The Player

Take a look at the second of our new series of TV ads for Live Casino.

The ad was filmed in Kuala Lumpur and Riga in Latvia and shows our character, played by actor Charlie Gardner, deciding on the best place to play. He wants somewhere where he can play the game his way. He is a serious player so he has to make the right choice… and for him there is only one option, his choice is our amazing live casino which is designed around the player.  He wants dedicated Genting dealers and a gaming experience which is as close to the real thing as is possible.

Smart thinking, smart choice.

The first in our series of TV adverts, filmed in Kuala Lumpur, birthplace of the Genting brand, which presents as the high quality online destination for serious live casino players.

The advert follows our character, played by actor Charlie Gardner, fresh from his recent role in Ridley Scott’s “The Martian”. Supported throughout by the soundtrack from Indie band Cry Baby Cry, we hear our player share his thoughts on his gaming approach, his attitudes as a serious casino player and why players like him choose to play with live dealers at