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Casino Guide: How to Play British Blackjack Online

Blackjack in the UK is enjoyed online, live at online casinos, or in-person at brick-and-mortar casinos, its simple, straightforward, and exciting gameplay makes it popular with new and seasoned. The large selection of variants and varieties, especially at online casinos, has personalised the Blackjack experience to practically any player type.

One of the most popular variants is British Blackjack and in today’s article, we’ll be exploring the online British blackjack rules for UK players. Keep on reading to learn more.


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What is British Blackjack?

British Blackjack is an entirely different game from Blackjack, even though it shares the same name as the classic casino game. British Blackjack is also known by the titles; 7 Card British Blackjack, Switch, Jack Changes, English Blackjack, Peanuckle, Take Two, Irish Switch, Two Four Jacks, Black Jack Pick Up 7, and Last Card Game.

One deck of cards is used to play British blackjack, though you may use more depending on how many participants there are. The aim is to eliminate every card that is in your hand by trying to match the rank or suit of the card that was played before, very similar to the family game ‘Uno’.

British Blackjack Rules

The game begins with the dealer, who deals seven cards to each player, including themself. The remaining deck is placed face down to establish a draw pile. The dealer flips the top card of the draw pile face up to signal the start of the game. Players attempt to match the rank or suit of the last played card to place a card on the discard pile. They can continue to play cards as long as they have a run. When their run ends it is the next player's turn. 

In British Blackjack a selection of cards have special abilities that players can use to change up gameplay, and knowing these are the most essential rules of British Blackjack:

  • 2 (any suit): Playing a '2' requires the following player to draw two cards or play another 2 to prevent them from drawing and pass the draw on to the next player, who can also play a 2 to prevent them from needing to draw 4 cards, this would mean the next player would need to draw 6 if they can’t play a 2, and so on.
  • Black Jack: A ‘black Jack’ refers to a jack of spades or clubs and requires the next player to draw 5 cards, unless they also have a black Jack, in which case the person following them must draw 10.
  • Red Jack: A ‘red Jack’ refers to a jack of hearts or diamonds and can be used to counteract when a black jack is played meaning the player avoids drawing cards. 
  • 10 Card: Playing a '10' will reverse the order of play meaning that if the game was proceeding in the clockwise direction it will change to anticlockwise.
  • 8 Card: Playing an '8' will skip the next player's turn.
  • Ace: An Ace allows the player to switch the current active suit. It is important to note that an ace cannot be used as a defence against a 2, jack, or 8.

British Blackjack: Blackjack in Name Only

British Blackjack is an entirely different game from Blackjack, even though it shares the same name as the classic casino game. 

When playing British blackjack, one or more decks of cards are used, depending on the number of players. Seven cards are dealt to each player, and the unused cards are placed in the discard pile. Players compete to be the first to clean their hands by matching the suit or rank of the previous card dealt.

The gameplay of British Blackjack resembles that of the family game Uno, meaning it is different in all but name from classic Blackjack.

Top Blackjack Games on Genting Casino

British Blackjack is still a very niche game, usually played informally around the kitchen table. However, if you’re curious about the game that inspired its name, then at Genting Casino you’ll find a selection of exciting Blackjack games to play.

Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack is a very popular live casino game from Evolution Live that was released as the successor to the hugely popular Lightning Roulette. In this game traditional blackjack is given gameshow flair and lighting multipliers are added to play.

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Unlimited Blackjack

Playtech's Live Unlimited Blackjack is a live game designed to solve one of blackjacks biggest drawbacks; the number of seats available at the table. The live game has five major betting positions and allows unlimited players to put bets on the same seat whilst still being able to wager independently and make their own gameplay decisions.

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Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack from Evolution Live follows regular blackjack rules and allows an infinite number of players to take a seat at the table. Most interestingly this live casino game removes 9s and 10s from play for a more challenging blackjack experience.

power blackjack live dealer


Play UK Blackjack Online on Genting Casino

British Blackjack, while niche, is still a very popular card game, and for many is their introduction to Blackjack. We wouldn’t be surprised if, in the coming years, the more experimental development teams such as Evolution Live dabble with bringing British Blackjack to the live casino world, but for now, at Genting Casino, you can enjoy a selection of the best online and live blackjack games in the UK. Sign up and play today.






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