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Genting Casino Player Wins 400k in ONE Spin on Crazy Time!

Imagine winning enough money to buy a house within the time it takes to make a cup of tea! That’s the insane, or should we say ‘crazy’ scenario that played out for one incredibly lucky player who won an estimated 400k a single round of the iconic live game show from Evolution Live known as Crazy Time.

Read on to learn about how such an event occurred within just a few minutes of gameplay right here at Genting Casino.

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How The Crazy Prize Was Won

The insanity unfolded on the 22nd of May 2024, with little build-up, as the Crazy Time game prides itself on its crazy and unpredictable fun that includes four bonus games inspired by classic TV game shows such as The Price is Right and The Generation Game.

The star of this big win, however, was the Pachinko bonus game. Events were set in motion when the reel above the prize wheel displayed Pachinko with a 50x multiplier. Next, the entertaining host spun the prize wheel, and it landed perfectly upon the Pachinko segment, thus triggering the bonus round. 

The excited host led players over to the giant Pachinko board, which revealed its randomly determined multiplier prizes; with the top value of 200x being present in a prime spot to the left of the centre. Then, the previously determined 50x multiplier came into effect, multiplying all prizes on the board by its value. This caused the 200x prize to skyrocket to 10,000x - the maximum value possible in the Crazy Time game. 

After giving the chip a little encouragement to light up, the host dropped the chip and players watched in amazement as it skittered down the pegs straight into the 10,000x space. This meant that in just ONE round, one lucky player turned an estimated £40 wager into a £400,040 payout. Even players who had wagered £1 on the same outcome could have walked away with a £10,000 prize!

You can watch the unbelievable events that saw Crazy Times’ Pachinko bonus pay out big time unfold in real-time in the following video:

Thanks to its inclusion in prime time show The Price is Right, Pachinko exploded from a niche carnival game into a highly entertaining staple of the programme which had viewers on the edge of their seats. Just like in The Price is Right, the Crazy Time game features a jumbo-sized Pachinko board which sees the host climb steps in order to drop the puck from the top.

The various multiplier prizes are decided and positioned at random, and have any additional multiplier values already collected applied to them. This all happens in a seamless and flashy way thanks to the digitised screen into which the pegs and the slots have been affixed. The host drops the puck, which for extra flair lights up, and the winning result is the slot in which the puck stops.

More About the Crazy Time Live Game

Crazy Time, together with its predecessor Dreamcatcher, established developer Evolution Gaming as the king of Live Casino entertainment and is still considered one of the best live casino game show examples having more recently inspired spiritual successor 'Funky Time'.

With not one, not two, not even three, but four bonus games included in gameplay, when it debuted in 2020, Crazy Time became the mad-cap carnival-inspired title that captured the hearts of many live casino fans. Alongside Pachinko, the three other bonus rounds of the Crazy Time game are Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and the titular Crazy Time bonus round.

Play Crazy Time at Genting Casino

If such an astounding win hasn’t piqued your interest in the Crazy Time live casino game then we’re not sure what will! So, stop by Genting Casino and check out our generous selection of the best live casino games (Crazy Time included), and see what takes your fancy. Sign up and play today.


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