result spin, a token will be added to the Streak Breaker meter. Once you reach 5 tokens, you win the Streak Break feature.
  • Streak Breaker RTP: 95%
  • Award Amount: 50-140% of the accumulated wagers on Streak Breaker since the last win.
  • Once 5 tokens are reached, the prize awarded is 50 - 140% (average 95%) of the cumulative Streak Breaker bets since the last Streak Breaker win.
  • Streak Breaker is not active during FEATURE

Shake 'n' Pays FEATURE

  • The Shake 'n' Pays bonus is not based on any combination of reel icons, but instead is awarded at random. The range of possible awards is between 20 and 25000 credits.
  • There are 4 levels of payouts. Each level has a range of payouts associated with it.
  • Level 1: 20 - 25 credits x number of credits bet per line.
  • Level 2: 50 - 100 credits x number of credits bet per line.
  • Level 3: 200 - 500 credits x number of credits bet per line.
  • Level 4: 750 - 5000 credits x number of credits bet per line.
  • For example, if you bet 5 credits per line and won a Level 4 Shake 'n' Pays bonus, you'd win between 3750 and 25 000 credits (i.e., between 750 * 5 and 5000 * 5). It is possible to win a Shake 'n' Pays bonus for more than one level at the same time, so you may see a bonus win of more than the maximum shown here.
  • Shake 'n' Pays bonuses are not awarded during free spins feature.

Free Spins FEATURE

  • 3 Bars & Bells symbols appearing anywhere on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels triggers Free Spins feature
  • Bonus anywhere on reels 2, 3, 4 triggers bonus feature
  • BONUS award is free spins
  • To determine number of free spins and win multiplier, pick icons in the bonus game until you match 3
  • 20, 15, 10, 7, 5 Free Spins can be won
  • If 20 Free Spins are won, all wins are multiplied by 3
  • If 15, 10, 7, 5 Free Spins are won, all wins are multiplied by 2
  • Free Spins feature can be re-triggered multiple times
  • Free spins can be re-triggered during free spins feature when 3 Bars & Bells symbols appear anywhere on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. It awards the same number of spins and multiplier as the initial Free Spins feature. The Free Spins are immediately added to the Free Spin tally on the info bar.
  • Free spin win amounts are based on the same Credits Per Line bet as the triggering spin amount
  • Feature can be awarded during Bonus

Auto Spin

  • Flash only
    • Click the AUTO button and select the number from the pop-up menu, then click START
    • Click on STOP to cancel Auto Spin.
  • Mobile only
    • Auto Spin is accessed from the Game Settings button positioned in the lower-right corner of the Status Bar
    • The user must tap to enable/disable the Auto Spin function.
    • Once Auto Spin is enabled, the user can select from the number of spins listed .
  • Autospin is deactivated after a free spin feature is triggered, it must be reactivated.
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