Which Live Sic Bo Game is For You?
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Which Live Sic Bo Game is For You?

Dice games have become the new hot thing within the live casino platform, driven forward by efforts from top developers, most notably Evolution. They have already released live craps as well as the games that are the topic of this article Live Super Sic Bo, and Live Instant Super Sic Bo, the latter of which has been released within the last few weeks. However, with such similar titles and gameplay features, which one of these live games is for you? In today’s article, we hope to help you find an answer.


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Super Sic Bo Highlights

Super Sic Bo was Evolution Live’s first foray into Sic Bo gameplay. For those not in the know, Sic Bo is a dice game with ancient Asian origins, in which players need to correctly guess the outcome of three dice. The key highlights for this release are as follows:

  • Brings the historical game Sic Bo into the 21st Century in the form of a Live game show
  • A large variety of betting options to choose from
  • Immersive Asian theming, live-streamed from a purpose-built studio in HD graphics
  • Road maps display statistics of previous rounds
  • Traditional Sic Bo gameplay enhanced by random multipliers


Instant Super Sic Bo Highlights

Essentially, Instant Super Sic Bo is a duplicate game of Super Sic Bo, simply designed to be played at a much faster rate. Because of this, the highlights of this game are similar to those of Super Sic Bo with a few speed-based enhancements.

  • Near instant gameplay thanks to minimal times between dice rolls. 
  • Dice Rolls are made by a specially designed shaker to keep rolls accurate and speedy.
  • Players can make their wagers at any point during play (with their wagers used in the next round)
  • Evolution Live’s high production quality is present with a purpose-built Asian-themed studio.
  • Compact UI with customisable language options for easy betting


How Does Super Sic Bo and Instant Super Sic Bo Compare?

As we’ve alluded to, essentially Super Sic Bo and Instant Super Sic Bo are the same game, with Instant Super Sic Bo simply designed to be Super Sic Bo gameplay played at a much faster rate. Here’s an overview of how the two compare:

  • In Super Sic Bo players have to wait for the wagering period to conclude before results are given, whereas in Instant Super Sic Bo there are no betting periods, and instead players can make wagers whenever they like, with their wager being applied to the very next dice roll.
  • To ensure fairness and accuracy, both games use an electronic dice shaker.
  • Both games feature a live dealer to set the mood and guide gameplay. In Super Sic Bo, the live host plays a much greater role in keeping players entertained, answering questions, and so on, during the betting window. In Instant Super Sic Bo the live host is still present and does guide gameplay but does take more of a backseat compared to the original Super Sic Bo release. 
  • Both games include the same betting board layout, but players of Super Sic Bo will only be able to interact with the betting interface during the betting period, whereas players can interact with this at any time when playing Instant Super Sic Bo
  • Both games include Evolution Live’s innovative multiplier feature which adds multipliers to random wager types each round.
  • Both games have the same theoretical RTP of 97.22%
  • Because it is played at a faster rate than Super Sic Bo, Instant Super Sic Bo is well suited to players who like to game on the go using mobile devices, but it is worth noting that both games are optimized for multi-device use.


Other Top Sic Bo Games on Genting Casino

While the Sic Bo game genre is still very much up and coming, there are still some great alternative options at Genting Casino that you can play. Mega Sic Bo is a game created by Pragmatic Play which feels very much like a clone of Super Sic Bo as it too includes a random multiplier feature. Deluxe Sic Bo is another Sic Bo-inspired game this time from developer Playtech which features a rather striking game table in the form of a lotus flower. The Deluxe Super Sic Bo also revolves around a multiplier bonus feature.

Which Live Sic Bo Game Suits You Best?

As both Super Sic Bo and Instant Super Sic Bo are so similar, making a decision about which game is right for you is pretty straightforward. It simply depends on the pace you like to play your live Sic Bo games. If you live the immersive game show-like experience of interacting with a live dealer, and a degree of downtime during the betting window, then Super Sic Bo is the game for you. If, however, you prefer to cut to the chase and want instant and fast-paced action then you’ll want to give Instant Super Sic Bo a try. 

Play Live Sic Bo on Genting Casino 

Whichever Sic Bo title you choose, one thing remains the same, you can play both games whenever you like right here at Genting Casino. Sign up and check out our top Sic Bo titles within our live casino game section. Have fun, and always gamble responsibly.






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