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Date Name Start Time Game Type Type Buy In Chips Guarantee/Added

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Opening hours: 24 hrs 7 days a week.


As from 17th March 2020 all Poker/Cardroom competitions will be cancelled till further notice.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information please contact us on 0161 792 3794

Whether you are a beginner practicing your Poker skills or a pro, we have tournaments to suit all levels at Genting Casino Salford.

All our games are dealer dealt by professional staff trained to the highest level with a dedicated waitress service.


Complete Novice?

The majority of our tournaments are Texas Hold'em Poker or Hold'em as it is generally called, If you watch Poker tournaments on TV then you've probably been watching Texas Hold'em!

We will be happy to provide 'Learn to play' sessions individually or with a group of friends free of charge.


Regular Player? 

Our regular schedule of tournaments are at affordable buy-ins and will suit every level of player.

We offer all types of tournaments including Freezeouts, Re-buys and Sit 'n' go's we also offer daily Cash Games.

All cash games will be catered for (Limit, pot limit and no limit) in any variety of game including a true dealers choice.

On nights when the cardroom is closed, there will be a cash game table available on the gaming floor.

Rake on the cash games is 5% capped at £5 (No flop, no drop) and we can cater for any dealers choice game.

House Dealers are provided on every Tournaments and Cash games.


Poker Competition Schedule

Wednesday Poker:

Value Wednesday - 20:00 Start [Late registration until 22:55]

FREE TO ENTER + £5 Registration

£600 unconditional guarantee.

5,000 starting stack, 5,000 Early Bird Bonus, £10 Re-buys for 10,000 chips

£10 Re-Buys for 10.000 Chips


Friday Poker:

Mega Friday - 20:00 Start [Late registration until 22:55]

Buy-in £20 + £5 Registration

£1,000 unconditional guarantee

25,000 starting stack + 1 x £10 Re-buy for 25,000 chips

5,000 Early Bird Bonus

*Early Bird Bonus

Players will have to be on the premises and registered by the competition start time to get a chip bonus as follows:

Please ask the card room manager for what each days early bird bonus is.


Rake on Cash Games is 5% capped at £5 (No flop, No Drop)



Rummy Competition Schedule

Tuesday Rummy:

20:00 Start.

£5 Buy-in and Re Buy-in.

£100 added with 20 table minimum.


Thursday Rummy:

20:00 Start.

£5 Buy-in and Re Buy-in.

£100 added with 20 table minimum.


Saturday Rummy:

20:00 Start.

£10 Buy-in and Re Buy-in.

£100 added with 20 table minimum.


Sunday Rummy:

20:00 Start

£5 Buy-in and Re Buy-in

£100 added with 20 table minimum

£20 re-buy on last Sunday of every month 20 table minimum



All competitions start at 8pm unless otherwise stated for any other information please contact us on 0161 792 3794.