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Rainbow Ryan

He's our superstar with the guitar and he's ready to rock your world with promises of riches. We draw the curtain up on Rainbow Ryan, our rebellious new slot star, who bequeaths the luck of the Irish upon you with super-sized synced reels, and the chance to win 250,000 coins.

So, get ready for some foot-stomping action, as the Rainbow Ryan slots online game offers six reels of high-pitched, high-win potential, with 4,096 ways to win - enough to ensure every day is a beautiful day. The game has four regular high-pay symbols, represented by Rainbow Ryan's accessories - boots, pint glass, a hat full of coins and a microphone - which pay if two or more appear in consecutive columns.

Our pint-sized superstar jams perfectly in tune with the reels, which also boast four low-pay symbols, represented by the four card suits, which pay if three or more are present in consecutive columns.

You too will think it is the sweetest thing when Rainbow Ryan slots puts you in rhythm with the riffs in the base game, where six reels can be synced. You'll want to sing a song for someone when you find the right notes and mysterious ways are opened to Free Spins. That's when you'll be really strumming, as you will have at least two synced reels every spin, with the chance to get more reels synced with every consecutive spin.

Play Rainbow Ryan slots online where you'll find a Free Spin symbol which pays scattered if three or more land on the reels, and a Wild symbol that substitute for all symbols except the Free Spin symbol. Three Free Spin symbols award seven free spins, four Free Spin symbols earn 10 Free Spins, five Free Spin symbols get you 15 Free Spins and, if you are lucky enough to get six Free Spin symbols, you'll be stuck in a moment you won't want to get out of - for 20 Free Spins are coming your way.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for with other slots, this power-chord-heavy raid across the rainbow is in tune with the very best that Genting has to offer. In fact, Rocking Ryan arguably steals the show as one of the simplest, helter-skelter romps in our catalogue.

Everybody loves a winner, so if you have an unforgettable fire in your belly to play Rainbow Ryan slots, fulfil your desire to the end of the world, as this rockin' good caper is now available on desktop and tablet.

Rainbow Ryan is a 6 x 4 Video Slot with 4096 Ways to Win from left to right. The game has 4 regular high pay symbols, represented by Rainbow Ryan's accessories, which pay if 2 or more appear in consecutive columns from the left and there are 4 low pay symbols, represented by the 4 card suits, which pay if 3 or more are present in consecutive columns from the left. There is also a Free Spin symbol which pays scattered if 3 or more land on the reels and a wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols except the Free Spin symbol.


Rainbow Ryan can randomly sync 2-6 reels with at least 2 of these reels being adjacent. These reels will land with the exact same symbols increasing the chance of landing a combination. In the base game, the Rainbow Reels feature is activated randomly.


Three or more scattered Free Spin symbols activate the Free Spin mode. The Free Spin mode is played with the same bet and lines as the spin that activated it. The Rainbow Reels feature is always activated in Free Spin mode! At least two reels are synced every Free Spin. The number of synchronized reels can increase, but never decrease! The Free Spin mode cannot be re-triggered.

  • 6 Free Spin symbols award 20 Free Spins.
  • 5 Free Spin symbols award 15 Free Spins.
  • 4 Free Spin symbols award 10 Free Spins.
  • 3 Free Spin symbols award 7 Free Spins.


Select your coin denomination
Press the Spin button to start game


To calculate the total 4096 Ways to Win coin win, add all the symbol wins together.
To calculate a single symbol win, count the number of consecutive reels that contain the symbol, starting from the left.
If the number of consecutive reels containing the symbol is 3 (2 for high pay symbols) or greater counting from the left, find the corresponding win amount in the pay table.
If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of the symbols, the win will be multiplied. Multiply the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final multiplier. For example: if the first reel contain 2 symbols, the second reel has 3 symbols and the third reel has 2 symbols, the total multiplier is counted as follows: 2*3*2=12(total multiplier).
The above doesn't include any Free spin symbols which pay scattered.
All Way Wins are summed together after the spin.
Calculate the total win in the home currency by multiplying the total coin win with the coin value.


This game features coin values of less than 1 cent per coin (in select currencies). When players use a coin value of less than 1 cent per coin, their cash prizes will be rounded to FULL cents in a fair way.

The prizes are rounded to the closest FULL cent. 1.4 rounds to 1 and 1.6 rounds to 2.

If a win is exactly between two values (e.g 2.5 cents), the rounding goes to the closest EVEN cent (will not round to an ODD amount).

1.5, 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 9.5 rounds up.

0.5, 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5 rounds down.

Casinos always store balances in cash. When a player chooses 'coin view' their cash balance is recalculated into coins.

When players choose to display their balance in coins, they will sometimes see a rounding take place when their coin win is added to their balance.

For example if they win 27 coins with a coin value of 0.002, their cash win will be 5.4 cents. The cash win is rounded to 5 cents and 25 coins are added to their balance.


The overall theoretical return to player is 96.3%.

Game play artwork for Rainbow Ryan