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In the Reapers game by Print Studios, embark on an interstellar journey to a distant galaxy to drive out creatures. This beautifully designed game is played on an 88 grid with Cluster Pays and revolves around gathering Energy Cells that, with the aid of unique ability characteristics, shut down barriers. You'll play the Bonus Game feature, which is like a video game, if you remove all 15 barriers. A 96.47 percent RTP rate and 20,000 times the maximum bet wins, when you play Reapers.

About Reapers

The Reapers online is a grid game featuring Cluster Pays wins that is played on an 8 by 8 grid. When five or more matching symbols are arranged vertically or horizontally, they form winning combinations. Clusters of 4 or fewer matching symbols, however, can only result in a win when they are gathered by Reaper symbols.

Per-spin values range from 0.25 to 50. You can change your bet/stake accordingly by using the arrows in the Bet area on the right side of the grid.

The space-themed Reapers online slot transports you to a far-off galaxy, to a planet that Earth long ago colonised, and to an abandoned energy station that is overrun by vermin. In this intergalactic journey, your goal is to team up with the Reapers and destroy them. Print Studios hired a sci-fi author to assist them develop a story with a video game feel.

Reapers slot machine are semi-automatic drones that are in charge of gathering precious energy cells from the critters, according to Print Studios. It has outstanding graphics with high quality pictures and animations, which is what can be mentioned.

The music has a positive, cyberfunk vibe. A keyboardist who toured with Quincy Jones created a powerful sole for the Bonus Game feature. It's reasonable to say that Print Studios spent every penny when making the Reapers.

There are five critter symbols and vacant spots on the 8 by 8 grid. You have creatures that are red, orange, purple, green, and blue. With 15+ delivering a 500 times bet reward, the red critter symbol is the highest lucrative. Unexpectedly, neither wild nor scatter symbols are present.

Reapers Features

There are amazing features in the Reapers. The Collecting feature is activated when you create a fruitful cluster. There will be a Reaper nearby that matches that type right next to that cluster. Near the Reaper, all matching symbols and symbol clusters change into Energy Cells that are then gathered and purchased.

To the fundamentals There are 15 Barriers in the base game, divided into groups 1 through 5. A symbol grid is stored in each Barrier. To get to the following symbol grid, you must disable a Barrier.

The Charges function becomes active once you have collected 5 Energy Cells.

Every Reaper has a unique ability that, in essence, makes it simpler to advance and accumulate victories. When a Reaper gathers a Power Core symbol, the related special power is activated. When they show up close to a Reaper, they are collected.

When all 15 Barriers are closed, the Bonus Game feature begins. Each level has five levels and seventy-five symbol grids. You must gather enough Energy Cells to advance to the next level. One Critter is taken out of the game on every new level you achieve.

The Juggernaut Reaper symbol should be sought out since it gathers all other symbols and symbol clusters into a 4 by 4 space. Additionally, groups of five or more symbols will always be collected. The number of Energy Cells acquired for each level is displayed on a metre at the top. Another metre at the bottom displays how many symbol grids are still on each level.

Reapers at Genting Casino

With graphics and a plot reminiscent of video games, The Reapers is totally original. In terms of gameplay, obtaining the bonus feature is difficult. Nevertheless, once you're in, 1 in 2,107 features will give you the maximum prize, and 1 in 289 features will advance you to level 5. By the time you reach level 5, you will have won the maximum amount 18.3 times. Play Reapers and win.

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