Football Insights - Teddy Sheringham

Football Insights - Teddy Sheringham

Speaking exclusively to Genting Casino, Manchester United and England legend Teddy Sheringham said that Mauricio Pochettino is the perfect man to replace Erik ten Hag at Old Trafford.

The former striker has also backed Sir Alex Ferguson to help guide Kieran McKenna if he is to leave Ipswich to join United following back-to-back promotions from League One.

Sheringham has also urged the Red Devils to look at signing Crystal Palace star Michael Olise this summer and noted Everton’s Jarrad Branthwaite as one for the future.

Sheringham has also praised Wayne Rooney for taking a ‘great’ job at Plymouth as he tries to save his managerial career in the Championship.

Read Teddy Sheringham's full interview below.


Who stands out among the candidates to replace Erik ten Hag? 

TS: “Out of all the candidates to replace Erik ten Hag, I think Mauricio Pochettino stands out, I think he has all the credentials to manage Manchester United. 

“I think he's been around the block and is a good age, I like the way he gets his teams playing football and I think he would be perfect for United if Ten Hag is to leave the club. 

“I think he was phenomenal at Tottenham and he makes players better when they are coached under him, he doesn’t just buy to fit his plan, he makes them better. 

“In the system that he plays, his teams have the ball most of the time, it's not all about chasing after it.  

“He takes the game to the opposition and that’s exactly how Manchester United want to play. He may have had his eye on the job for a while, but every manger in the world would take the United job. 

“It's a huge job, a huge football club and I think that if they are looking for a new manager then Pochettino would be the man.” 

Would Kieran McKenna be the right man to take over from Erik ten Hag? 

TS: “I think it would be very early for Kieran McKenna to take the Manchester United job. We’re talking about one of the biggest football clubs in the world. 

“You can dress it up by making him a head coach rather than a manager but you’ll still be in charge of one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

“It should be a well run machine but it’s faltering at the moment and it needs to be put on the right track. If McKenna does get the United job then I’m sure he’d have some help from Sir Alex Ferguson and already knowing the club from his time as a coach does help. 

“Overall I would say it’s too early for McKenna, I think he should stay at Ipswich in the Premier League or maybe take a stepping stone job like Brighton first before jumping from the Championship to the biggest club in the world.” 

Should Manchester United try to sign Michael Olise this summer? 

TS: “I’d like to see Michael Olise as a Manchester United player, he has been at the top of his game for Crystal Palace over the last few months of the season. 

“I like him as a winger and United should be looking at players who are the main reason for their current club doing well, in this case Crystal Palace. 

“Top players like that, United should be in for them.” 

Should Manchester United try to sign Jarrad Branthwaite this summer? 

TS: “Jarrad Branthwaite is playing at the top of his game, getting a lot of rave reviews and a lot of people have been talking about him. He is only young so could be a good option for the future.” 

Has winning the FA Cup saved Erik ten Hag’s job? 

TS: “At the top clubs, it’s all about winning silverware and competing at the top level. I wouldn’t be surprised if Erik ten Hag stays at the club this summer. 

“There's been so much speculation over the last couple of months of the season that it's not been good enough, but he's won the FA Cup and he's got silverware. 

“I wouldn't say you'd be happy with that every year because Manchester United need to be challenging at the top of the Premier League and challenging for the Champions League. 

“That's where they were and they are still a long way off. This is why the owners and the chairman and the new recruits there have got to analyse whether winning the FA Cup after struggling all season is good enough. That’s the big question.” 

Should Erik ten Hag be given another season at Manchester United? 

TS: “The owners have to weigh up the season as a whole and how many times they have been left disappointed, that can’t be clouded over by the FA Cup win. 

“We all want silverware at the end of the season and he's delivered, but you have to look at the pros and cons and work out if performances are actually improving. 

“Is there going to be progress next season or is it going to be the same story? They need to analyse his time at the club on a whole and not just the last game of the season.” 

Is the Plymouth job right for Wayne Rooney? 

TS: “I think Plymouth is another great job for Wayne Rooney because not a lot of jobs come around. He's not got the best credentials at the moment, but he wants to keep trying. 

“He loves the game and obviously, he wants to test himself and get back to winning ways and climbing up the ladder. 

