Most Successful Football Club Managers

The Most Successful Football Club Managers

It almost goes without saying that managers are highly influential figures in the world of football, picking the squad, overseeing their training and making quick tactical decisions during games. However, some managers are more adept at dealing with the challenges that are thrown at them than others.

With this in mind, which Premier League managers can be crowned the most successful? 

The team at Genting Casino have dived into the data, looking at factors such as salaries, average club contracts, cup victories, awards and success rates to find out.

The Most Successful Football Managers

most successful football managers

1. Pep Guardiola, Manchester City

Success Score: 9.82/10

Pep Guardiola is the Premier League's most successful manager, taking the top spot for all but 2 of the factors we looked at. The brains behind Man City’s continued success ranks first for his 45 individual awards and 38 cup wins. He also has the highest proportion of wins over his current tenure at the Manchester club, winning 74% of his games and his career overall at 72.7%.

2. Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool

Success Score: 9.04/10

In second place is Jurgen Klopp. Scoring highly across the board, the Liverpool manager is the longest-serving currently in the Premier League with 8 years at the helm, taking first place for the factor. He’s also one of the most decorated managers in the EPL, ranking in the top 3 for cup wins with 20 and taking second place for individual awards with 28. Klopp also places third for his estimated wages, earning an estimated £15 million this season. 

3. Erik ten Hag, Manchester United, Mikel Arteta, Arsenal

Success Score: 7.19/10

Man United’s Erik ten Hag and Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta both rank joint third as the most successful managers in the EPL.

Erik ten Hag scores highly for several factors, especially in his proportion of wins, being victorious in 64.1% of his matches at the head of Manchester United and 63.8% across his whole managerial career, taking second place for this factor. He also ranks in the top 5 highest-paid managers, reportedly earning £9 million this season.

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta shares the title of third most successful EPL manager, ranking highly for the proportion of wins across his career, taking third place for the factor at 57.4%. He also ranks in the top 5 for his proportion of wins at Arsenal (59.2%) and salary, earning an estimated £8.3 million this season.

The Least Successful Football Managers

least successful football managers

1. Andoni Iraola, Bournemouth

Success Score: 0.35/10

Bournemouth manager Andoni Iraola takes the unfortunate title of the least successful manager in the EPL, thanks to only being in the role for 128 days. Iraola only has one cup to his name, and the lowest proportion of matches won while heading up Bournemouth, placing last for both factors.  

2. Gary O'Neil, Wolverhampton Wanderers

Success Score: 0.88/10

Up next is Wolves manager Gary O'Neil. With an estimated salary this season of £250,000 he is the lowest-paid manager in the EPL. He also has the lowest proportion of wins across his career too, at 30%. O’Neil has yet to win any individual honours, however, he has been in the role for less than 3 months. 

3. Rob Edwards, Luton Town

Success Score: 2.02/10

With low scores across the board, Luton Town manager Rob Edwards rounds out the bottom 3. He only holds 4 individual honours so far, sharing second to last for the factor. He also placed in the bottom 5 for his proportion of wins at Luton and across his career, at 42.2% and 39.6%, respectively.

The managers with…

The highest salary - Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea (£24 million)

highest salary manager

Chelsea’s Mauricio Pochettino is the highest-paid Premier League manager, with an estimated salary of a whopping £24 million for the 2023/2024 season. The former centre-back started his Premier League managerial career at Southampton back in 2013 before moving to Chelsea earlier this year.

The most wins at their current club - Pep Guardiola, Manchester City (74%)

most wins at current club manager

Winning just under three-quarters of his matches as manager of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola is the most successful manager currently heading a Premier League team. Pundits credit his ability to nurture talent, work closely with some of the world’s most talented players and tactical awareness as key to his success.

The longest career at their current club - Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool (2951 days)

longest career at current club manager

Jurgen Klopp has the longest career of the current Premier League managers, managing the club for just over 8 years. After taking over from Brendan Rodgers in 2015, he led the team to their first Champions League final in 10 years back in 2018, winning the trophy the next season. 

The most wins over their career - Pep Guardiola, Manchester City (72.7%)

most wins over their career manager

Widely regarded as one of football’s greatest managers, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola takes the top spot. An incredible 72.7% of his matches over his 17 years as a manager have ended in victory for his teams, nearly 10% more than Erik ten Hag in second place. 

The most honours as a manager - Pep Guardiola, Manchester City (38)

most honours manager

Winning 38 cup titles over his career as a manager, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola takes the top spot. His trophies include 5 Premier League cups, 3 consecutively, at the helm of Manchester City and 3 consecutive Bundesliga trophies during his 3-year stint at Bayern Munich. 

The most individual honours - Pep Guardiola, Manchester City (45)

most individual honours manager

As well as club honours, Pep Guardiola also tops the list as the manager with the most individual honours. As well as winning Premier League Manager of the Month over 10 times at Manchester City, he also won La Liga Coach of the Year for 4 years running during his time heading up Barcelona.

most individual honours manager table


Beginning with a list of current Premier League football managers, we analysed each one on the following factors. We then gave each Premier League football manager a normalised score out of 10 for each of the factors before taking an average across each of these scores to reach our final overall score out of 10.

Annual Salary

The salary for each manager for the 2023/2024 season according to FootballBOAST.

Tenure Win Percentage

The total number of match wins divided by the number of matches played at the manager’s current club. According to Transfermarkt

Days in Charge of Current Club

The total number of days each manager has been in charge of their current club, according to Transfermarkt

Career Win Percentage

The total number of match wins divided by the number of matches played across the careers of each manager, according to Wikipedia.

Number of Career Honours as a Manager

The number of trophies awarded to football teams under the manager’s tenure at the club, according to Wikipedia.  

Number of Individual Honours

The number of individual awards each manager has received over their careers, according to Wikipedia.

Data correct as of 06/11/2023.






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