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Evolution Gaming's Dazzling Game Show: Mega Ball at Genting

Mega Ball Live is Evolution's first live game show in the form of bingo. At ICE 2020 in February, the supplier debuted the game for the first time. a cutting-edge live casino game that flawlessly melds bingo and a live game show. In today’s article we’re taking a closer look at the Mega Ball live game show, so join us and discover more.


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What is Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is a distinct, engaging, and quick-paced game show that includes one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds where you can increase your winnings by using additional multipliers. The more lines you acquire on a card, the more you win, so try to obtain as many as you can! In order to create this brand-new game, which has all the components of a top-notch casino game show, we combined the well-known bingo-style game mechanics with lottery bouncing balls.

This captivating game show, which is only available from Evolution, is presented in a lively and colourful studio, which wonderfully frames the program's centrepiece—the specially constructed ball drawing machine, which holds the 51 multicoloured numbered balls.

This game is quite easy to play and is entertaining and fast-paced. Players only need to decide the worth of their cards and buy as many as 200 cards per game round. As they wait with anticipation for the balls picked to line up with the ones on their cards so they can potentially win, the excitement grows!

Mega Ball vs. Bingo

Mega Ball and Bingo are pretty similar, and it’s clear to see that Evolution was inspired by the classic game of Bingo when they created Mega Ball, but there are definitely some distinct differences between the two games. 

Launched in 2020, Evolution Mega Ball Live is a quick-paced live bingo game show with a 95.05% RTP. Mega Ball bonus rounds with 100x multipliers and a $500,000 prize possibility are available in the live casino game. Evolution Live Mega Ball is an innovative and exciting online live dealer version that mixes the well-known game mechanics of bingo with lottery bouncing balls.

With a maximum of 12 lines that may be won on a single line, bingo players will relish the possibility of attempting to successfully get as many lines per card as they can (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). However, there's no need to stress about keeping up with the bingo caller, as everything is automated. The idea behind Mega Ball is very straightforward: the more lines you obtain, the more you win.

So, while Mega Ball does have elements of bingo, think of it more as a bingo and lotto hybrid sprinkled with Evolutions' unique brand of high-quality and flashy live gameshow experiences.

Mega Ball Drawing

Twenty balls are instantly selected from the automatic ball drawing system for Mega Ball. The corresponding numbers on each player's card are automatically crossed off as the balls are released. Additionally, the user interface automatically rearranges the cards so that the one with the best chance of winning is at the top. Above the cards, the player will see the numbers necessary to win highlighted along with the potential payouts if those numbers were drawn.

In order to create a sense of excitement and suspense, when the last ball is pulled, a Mega Ball multiplier between 5x and 100x is generated, and the entire studio lighting is entirely changed, as well as the user interface showcasing the best numbers for a win. Players' profits are multiplied appropriately if the Mega Ball completes a line, with the potential to win up to 1,000,000 times!

With the draw of the coveted and uncommon "2nd Mega Ball," players have a second chance to win a significant multiplied prize, there is a slight chance that the excitement will continue!

Play Mega Ball at Genting Casino

Mega Ball is the perfect game for Bingo and Lotto fans who are looking to shake things up. As it's straightforward, fast-paced, and exciting, it’s certainly worth giving Mega Ball a try even if this is outside of your usual remit for casino games. To experience the unique and exciting atmosphere of Mega Ball for yourself, sign up and play today at Genting Casino.






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