“Hopefully, he's learned what has gone wrong in the past and I wish him all the luck because it’s a very tough career as a manager. 

“It's tough down there, especially at the lower levels but Plymouth are a big club down there.” 

Who should be targeting Ivan Toney this summer? 

TS: “I think Ivan Toney would be a fantastic signing for anyone in London, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea or even West Ham. 

“Any one of those clubs would have him, he is a fantastic player who would enhance any of those sides I’ve just mentioned. 

“I don't know what's happened to his form, but I think a player of his stature can give a lot to a football team, he is a leader who knows his position and is coming into the prime of his career. 

“I think he would be a great asset.” 

Can Borussia Dortmund upset Real Madrid in the Champions League final? 

TS: “Borussia Dortmund can without a doubt upset Real Madrid in the Champions League final, they’re in the final for a reason. 

“They've done very, very well to get there, and they won't be turning up just to just make up the numbers, they'll be going there to beat them. 

“Real Madrid are a massive, dominant club in Europe and of course they are the firm favourites, but anything can happen.” 

Will Real Madrid be unstoppable with Bellingham, Vini Jr and Kylian Mbappe? 

TS: “They will be a force but you've got to manage all these players when they're all at the same club, that might be tough as well.” 

Could Portsmouth push for promotion to the Premier League? 

TS: “I think Portsmouth would be delighted to consolidate themselves in mid-table, which all clubs should be after they secure promotion. 

“I don't think you envisage going straight up again or being at the top end, although sometimes it can happen. 

“I think as a manager you need to have a little bit of caution because your players have to step up a lot and they will come up against some really big teams, look at Leeds United who were so close to getting back into the Premier League. 

“Looking at every player on the pitch and on the bench, they're gonna have to up their standards. So I think they'll be delighted with a mid table finish.” 

What have you made of Neil Harris returning to Millwall? 

TS: “I love the fact that Neil Harris has gone back to Millwall, I don’t think he should’ve left in the first place. I think he's perfect for them and the results have been fantastic. 

“I don't think they'll have the biggest budget again, so it will be a tough season, but he gets them going. He understands the crowd, how they work and what they want to see from their team. 

“Millwall are a very unique football club in England and he knows all about it and the players will know all about it by listening to him a little bit like Fergie the way he used to speak to the Manchester United fledglings. 

“He knows how Millwall works and they'll work hand in hand and I fully expect them to be okay this year. 

“But because of the wages and how much they've got to spend. I don't see them challenging, but you never know if he gets them on a run anything could happen.” 

What do you make of Gareth Southgate’s links to the Man Utd job? 

TS: “I think Gareth Southgate is quite happy with the England job and so he should be, he’s done a fantastic job. He knows the players inside and out and if he does well in the Euros, the World Cup is only two years around the corner. 

“Why wouldn’t he want to stay in charge and keep producing results? Even then, if England have a bad summer then who’s to say that Manchester United would want him in charge. 

“I think he's doing fantastic things with England but managing Manchester United is a completely different ball game.” 

Was Gareth Southgate right to exclude Marcus Rashford? 

TS: “Given his form over the year, I think he deserves not being in the squad, but at the same time, he has done well for England in the past. 

“He is someone that is quite dangerous, that you could throw on for the last 20 minutes and cause a problem and score a goal. 

“I'm surprised he's not in the squad, he was decent at the weekend as well and played a big part in United winning the FA Cup. He'll be bitterly disappointed as well. 

“Rashford has said he is going to take time away from social media and he needs to do whatever it takes to be fully focused on what he should be doing. 

“It's a tough game at the top for a professional in any sport. You need to be focused all the time.” 

Will Jude Bellingham win the Ballon d’Or? 

TS: “If England win Euro 2024, it will have a big bearing on Jude Bellingham winning the Ballon d’Or, he’s had a fantastic season at Real Madrid and if he scores a few goals and wins the trophy, it will have a huge impact.” 

Who are the biggest threat to England at Euro 2024? 

TS: “The biggest threats to England? Germany is always a tough one and they go in as the home nation having turned their form around. 

“The home nations are always always tough to play against and the French as well. They are the two big nations that know what it’s all about at the top level.” 





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