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Currently there are no Poker Tournaments until further notice. 

Cash Games are available from 7.30pm. 


Poker at Genting Casino Reading

Currently hosting Poker Tournaments from Tuesday to Sunday in our 100 seat card room with a variety of value games, ranging from a £20 re-buy to our £100 buy-in. Quarterly Big Ones with a £10,000 guarantee. Our games generally commence at 8.00pm with the exception of our Sunday game which commences at 4.00pm. All games are dealer dealt by professionals trained to the highest standard. 5% of every scheduled tournament prize pool is added to the league of champion’s prizes. More information can be found on our Poker League page.


Unfortunately, we are not currently running Poker Tournaments on Mondays.

Please check our website and FB page for updates.


The League of Champions XIII has started

Details can be found on our Poker League page


Poker Dealer Vacancies

We are currently recruiting Poker Dealers! If you or someone you know would be interested in this opportunity please send your CV to us at or call 0118 939 1811



We have a wide range of cash games available every day with typical blinds spread are £1/£1, £1/£2 & £2/£5 with larger private games available on request.

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Poker League




Start date:  Tuesday 10th December 2019

Duration: 18 Weeks

Last tournament of the league: Sunday 12th April 2020
Tournament of Champions:  Saturday 18th April 2020

Guaranteed Prize Pot: £7,000

Players will accumulate 1 League Point for every £10 entry to the tournament. No additional points will be awarded for Re-buys, Add-ons or Re-entries.

5% of every Tournament Prize Pot will be deducted and held by Genting Casino Reading in order to generate The League of Champions XVII prize pot.

Players that make it to the Final Table of any scheduled tournament will be awarded extra points as follows:

  • 1st Place     –    15 points
  • 2nd Place    –    10 points
  • 3rd Place     –    9 points
  • 4th Place     –    8 points
  • 5th Place     –    7 points
  • 6th Place     –    6 points
  • 7th Place     –    5 points
  • 8th Place     –    4 points
  • 9th Place     –    3 points

5% of every Tournament Prize Pot will be deducted and held by Genting Casino Reading Poker Card Room in order to generate League of Champions Prize Pot

Guaranteed League Prize Pot after 18 weeks: £7,000

At the end of 18 weeks period 60 players from the top of the League Table will be invited to play the Tournament of Champions.

£2,500 from the League Prize Pot guaranteed to be divided between the Top 10 players from the League Table and will be available for collection on the day of the Tournament of champions. Remaining monies will create The Tournament of Champions' Prize Pot.

The Guaranteed £2,500 will be divided amongst the Top 10 players as follows:

  • 1st Place    –    15% (£375)
  • 2nd Place   –    12% (£300)
  • 3rd Place    –    10% (£250)
  • 4th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 5th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 6th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 7th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 8th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 9th Place    –    9% (£225)
  • 10th Place  –    9% (£225)

For The Top 60 from the League Table the Tournament of Champions will be a Freeroll although a charge of £6 per person will be taken from the prize pool to pay for the dealers on the night.

For Top 60 players starting chips advantages will be given according to the end of the league points bracket.

Final Table of the Tournament of Champions will be 9 seated and all Final Table players will be paid according to the regular tournament prize structure for 50+ players.

Date of Tournament of Champions: 18th April 2020

  • Seats are non-transferable, if you cannot make the day your chips will be removed from play during the first break.

Additional tournaments can be created and extra points can be added if required.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to modify the tournaments, kinds and types of games offered and the scheduling of all games and tournaments without prior notice.