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Jewel Strike Slots

Get ready to strike it lucky in Jewel Strike slots as you hunt for the glittering gemstones that could see you come away with an amazing payout. You'll feel like an explorer searching for a lost ancient treasure as you play this colourfully animated game, featuring a variety of glittering and shining jewels as high value symbols. Keep your eyes peeled and focused on the reels as dazzling blue Sapphires, luxurious red Rubies and glorious green Emeralds flash before your eyes. And be careful not to blink, or you might miss the prized Golden gems and lose the chance to win up to 1000x your original stake!

Jewel Strike slots online is a classic three-row, five-reel slots game and with 10 fixed paylines that pay both ways, there are plenty of chances to win. What's more, your aligned symbols even pay out adjacently meaning that three symbols on rows 2, 3 and 4 will still get you that payout! No more relying on just winning from left to right - now you can win from the middle out too.

We know you'll also love the special features you'll find when you play Jewel Strike slots online including the amazing Epic Spins feature and the special Colossal reels symbol. If you choose to activate the Epic Spins bonus feature, the game will give you the choice to increase the stake placed on the game. Increasing the stake placed will remove some of the lower value symbols from the reels, with the number of symbols disappearing depending on the amount you increase it by. Of course, the benefit here is that you'll massively increase the chances of landing those higher value gemstones on your spins, providing a better likelihood of winning that payout.

Seasoned online slots players may notice that when they play Jewel Strike slots, there is lack of wild or scatter symbols. However, in place of these, this game offers the amazing Colossal reels bonus symbol. This huge 3x3 symbol can appear randomly on your reels, guaranteeing a win on every line and could see you win up to 1000x your original stake if you land the Golden gems across all the reels.

Strike now while the fancy takes you and unearth those hidden gems to win some fantastic prizes!

Jewel Strike - Player Instructions


Jewel Strike is a classic gems-themed slot game with stacked symbols and adjacent pays. This 10 line 5x3 game featuring Colossal Reels and Epic Spins where you can change your stake and eliminate symbols from the reels.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Click '+' and '-' buttons to increase or decrease the amount of your TOTAL STAKE. Bet between 20p and £25 (or currency equivalent) in the standard game or £1 and £500 (or currency equivalent) in Epic Spins.
  2. Click 'SPIN' to start your game.
  3. There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop Autoplay button which will appear at the top of where the Autoplay button was previously along with the remaining number of spins.
  4. Click on the 'PAYTABLE' button in the top bar to view the paytable, which shows the potential winnings for each reel combination, Colossal Reel, Epic Spins, etc.

Step 2: How To Play

  • Press 'SPIN' to start the game.
  • The reels will spin and eventually stop at random.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (on adjacent reels) on one of the win lines, then you win. Any winning lines you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.

Reel Wins

  • Line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line.
  • All Wins across all different lines are added together to form the total win.
  • All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive adjacent reels.
  • Only the highest line win is paid on each line.

Colossal Reel

  • During any spin, there is a chance that the Colossal Reel can be activated.
  • After a brief animation, the reels change to include the Colossal Reel, which is 3 standard reels joined together. The reels continue to spin before stopping, guaranteeing the player a win on all ten winlines.

Epic Spins

  • The player can choose to play Epic Spins at any time by pressing the EPIC SPINS button on the left-hand side of the button panel below the reels.
  • They can chose to play at 5x, 10x or 20x their Total Bet. This eliminates symbols from the reels depending on the Epic Bet Selected.
  • The player can change their Epic Bet at any time by pressing the EPIC BET button, as well as being able to return to the standard reels by pressing STANDARD SPINS.

Auto Play

  • There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically.
  • By selecting 'AUTOPLAY' you can choose to place up to 100 bets automatically, one after the other.
  • Select your stake as normal then press the 'AUTOPLAY' button to select the number of 'Autoplay' bets you want to play.
  • Select your Loss Limit (maximum amount willing to lose for the autoplay session) and then press PLAY to begin your autoplays (other options are available).
  • Auto Play will turn off if you get into any bonus round including Freespins, if you reach the set Loss Limit or if a Progressive pot is awarded (where applicable).
  • You can stop Auto Play from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the 'STOP' button

Payout Information and Game Rules

  • Line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line.
  • Wins on different paylines are added.
  • All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive adjacent reels (10 lines always active). Only the highest line win is paid on each line.

This game has a minimum theoretical return to player of 96.097%. This is based on long term payback.

Applicable date from: 18/05/2016

Game play artwork for Jewel Strike