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Football Studio

For all lovers of football and card games, a match made in heaven has arrived! Football Studio is a live card game, which lets you bet on the draw of a card.

The live dealer draws two cards, and you can bet on a victory for the 'home' or 'away' team, and which card will hold the higher value card. Or bet on the draw that both cards drawn will be equal. It's a simple but compelling mechanic, cutting to the heart of what draws people to card games.

What makes the Football Studio online experience special are the football trappings that surround it. This is no mere theme, this game is integrated into live statistics and news from the world of football, allowing you to fully indulge your love of the game as you play.

Your live game dealer will be regaling you with a constant stream of football news, stats and chat as you play, and if you log in during a match in progress the experience is heightened even more. The table is linked to the match, so it takes on the colours and flags of the competing top-class teams, and the game presenter will be giving you live commentary on the game, complete with goal celebrations so you are able to fully participate in the match as well as enjoying the simple but enticing game of Football Studio.

As with any football game, statistics are a huge part of the experience, and any time you can view all the key stats for your own game, with home wins, away wins and draws recorded, as well as the number of players betting and winning on each round. It is a great way to get some insight into the action, track your own performance and maybe start to predict how future games might go!

You can play Football Studio online wherever you are - the display is optimised for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. So you can enjoy a blast of compelling action and football chat whenever you choose!

Football Studio

The objective behind Football Studio is to predict during a hand which card will get the higher card value or whether it will come out as a tie. The ties bets are a key feature within this game. If you predict a tie bet, it can generate significant extra levels of excitement and suspense, with a larger payout!

Bet Payout Overview

  • Main Bet - Home Wins Pays 1:1
  • Main Bet - Away Wins Pays 1:1
  • Tie Bet - This winning payout occurs if the Home and Away cards are equal in rank, irrespective of suit. Wins Pays 11:1

  • Statistic Board

    On screen is a statistics board that displays the number of players who placed bets on each spot.


    Visual representations of past round results and other statistics related to the current shoe. This will help players to predict the results of future rounds.The following statistics based on the current shoe are also displayed for players:

  • Number of completed rounds thus far
  • Number of Home wins thus far
  • Number of Away wins thus far
  • Number of Draw rounds thus far
  • Scoreboard and shoe statistics are always clearedwhen a new shoe is introduced.

    This game has a theoretical return to player of 96.27%. This is based on long term payback.

    Game play artwork for Football Studio