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Most Commonly Used Online Casino Slangs

Casino games have a long history and have developed a variety of casino slang terms over the years. Many of these casino terms have carried over to online casinos and therefore, if you’re new to playing online, you’re going to want to learn what the most common casino slang words mean. In today’s article, we’re taking a closer look at the meanings of the most commonly used casino slang.


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When referring to casino gaming, "action" is the sum of money wagered during a specific period of time. Action can be a handy tool for calculating how much you anticipate losing or winning as a gambler when calculated per hour. The term is more frequently used in sports betting in that sense, but can also be used within a casino setting.


The term "bankroll" is used in both online and offline casinos to describe the sum of money that either the casino or the player has available for use in gambling-related activities. The phrase "casino's bankroll" refers to the sum of money a casino must use to compensate players. Many seasoned gamblers are aware that controlling your money is an important aspect of prudent gambling. They, therefore, decide in advance how much they are willing to spend and take care to never go over their budget.


A term used to describe the process of exchanging your cash for casino chips is "buy-in" or "buy in." As a result, you must buy in before choosing to play blackjack, poker, roulette, or craps.

In some circumstances, you may be required to buy in with a specific sum if you want to play in a poker tournament or at a particular high-roller table, for example. The needed buy-in amount is typically decided by the gaming establishment or tournament organisers and is based on the blinds. Ask the dealer or a member of the casino staff about the buy-in requirements because they could vary from one table to another.



Another word with two meanings is "cage." Even if you are inexperienced with the majority of the casino jargon, you shouldn't have any trouble telling these two meanings apart because they are so dissimilar.

In particular, a cage or birdcage in the context of casinos can refer to a cage-like metal contraption that was historically used for playing Chuck-a-Luck or shaking the dice during a game of craps.

Today, however, when someone asks for a cage, they typically mean the area where the cashiers are in actual, brick-and-mortar casinos. Apart from safes and vaults, casinos store a lot of money in cages, therefore casinos make sure the location is secure and safe, giving it the appearance of a cage.

Card Washing

All of the cards in the deck are piled face-down on the table and then jumbled together in a process known as "card washing," which randomises the cards.

When a deck is changed, the dealer usually cleans the deck. Dealers may also wash the deck at a player's request in addition to the criteria set forth by the casino or cardroom. Washing is not the only randomising technique that is frequently employed; standard shuffling is also frequently used.


The Hot or Cold gives players the chance to choose between Hot games, those that have been paying out more than they are taking, and cold games that haven’t had such luck. At Genting Casino, we’ve incorporated a hot and cold feature for this purpose which you may check in our website.


Comps are freebies that casinos offer to patrons in an effort to boost gambling. The number and calibre of comps a player receive typically varies based on the game(s), stake, and duration of play.

Casino hosts are typically in charge of comping players and getting in touch with them to get them back to the casino. Comps can also be given out by pit bosses at table games. Despite the strategic relevance of comps in the casino's structure, there is no specific profession for it; instead, it may be handled by several professionals depending on the establishment. The majority of casinos need players to obtain a player's club card in order to track their play and give them comps appropriately.

Double Down

This blackjack expression means to double your wager after viewing the opening hand. You must add exactly one more card, as required.

Face Cards


Face Cards are cards with images printed on them. Face cards include the King, Queen, and Jack. Some players also refer to these cards as the ‘royals’.

Front Money

The phrase "front money" simply refers to the sum of money that a player will deposit with a casino before playing at the tables.

Pit Boss

A casino floor's operations are managed by a pit boss, who is sometimes known as a pit manager, pit supervisor, or gaming supervisor. To make sure everyone follows the regulations, they spend a lot of time moving between the tables and watching the patrons.


This is a slang term for £25. This is said to have originated when British soldiers returned from India, much like the name "monkey" which refers to £500.


A toke is the dealer's tip. If you have won a substantial amount of money or a string of bets, it may be common to do this.


A person who wagers a lot of money is often called a "high roller." but is sometimes referred to as a whale, in casino slang.

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