Media Partner and Press Pass Rules | Genting Poker Series | Genting Casino

Genting welcomes all members of the media to the Genting Poker Series 2017, and hopes to be able to assist with any reasonable media requests.  Please ensure you read the rules below thoroughly and ensure you apply for a Press Pass for every event you wish to cover.  There are 18 live festivals on the Genting Poker Series 2017 calendar, if you wish to attend all 18, you will need to apply for a Press Pass 18 times.

Any infringement of these rules will result in you losing your media accreditation, and being unable to attend future Genting hosted events.

Coverage Rules

  1. All reporting, of any kind must include the full mention of the Genting Poker Series name, which must not be shortened to GPS.

Media Accreditation

  1. All media personnel wishing to attend the Genting Poker Series events, must apply for a “Press Pass” here
  2. Accreditation is not automatic, and you will need to apply for each event individually.
  3. All details submitted on the application form must be totally correct. Any errors may lead to Press Passes being cancelled, and any deliberate attempt to disguise the identity of the applicant will lead to the Press Pass being cancelled and the individual being barred from future Genting events.
  4. Applicants must abide by the full Rules and Terms and Conditions of the Genting Poker Series, and of Genting UK.
  5. Applicants must bring suitable ID with them to the casino, and will be required to become members of the casino in order to gain entry. Suitable ID is recommended to be photo ID such as a Driving Licence or Passport.  Entry to the casino will not be permitted without ID.
  6. Press Passes are limited to three passes per organisation, unless written permission is granted by Genting.
  7. Press Passes are only issued to individuals wishing to cover the Genting Poker Series, not for the purposes of arranging meetings or for their own marketing purposes.  Any such activity will result in the Press Pass being withdrawn.
  8. Freelance journalists are welcome.
  9. Press Pass application closes 7 days before the first event of each festival, please do not apply for an event after that time period has passed, as your application will be ignored.

Filming / Photographs and Recordings

  1. Any photographs or video recording must not show the casino gaming floor, bar, or other public areas.  Therefore all shots must be facing inwards to the poker rooms.
  2. Any individual found to be taking photographs / filming outside of the poker room will have their Press Pass removed, will have to destroy the photographs / video footage and will be escorted off the premises.  This is a serious breach of customer confidentiality, so don’t do it!
  3. Any photographs / video footage taken is to be made available, upon request to Genting free of charge or licence restrictions, for our use however we see fit.
  4. Any sound recording, is again to focus on the Poker room and is to be made available to Genting as per 14.
  5. Flash Photography is not permitted near to the final or TV table, and is only allowed within the Poker Room with the permission of the Tournament Director.
  6. Video recording of the final or TV table is not permitted

Bandwidth and Accommodating the Media

  1. We will make best endeavours to provide a robust wireless internet connection, however media applicants are advised to bring their own back up in the form of 3G/4G Dongles.  Genting has no liability for lack of available internet connection or for poor coverage on a 3G/4G Dongle.
  2. In the event of internet capacity being filled, Genting reserves the right to limit access, focusing the bandwidth on Genting’s own media requirements.
  3. We will make best endeavours to provide tables / chairs and power sockets for Media, however due to space restrictions these are not guaranteed, and we suggest you bring your own extension cables, use of which will be subject to our Health and Safety policy.
  4. Our Primary priority is the smooth running of the tournament, our Secondary priority is our own media requirements, if any individual is obstructing these priorities in any way, we reserve the right to withdraw their Press Pass.
  5. Where wireless internet is made available you are required to only use it for relevant activity related to the coverage of the event, it is not permitted to use it for any other purposes, including but not limited to downloading content, playing games, playing online poker.  Any individual found to be using the wireless internet in such a manner will have their Press Pass removed.
  6. We request that when not in use, you disconnect from the wireless internet.
  7. Genting has no responsibility or liability for any items that are lost, stolen or damaged during the course of the event.

Poker Room Procedures

  1. The Tournament Director, Poker staff and Genting support staff must be able to work unhindered at all times. If you are asked to move or leave a particular area, or to stop doing something, you must do so immediately, without discussion or debate.
  2. The Genting appointed media must also be able to work unhindered at all times. If you are asked to move or leave a particular area, or to stop doing something, you must do so immediately, without discussion or debate.
  3. Press Pass holders should only enter the Poker Room when required to complete their work, loitering is not permitted.
  4. Press Pass holders must not distract the players in any way, failure to comply will result in immediate ejection from the event and a ban from all future Genting events.


  1. Applications for Press Passes can be made on an individual basis here
  2. All other press or media enquiries can be made to