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Genting Casino Game Feature: Super Sic Bo Live

Super Sic Bo is one of a range of dice-based games created by Evolution Live. First released in 2016, this live game which is inspired by an ancient Asian dice game, has gained newfound interest thanks to its 2023 follow-up release ‘Instant Super Sic Bo’. However, the focus of today’s article is to review the original release, and we’ll be exploring the gameplay experience, and design elements, as well as giving you our thoughts on elements like bonus features and statistics. We won’t be going through a how-to-play tutorial but you can find this information in the Super Sic Bo gamepage which can be found within the live casino section of our site.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Super Sic Bo Live review.


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Super Sic Bo Live Game Details

Game Name:  Instant Super Sic Bo

RTP: 92.12%

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming

Live Host: Yes

Bet Range: £0.20 - £2,500

Supported Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, PC

Special Bets: No

Supported OS: Android, Apple, Windows


Super Sic Bo  Live Highlights

- Super Sic Bo brings the traditional Asian game Sic Bo to a modern audience

-  An easy-to-play dice game brought to a live casino setting

- A wide variety of betting options for a personalised gaming experience

- Payouts of up to 1000x a player’s stake (thanks to random multiplier feature) 

- Evolution Live’s high production quality including purpose-built studio and professional live host

A Traditional Asian Game for the 21st Century: Super Sic Bo Gameplay

Evolution Live is well-known now for shaping the live casino game world, and in 2016 Super Sic Bo, they’ve brought the historical Asian gambling dice game Sic Bo into the 21st century. At its heart, you can compare Sic Bo to roulette, but using dice instead of a wheel, as the aim of the game is to correctly predict the outcome of three rolled dice, with a wide range of betting options that can be combined to roulettes ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ wagers. Because of this, Super Sic Bo gives players who are familiar with games like live roulette a new gaming experience combined with familiar elements for a refreshing gaming experience. 

Of course, there are definitely some live game elements that players familiar with Evolution Live releases have come expect such as the high production quality, with proceedings live-streamed in HD from multiple camera angles. There’s also the affable and experienced live host who can interact with players via the live chat feature. Lastly, players of all devices can enjoy the Super Sic Bo gameplay thanks to complete device optimisation.



An Enhanced Dice Game Experience? Introducing the Super Sic Bo Features

We’ve already covered the basic elements of the game of Sic Bo, but of course, Evolution Live hasn’t just stopped there and has added a few additional bonus elements to the Super Sic Bo game to simultaneously entertain players and provide greater payout potential.  

The addition of random multipliers to some bets in Evolution's version of the classic Chinese game is its main draw. One or more bets will be multiplied following the betting period in each round. Not every wager can, however, receive every multiplier. For example, you should not expect to benefit at all from multipliers if you play the least risky bets, which are even-money wagers. Conversely, a total of 4 or 17 can pay you up to 50:1 in standard play, but in Super Sic Bo, it can pay you up to 499:1. A random multiplier allows the riskiest bet, the particular Triple, to pay up to 999:1. There is a drawback, of course: whereas this Sic Bo wager typically pays 180:1, in Super Sic Bo it only pays 150:1. However, with the overall increase in payout potential this discrepancy is pretty understandable.  

Lastly, of course, you have all the elements of Evolution Live’s near-patented production quality. All the essential bases are covered by the fundamental features and UI components. You can modify the game's display language in addition to the audio and video quality. A lot of information is covered on the help screen as well, from Super Sic Bo advice to fundamental Super Sic Bo rules. While Super Sic Bo is hosted in English the UI can be configured in a broad range of languages. 

The visual presentation qualities of the Super Sic Bo game are also impressive, with the purpose-built studio appearing like a traditional Asian tea room - somewhere where the original game of Sic Bo might have been played. The colour scheme is red and gold, and the host is also dressed to subtly match the theme in a stylish way. The dice are rolled in a specially designed mechanical shaker which is also ornately decorated.



What Super Sic Bo Payouts Can You Expect?

As we’ve hinted to, thanks to the multiplier features added to the gameplay of Super Sic Bo, the overall payout potential for the standard wagers of the game is a little different. It’s also worth noting that the RTP in Super Sic Bo is not consistent across wagers and ranges from 95.02% to 97.22%. The full paytable for the Super Sic Bo game is as follows:

Bet Name

Base Game Payout

Top Multiplier Payout



Not eligible



Not eligible







Any Triple



Total 4 or17



Total 5 or 16



Total 6 or 15



Total 7 or 14



Total 8 or 13



Total 9 or 12



Total 10 or 11







1:1, 2:1 if Double result, 3:1 if Triple

1:1, 19:1 if Double result, 87:1 if Triple




Introducing Instant Super Sic Bo

A long time has passed from 2016 to 2023, and there have been plenty of technological advances since then with many players shifting to enjoy online casinos on their mobile devices. Therefore, Evolution Live has created a new take on the traditional Super Sic Bo game. Called Instant Super Sic Bo, this game is designed to speed up gameplay with wagers being made at any time and the next dice roll being made as soon as the last one has been revealed. 

Play Super Sic Bo on Genting Casino 

If you’d like to while away the days before the exciting release of Instant Super Sic Bo, or want to try out this exciting dice game for yourself in a live casino setting then why not try Super Sic Bo right here at Genting Casino? Sign up and play today.






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