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Play European Blackjack Turbo at Genting Casino and enjoy one of the best casino games available. Everyone loves Blackjack. The thrill of drawing cards and staying as close as possible to 21 has thrilled players in land-based and online casinos worldwide. This time you are playing the Euro style of Blackjack in the European Blackjack Turbo online casino game.

European Blackjack Turbo Game Descriptions

In Blackjack, you start off with 2 cards. Now cards have different values. Most of them carry the actual number value printed on them, which can be from 1 to 10. But face cards are worth 10. The goal is to hit a value of 21 or to be the one as close as 21 as possible. Going over the limit results in a bust and you lose the game.

Once receiving your cards, you can Stand, meaning you will retain the cards and ask for no additional ones. You also can Hit, meaning you ask to draw one more card. There are also the Split and Double Down options that allow you to draw extra cards and make additional bets. Table games like the European Blackjack Turbo are played with a dealer present. They will assist you in providing extra cards and the like. There may also be other players present whom you get to play against in casino table games.

European Blackjack Turbo Game Features

The features of the European Blackjack Turbo slot game are limited to the mechanics of the Blackjack Casino game. You can have different actions after receiving your hand such as Hit, Stand, Split, or Double Down.

European Blackjack Turbo Casino Table Game GentingCasino

How to Play European Blackjack Turbo Game

There are some differences when it comes to European Blackjack to the American style of play. One detail is that the dealer does not receive a hole card. Another is that the dealer does not check for Blackjack until the end of the game. But most of the other elements remain the same.

You start the game facing the dealer and a shoe with 8 decks of cards. The next step is to make your bet. The Standard bet level ranges from 1-300. High-Rollers can bet 5 to 500. And VIPs can stake 10-1500. These are the different bet levels you can select before the game is played out. When the betting is done, you will receive two face-up cards and the dealer receives one face-up card. The next step is to determine the actions that you will take after this. Remember that you want to hit Blackjack and have a total value of 21, or at least a value as close to 21 as possible. You win when you beat the dealer and all other players if you get the 21 or the closest to it.

Cars have their number values printed on them and they can be clearly seen. Face have a value of 10 and the Ace acts as a special card that can have a value of 11 or 1. The best possible hand to get is a 10 paired with an A. This results in an instant Blackjack.

After your initial hand, you can choose several actions to determine the next step of play. A Stand allows you to take no more actions and will show that you are satisfied with your cards, Choosing HIt will let the dealer deal you an additional card. There are also Split and Double-Down options.

European Blackjack Turbo FAQ

What is the bet limit for European Blackjack Turbo?

The bet limit for European Blackjack Turbo is 1500.

What are the odds of winning in European Blackjack Turbo?

The odds of winning in the European Blackjack Turbo has a house edge of 0.58%.

Can I play European Blackjack Turbo on mobile?

You can play European Blackjack Turbo on mobile.

About the Game Provider: GVG

GVG stands for 'Green Valley Games' which is operated under larger developer 'Skill on Net'. Founded way back in 2005, Green Valley Games has a variety of popular slots such as French Roulette Pro Special V2, American Twenty One Blackjack, and Ninja Master. Other common themes for this brand include diamonds, ninjas, pirates, and genie-themed slot games.

In terms of the game mechanics created by GVG, three and five reel titles are the main creations with recent years seeing Green Valley game move more exclusively to the former as opposed to the latter. Aside from slot machines, GVG also creates roulette, video poker, and live casino games, for a broad and engaging repertoire designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of players.

Play European Blackjack Turbo at Genting Casino

Play European Blackjack Turbo on Genting Casino for the best live table experience. Genting Casino is an industry-leader in the field of online slots, table games, and other live casino games. If you want to play live roulette and live blackjack, Genting Casino is the site for you. For a customer-centered gaming experience in online casino table games, go to Genting Casino.

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